Lily Allen Baby Name Revealed!

Lily Allen Baby Name Revealed!

The cat’s out of the bag!

Approximately 2 ½-months after the arrival of Lily Allen’s baby girl, NME reports that the little girl’s name is Ethel Mary!

But who let loose the secret? It looks as though Lily’s mother, Alison Owen, accidentally posted her grandchild’s name via Facebook. Hopefully the new mama isn’t too upset.

Lily, who gave birth to her first child with hubby Sam Cooper on November 25, 2011, hopped on Twitter last month with a message for her loving fans:

Thank you for all the flowers and lovely messages everybody. Very touching indeed. nuff luv x x

Since taking a break from her own music career in 2009, the former popstar has been working in fashion, running London’s Lucy in Disguise shop, as well as lending her talents to an upcoming musical version of Bridget Jones’ Diary. She has also confessed she misses playing live music, and may at some point make a return to the stage as a country artist.

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  1. Iris

    It’s not a very common name, but really British, like I expected from them.
    I actually like this name, it grows on you. Congrats again to Sam and Lily!

  2. Anonymous9

    Good lord.

  3. Anonymous

    Ethel? Ugh.

  4. Anonymous

    old news, others have been reporting this since her birth. it’s grown on me.

  5. Heather

    Awe…my Grandmas name is Ethel Mary!! I think it is a wonderful name. She tried so hard for and endured so much pain to have her baby – any name would be the sweetest!

  6. Nicky

    Awww love it!! I’m a sucker for old names :)

  7. Anonymous

    “my Grandmas name is Ethel Mary”

    Yeah, exactly. That kid is going to spend her entire childhood and young adult life explaining herself to new people who were expecting an old lady.

    • Anna

      name ‘fashion’ changes constantly, don’t forget about that :)
      like in clothes, fashion returns. for example, in 90s who could have thought that anybody would wear 30s clothes? nobody! and still, these clothes returned and are very trendy right now.
      same thing in makeup, etc.

      • Anonymous

        This is all true. But I guarantee you this is not going to cause people to rush out and name their kids Ethel. Some names just don’t come back into fashion ever. I follow the work of a young writer (in her mid-20′s) whose name is “Edith”. She says whenever she meets new people, they are surprised to find out she’s not an old woman. It sucks that people have preconceived ideas about names, but it’s reality. I have a name that was extremely popular when I was born, and has gotten much less popular since then. By the time I’m old, it will be considered an old lady name. Annoying, but not much I can do about it.

    • Anonymous

      Somehow I doubt it.

  8. Anonymous

    Don’t like the name Ethel Mary.

  9. AnmlOwnr

    YOU don’t like the name Ethel Mary, then don’t name your child that. British sensibility runs to the formal rather than the totally STUPID names that celebs in America have bestowed upon their little ones: Suri, Knox, Apple, etc., etc., etc. It could also be a family name and in that case, I THINK IT ROCKS. I’d rather be 12 and said “my name is Ethel Mary & I’m named after my wonderful great-grandma”, than “My parents thought that Fifi Trixibelle was awesome at the time”. (that name is one of Bob Geldof’s kids names). Just like Tracy Ullman, the comedian named her daughter Mabel, and Tiny Fey went with Alice, and Ben Affleck and Jen Garner used Violet,(after her grandmother), give me Ethel Mary any day. And to put my money where my mouth is: my sons are named Grant Daniel and Sean Alexander.

  10. RJ

    AnmlOwnr@ if you talking about Knox Jolie Pitt then he has a family Name Brad grandfather middle name is Knox and Knox — a rarely used Scottish/English/Irish surname.

  11. RJ

    AnmlOwnr@ if you talking about Knox Jolie Pitt then he has a family Name Brad grandfather middle name is Knox and Knox — a rarely used Scottish/English/Irish surname.

  12. Emmi

    2 and a half months, what. She’s only 5 weeks, my nephew is 4 days older than her. I’m pretty sure Lily’s Grandmothers name is Mary so that explains that. And yeah I heard this about 4 weeks ago and Ethel’s really grown on me.

  13. Anonymous

    I like this name. So what if its someone’s grandma’s name. My name is Elizabeth – my grandma’s name. My niece is named Emma – her grandma’s name. Big effing deal!

  14. Anonymous

    Knox is a fine name and a Pitt family one at that. You should do your research before spouting off.

  15. SMH

    Aww cute. Did she give birth to a 90 year old baby?? lol

    I don’t like the name but it’s not my kid. Maybe it’s a family name. One of my grandmother’s names was Agnus and you can better believe it won’t be used lol.


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