Trista Sutter’s Disney Darlings

Trista Sutter's Disney Darlings

Here’s a happy bunch!

Bachelorette-turned-married mom-of-two Trista Sutter took to Twitter today to share a few photos from a recent family trip to Disney World, including this beautiful shot of her and her husband Ryan and their cute kids Max, 4, and Blakesley, 2.

After meeting her handsome hubby on the first season of The Bachelorette 9 years ago, it seems Trista is still a fan of the show: “Bachelor night #3 on in an hour,” she Tweeted tonight. “Hoping daddy will take over bedtime duty so I can start on time & not hit the sack after 11.”

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  1. Billie

    Who on earth calls their child “Blakesley”. Got to be up there with the likes of Apple, Trista and Arthur. Strangely weird looking kids too. Trista has had her 5 minutes of fame – should maybe look at giving up being a fame w—- after this.

  2. anon

    they met NINE years ago???? wow

  3. Anonymous

    Why is Trista on these articles. Celebrity Baby Scoop — are you paying her? Doesn’t that just add fuel or (money rather) to her notion that all she has to do in life is put people down if they’re poor and be greedy and talk about sex to get a wedding paid for and more and more presents off of a tv network or these types of sites. It annoys me that somebody rgeedy like her keeps popping up just to rub it in people’s faces that all she had to do was act like a tramp and she got tons of stuff. Stick to the admirable people who work hard for a living and are humble.. not controlling irritations like Trista.

    • Anonymous

      Admirable people like……… Tori Spelling? Brandi Glanville? Kelsey Grammar? Mel Gibson?

      • Anonymous

        It’s obviously been slow lately given how many nobodies have been posted. At least I know who Trista and Ryan are, which I can’t say for a lot of the randoms. What other choice do they have – obviously they can only post what the photo agencies give them, and obviously there haven’t been lots of pics of more famous people, or we’d be seeing them. They have to fill the site with something.

  4. Anonymous

    Mel Gibson is an actor so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on a magazine. If memory serves – Trista is the lady that wanted attention so talked relentlessly about never having been satisfied by a man, and then wanting a million dollars – and coincidentally of course milking a network for that exact amount. sponging more and more stuff off tv shows, rachel ray, oprah, momlogic and not this website. Since she likes to spend her days blogging about how she thinks people on the bachelor shows have loser jobs – I would suggest she get a job first and then talk.

  5. Anonymous

    I used to actually have a tad bit of respect for Ryan until he sold his spine to that woman for $1 million I think it was exactly. ALl for her high pitch squeal voice that she cops because she thinks it’s cute. And instead of having good role models for women to work hard and become great things – we have the high pitch squeak of the greedy million dollar lady who did nothing but talk about how she was never satisfied because she thought that was the way to get attention from guys. I feel sorry for her kids that will grow up and find out what she’s like — underneath the squeal voice.

  6. Anonymous

    We saw them there at Disney. Looked like they had some private guide which is kind of odd.

  7. Anonymous

    Actually – Trista is sitting on her comptuer juding others. I knew a lady that was on the Bachelor show a couple years ago – and there were articles around the place where Trista was writing blogs critiquing everybody on the show – laughing at what some of them did for a living or how they looked – or if they lived in a small place, etc etc (remember she’s a neuro-surgeon so she’s better then everyone and has the right therefore to judge them and put them down). She did the same on the shows – writing about the guys, laughing at what they did for a living or if they lived in a small place or whatever – if that’s what you find admirable in a women – in this case – the woman who could do nothing else but sponge off a network – more power to you.

  8. anon

    Twisted Twista. Do you ever notice that she is always in every picture that they put up, just just pics of children or whatever – but her AND children, or her AND someone. Classic narcissism. I feel so sorry for Ryan, because he was too timid and just overal “stupid” not to leave or stand up to that witch


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