Jason Lee Hopes His Kids Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

Jason Lee Hopes His Kids Don't Grow Up Too Fast

A doting dad-of-two, actor Jason Lee is surely a hit at home thanks to roles in family-friendly movies such as Alvin & The Chipmunks and The Incredibles. The former My Name Is Earl star, who has kids Pilot Inspektor and Casper, talks films and fatherhood in an interview with Metro.co.uk.

On watching his kids grow: “My son is nine now and he’s very mature and intelligent and he’s very together. Now we’re buddies, which is just awesome. It’s more like hanging out with a friend but there’s a part of me that misses when he was a little kid. Now it’s like we’re almost equals, which is really cool. But every day he’s grown an inch and he’s just that much more of an adult and I’m really trying to hang on to him being a kid.”

On how fatherhood helps his Chipmunks role: “Being a dad, I certainly know what it feels like to give lots of love and understanding but I also know, of course, what it feels like to be antagonised or to have my buttons pushed when the baby or son will just not go to sleep. ‘Dad, can I say one more thing?’ ‘OK, one more thing and then go to bed because it is three hours past your bedtime.’”

On which of his family films his kids like best: “They love The Chipmunks because they are so cute, especially my three-year-old daughter. She sees them and goes ‘aaaah’. They also love The Incredibles and I am proud of that film. But The Chipmunks are classic and it’s great for me that my kids can watch the films and then their kids will be able to watch them. It’s very cool.”

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  • Luisa

    Pilot Inspektor? Pilot Inspektor? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  • Luisa

    Pilot Inspektor? Pilot Inspektor? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  • Luisa

    Pilot Inspektor? Pilot Inspektor? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe he played Earl! Looks nothing like him.

  • SMH

    I believe he’s been a guest on Up all Night too.

  • em714

    they look like brother and sister!

    • Anonymous

      You know, another married couple who look like brother and sister are Gilles Marini and his wife. I don’t know, i found them so much alike.

  • http://celebritybabyscoop.com Selena

    They do come off as brother and sister, something tells me, it’s not a real marriage, they don’t really look all that in love. But that’s my opinion. Someone leaked out on the internet a couple of years ago they split from one another for 6 months. Scientologists are very strange with marriage. The church arranges marriages, divorces, even abortions etc. I also notice that Jason Lee in current years, sometimes doesn’t even wear his wedding ring ??? Quite a few times he’s been seen without it on ?

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