Alyson Hannigan’s Sweet Satyana

Alyson Hannigan's Sweet Satyana

It doesn’t get much cuter!

The picture of preschool style in her polka dot socks and ruffled pink skirt, Satyana led the way as she and her parents Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof headed out for some fresh air in Los Angeles, California today (January 4).

Satyana, 2 1/2, is soon to be a big sister, as evidenced by her happy mom’s growing bump. Alyson’s belly seems to have popped since last we saw her – she looks wonderful!

It sounds like we’re not the only ones to have noticed the change – the How I Met Your Mother star Tweeted yesterday: “This morning my daughter said to me ‘Wow Mommy, your tummy is getting BIG!’ I’m really glad I’m pregnant & she didn’t say butt.”

Alyson and her husband of 8 years announced their pregnancy news just last month.

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  • Elena

    She looks just like her mom in the first picture. Adorable!

  • klutzy_girl

    This family is so cute!

    And turns out I was right – Aly *wasn’t* pregnant back in September, when those pictures of her were taken at the carnival – She Tweeted to someone that she got pregnant again shortly after that.

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations – now your life is complete.

      • klutzy_girl

        LOL. No need to be snarky. I just didn’t think she was pregnant during that carnival, and that’s it.

        • Anonymous

          But who are you expecting to care? Who are you talking to? I seriously doubt there is anyone on these boards that cares if you were right or wrong.

          • Anon.

            I think the poster is simply a little too wrapped up in the minute details of celebrities’ lives. Yes, we all like looking at photos and getting caught up in the gossip, but for most of us, it ends there – we have our own lives and our own kids…

          • klutzy_girl

            Another anon said I was naive to believe that she wasn’t pregnant then – And that’s why I pointed it out. That’s all.

            I guess that either way, I can’t win.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe the lesson here is that everyone should just stop with all the pregnancy speculation (in general). It’s really dumb. Pregnancy isn’t something you can hide for very long, so the truth will always come out within a few months. As already pointed out, it doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong. No one cares.

          • Anonymous

            Anon you need to calm down

          • Anonymous

            And you need to learn what the word “calm” actually means, because you apparently don’t know.

  • Ashley

    Love this family! Am I the only one geeking out and hoping for a Charlotte/Satyana playdate? Haha…I just think it would be cute. Anyway, I’m excited for Aly and Alexis. Imagine if they had a little boy with that adorable red hair? :)

  • ChiTownEggHead

    I wonder if their new baby will be as full of smiles as Satyana :^D

    • Janna

      I know, right? She’s one of the smiley-est celeb babies on this site!

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