Rachel Zoe: Strollin’ With Stylish Skyler

Rachel Zoe: Strollin' With Stylish Skyler

Rachel Zoe and Skyler were spotted taking a walk in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (December 20).

The adorable 9-month-old wore a Missoni scarf and looked relaxed in his stroller. Rachel’s husband Rodger Berman wasn’t with them.

The celebrity stylist and fashion designer is expanding her brand. She recently launched the Zoe Media Group, called ZoeMG.

She tells racked.com, “We’ve had the Zoe Report now for a couple of years and we just launched two new newsletters, Zoe Beautiful and Accessories. We’re really blowing up our media group and it’s been really fun. And of course, styling, designing [and] we’re launching new categories within the collection.”

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  • Anonymous

    He is a very handsome baby.

    • Anonymous

      He is not. He’s inherited her raisin face, poor thing…

    • mia

      Dear Rachel, PLEASE REMOVE THAT SCARF!!. He wears that Missoni scarf everywhere! It was amusing the first time, but the 15th…over it. It’s also a choking/suffocating hazard, especially since it’s 3x the length of the child’s body. Not cool.

  • Anon

    Awww he’s got his mothers jowls!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but at least he doesn’t have her “smoker’s mouth”.

  • Anonymous

    And I suppose HE chose to wear that scarf accessorie. What’s up with accessorizing babies and small children these days?

    • Anonymous9

      Babies don’t choose to dress at all. Because they’re babies.

      • Anon

        Duh, “9” must be your IQ….

    • NYC Mommy

      Yes what is up with that….especially when they accessorize them with choke hazards. It seems like this kid has on a very long scarf daily.

  • Heart

    So handsome skyler

  • marie

    cute baby!! but is it my idea or does he always look soooo tired? poor thing, i hope he’s getting enough sleep.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. A whole new set of ways to put this woman down. Raisin-face baby. Choking hazards. Tired-looking baby who’s not getting enough sleep.

    I think it’s you people who don’t get enough sleep. Give it a rest, already!

  • Anonymous

    “Zoe Beautiful”??? Are you f’ing kidding me? Raisin Face Zoe’s appearance is NOT one anyone sane would aspire to.

  • Anon…

    The adorable 9-month-old wore a Missoni scarf and looked relaxed in his stroller

    “Relaxed??” The poor child was probably bored out of his skull.

  • SMH

    he is a beautiful baby. Ya’ll who don’t like the mother need to refrain from taking it out on the baby!

  • Audrey

    Pretty boy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but those hats always make him look like an old woman

  • marcy

    Here we go again with the negative comments. As interesting as it is to read some of them, I think it’s probably in our best interests to refrain from commenting on Rachel Zoey posts — the more comments she gets, the more likely CBS is to feature her again (and again and again and again)!! CBS, if you’re reading this, please, can we have a vacation from this woman. Please??

    • Anonymous

      Yet you have taken the time to comment yourself…?!

  • nicoleC

    i dont understand and believe Rachel is just 40 years old -_-
    Luckily,her son is cute

  • Carla

    I personally think he’s very cute. Probably going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but what about Zoe?

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