Update: Kelsey Grammer & Wife Expecting Twins!

Update: Kelsey Grammer & Wife Expecting Twins!

UPDATE: After winning a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV series, Kelsey Grammer, 56, chatted with reporters about his exciting news. “I am really looking forward to meeting these arrivals!” Grammer exclaimed, confirming that his wife Kayte Walsh is expecting twins! Walsh, 30, will be an “extraordinary” mother, Grammer added. “She is one of the most loving, warm human beings.”

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There’s a baby on the way for actor Kelsey Grammer and his wife Kayte Walsh: ETOnline reports that the couple, who tied the knot last February, are expecting!

The baby will be the first for Kayte, who suffered a miscarriage a little over a year ago, and the 5th for the former Frasier star, who is also dad to kids Spencer, Kandace, Mason and Jude from previous relationships.

In the fall the 56-year-old actor revealed that he and Kayte had their hopes set on a baby, saying, “We have plans and we’re working on it, so we’ll see when it happens.”

The expectant parents will be hitting the red carpet this afternoon for the 69th Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, California.

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  1. anonymous

    Kandace? His second daughter’s name is Greer.

  2. Anonymous

    I think you meant to write “frasier” ;)

  3. Courtney

    Good luck to Kelsey and Kayte this time

  4. klutzy_girl

    He just revealed backstage that they’re having twins!

  5. Courtney

    @Anonymous it’s actually Kandace Greer but she goes by Greer which by the way is a contraction of McGregor like academy award winning actress Greer Garson

  6. Anonymous

    Great, two more kids for him to abandon when he outgrows this wife!

  7. Anonymous

    Um, ewww. This man isn’t to be congratulated, and the more I think about it, the more I realize his wife shouldn’t be either. This is a man with serious problems, who went on national television to talk about his joyous AFFAIR while he was still married. This isn’t a man who will even be with this woman in a few year. Ladies, do you NOT consider someone’s relationship history before you hook up with them?

    I’m amazed, shocked even, at how many people talk about Brad & Angelina, Tori & Dean, Mario Lopez, etc…. and so far, no words of scorn for Kelsey Grammar. WTF???

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! He’s revolting and so is she. When he won the Golden Globe, the reactions in the room were tepid and all of us watching GROANED. He’s a cad, he’s classless, he’s arrogant and a total narcissist. He has abandoned his children with Camille and the way he takes continual ‘stabs’ at Camille via this new wife is pathetic. Kayte is not much better. I will never have respect for a woman who hooks up with a married man, especially one with children. She’s a gold digging piece of trash. I doubt she’ll be a good example to her children when they arrive. Homewreckers are revolting.

  8. Anonymous

    I saw them on the red carpet on the E! special and she does not even look pregnant! I would never have guessed until i came over to this site and saw the updated post. Her stomach is almost flat!

  9. Anonymous

    Everyone seems to be having twins at the moment! I don’t think anyone cares anymore, it’ll have to be triplets. lol

    I hope they don’t give them those stupid sound-a-like names that some poor multiples are inflicted with. x

  10. Anonymous

    I just know I would not want to be 56 years old with twins on the way. Of course it’s a whole different experience in their world.

  11. Micaela

    Congrats to them! Love Kelsey Grammer.

  12. Anonymous

    “The baby will be the first for Kayte, who suffered a miscarriage a little over a year ago, and the 5th for the former Frasier star, who is also dad to kids Spencer, Kandace, Mason and Jude from previous relationships.”

    If its twins and he already has 4 kid wouldn’t the twins make it 6 not 5.


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