Rachel Zoe & Family: Beachin’ It In Black

Rachel Zoe & Family: Beachin' It In Black

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her investment banker hubby Rodger Berman were spotted soaking up the sun in St. Barth’s, France on Tuesday (January 3) with their darling little guy Skyler, 9 months.

Rachel – who wed Rodger back in 1996 – looked casually chic donning a off-the-shoulder, oversized black sundress and her signature black frames. Sweet Skyler looked precious in his wide-brimmed sun hat and patterned swimming shorts. The couple really seemed to get a kick out of seeing their son get his feet wet in the lapping surf.

Is Rachel hiding something?

Rumors are swirling about the fashionista’s wardrobe choices during her holiday beach vacation. Apparently, the reason the stylist-to-the-stars refuses to bare her midsection in a swimsuit – even though she is at the beach – is that she is pregnant with her second child.

According to a source, Rachel admitted to a fellow stylist that she was indeed pregnant for the second time.

“Rachel is just past the three month mark so she’s hardly showing yet at all,” the source reveals. “She’s thrilled, but, quite frankly a little shocked!”

“She didn’t think she would fall pregnant a second time, let alone so quickly!” the source adds. “Both her and Roger are really, really happy though, and Rachel is hoping for a little girl this time round, although more than anything she just wants another healthy, happy baby.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/INFphoto.com

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen her wearing a swimsuit this entire vacation… maybe she’s finally noticed she’s just skin and bones.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe her ego just couldn’t take seeing her body being ripped to shreds on the headlines of every tabloid magazine?

      I think people sometimes forget that that’s a person you’re talking about.

    • Anonymous2

      Anonymous, were you by any chance reading the article in the uk daily mail? The article made specific reference to an ill-fated decision she made in the past to showcase her bony torso and even re-posted the gruesome pictures.

      • avery

        I know the photos you mean – gross. Hopefully no one is subjected to that this time.

    • Anonymous9

      Or maybe, as is stated in the article, she is pregnant again and doesn’t want to do the is she/isn’t she paparazzi routine until she is safely past the first trimester.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why your jumping to the conclusion that she pregnant can a woman do anything without people saying their pregnant.

    As for her cover up Rachel almost always covers up because when she doesn’t you can see how thin she really is and it all ways makes front page news, it happen mant times before and its quite sad that she rather cover up than gain little weight.

    • Anonymous

      “….. its quite sad that she rather cover up than gain little weight.”

      Really? You think that’s sad? I think it’s sadder that so many people hyper-criticize her for her weight.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think she was “hyper-criticizing” as much as pointing out that painfully obvious fact that this woman is severely underweight. Unless the photos have been doctored, pictures don’t lie.

        • Anonymous

          When facts are painfully obvious, there’s no need to point them out unless there’s an underlying agenda.

  • ICU Sarah

    Her baby must weigh at least half as much as she does. Ms. Zoe needs to get a grip on reality- thin can be healthy. Skeletal can be deadly and full of health complications – osteoporosis, heart problems, etc.

    • camelback

      Well, I’m sure she’ll read this thread and take your advice immediately!

      • ICU Sarah

        probably not cameltoe (at her advanced age, I think it’s safe to assume she’s set in her ways), but thanks for the vote of confidence!

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