Jessica Simpson & Her Flying Friends

Jessica Simpson & Her Flying Friends

Jessica Simpson was seen walking through Los Angeles International Airport on Monday (January 16) looking every bit the fashionable mama-to-be. The pregnant singer was with a small group that included sister Ashlee Simpson and gal pal Cacee Cobb.

The 31-year-old Fashion Star wore a long gray figure hugging dress over her baby bump. A red leather jacket with a fur gilet was added to her look.

Simpson recently talked about eating whatever she wants during her pregnancy.

She said, “I had a buttered Pop Tart this morning. I’m eating a lot of stuff that I ate in my childhood. Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, Pop Tarts, Cap’n Crunch. Everything’s filled with sugar.”

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  1. Boop

    i hope that’s fake fur… my respect for her is already pretty low- wearing real fur on top of this would make it zero.

  2. Anonymous

    She can’t be getting too close, I guess, if she’s still flying.

  3. Anonymous

    Her fiance is a strict vegan and last I heard she is too, but probably eating anything and everything right now (she looks like she is). So, I can’t imagine that jacket being real fur, because he is educated on the heinous fur industry, as is she. So Boop, I’m with you. If that is real fur, she’s a zero on my radar from now on. She loves animals, so I hope it is just a good fake.

  4. Anonymous

    dear lord, when is this women due? she looks ready to pop and if she is, should she really be flying? i feel like they’re going to announce the baby’s birth and it’s going to be a BIG baby – over 10 pounds from the way this woman’s been eating. ps : i realize not everyone who has a large baby, eats unhealthy.

  5. Anonymous

    Stupid. She looks at least a 100 months pregnant
    she eats very , very unhealthy, wears those tight polyester clothes w/high heels.
    and chooses to fly on a plane to attend a party.

    Given her prenatal diet I wonder any indication of what she will feed the baby

  6. marywin77

    she is not bothering with Maternity clothes Aka non breathable fabrics that lack support.
    she is not eating healthy and it shows.
    still wears high heels, I don’t see how her swollen feet tolerate those shoes.
    she is out partying instead Of reading baby books or taking classes.

  7. Anonymous

    that is very judemental. she is allowed to mother however she sees fit.


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