Jessica Alba On Honor: “Every Day She’s In Full Drag!”

Jessica Alba On Honor: "Every Day She's In Full Drag!"

Jessica Alba says her 3-year-old daughter Honor loves fashion and dressing up. The actress made an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show recently in New York and explained Honor’s sense of style.

She said, “She’s very independent, very opinionated and loves dress up so much. Like every day, she’s in full drag! She wears a wig everyday. She has a lot of wigs and she has a lot of plastic heels. It’s totally insane, but it makes her happy.”

Jessica has been busy with her new eco-friendly baby e-commerce site, The Honest Company. However she knows she has to balance her career with marriage to Cash Warren.

I’ve been with my husband for nine years now. You get really comfortable and you don’t always make time for each other. You can tend to take each other for granted. So we do try and set aside time at least once a week.”

The interview is set to air on January 23.

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  • Anonymous

    Honor always looks happy she smiles in every picture I see of her.

  • SMH

    She looks like JLO in this pic.

  • Lilly

    love her n her family :-) great family!

  • freya

    I love that Jessica lets Honour do this and have so much fun but doesn’t let her go out and parade around in public in inappropriate outfits.

    • Anonymous

      There’s always one. You would love her less if she let her daughter go out in public while she’s playing dress up? Why?

      • Anonymous

        I wish more parents would let their children pick out their own clothes. Why are people so uptight about the way children look? What would be inappropriate?

        • Anonymous


  • Lila

    She looks so beautiful! And so is her family!

  • Whatever

    wow and people bash poor suri

  • Anonymous

    Playing dress-up is so much fun when you’re a little girl. I found old bridesmaid dresses in my mother’s trunk from the 1950’s…and had a great time parading around in them. Wigs would have been awesome! Honor always looks so happy because she has good parents who let her be herself.

  • Stella

    Hey, that’s the geraetst! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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