Tom Cruise & Family: Evening Escape

Tom Cruise & Family: Evening Escape

Knight and Day star Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes were spotted leaving the Greenwich Hotel in New York City on Tuesday (December 20). The A-list couple – who were joined by their adorable 5-year-old daughter Suri – were leaving to catch a helicopter ride out of town.

Little Suri – donning her signature fur coat and opened-toed gold sandals, a red ruffled skirt and a pink backpack – waved to the paps as she and mommy whisked by their snapping lenses.

Tom recently gushed about Katie, claiming that their marriage is still going strong after 5 years!

“Every day I fall more in love with her,” he 49-year-old actor says. “It’s been quite an amazing five years because of her. She’s an incredible woman. She’s everything to me.”

Very sweet. Merry Christmas to the Cruise/Holmes household!

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Photo credit: Fame/Flynet

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    why does this child ALWAYS have bare legs?? jeez, have they not heard of pants or tights?? it’s freaking cold!!

    • NYC Mommy

      Totally agree, always with the bare legs and paper thin dresses a couple of sizes too small.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think they need parenting advice from you. It’s their child, worry about your own.

      • anonymous

        Nobody’s giving advice. They’re simply asking a perfectly legitimate question. Why does this child always have bare legs?

        • Anonymous

          They’re asking a perfectly legitimate question THAT THEY’LL NEVER GET AN ANSWER TO!

          Do you think Tom Cruise is going to stop by on the way to his latest premiere and discuss how his daughter’s body temperature runs warm and she doesn’t get cold? Or fill us all in on how she’s allergic to tights?

          She has bare legs because she has bare legs. Why does anyone even care?

    • Anonymous

      Why do you care so much? If you’re cold, you can wear pants, but it obviously doesn’t bother her, and it doesn’t affect you.

  • anonymous

    Katie is bundled up, Tom is bundled up, random person in the lobby is bundled up, & there is Suri in a short skirt with no tights and open-toed sandals.

    • Anonymous

      Tights? Now it’s tights? What’s next from you loonies?

      She was walking 25 feet from a door to a car. Do you think she should be wrapped in a cocoon? And Katie is not any more bundled up that Suri, she just has tights on. You really think those tights Katie is wearing are providing WARMTH?

      Go lie down, sweetie and have a nap. Maybe when you get up, you’ll be able to look at a picture of a sweet little girl and stop freaking criticizing!

  • Anon.

    Love all the comments from the Meddling Super Parents!!! Worry about your OWN kids and leave this family alone.

    • NYC Mommy

      This is a comment section…. we made a comment what is the problem??? I am pretty sure The Cruises are not reading these comments so it is just our opinions and we are not writing it to change their parenting style… and JEEZS this is AMERICA afterall. You know whole freedom of speech thing.

      • Anonymous

        yes, it’s America*, and yes, everyone has the right to have stupid opinions and ask stupid questions. Just like everyone else has the right to flame the people who say stupid things.

        *Actually, this is a private website. Freedom of speech only applies to the government. This site is not owned by the government, and they have every right to restrict what people say here if they want to.

        • NYC Mommy

          Frankly I don’t think my comments and/or opinions are stupid and the questions are obviously asked rhetorically. We are not expecting Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise to answer them….

          Also, so if private website has a problem with comments then they can monitor it not other posters.

  • Bárbara

    At least Suri’s wearing a coat.

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