Jack Osbourne & Lisa Stelly: Rainy Day Walk

Jack Osbourne & Lisa Stelly: Rainy Day Walk

Umbrellas are so 2011 – Jack Osbourne and his pregnant fiancée Lisa Stelly aren’t afraid of a little rain. The couple headed out for a yogurt run in Hollywood, Calif. on this wet Saturday (January 21).

The son of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne announced in October that he was going to be a father for the first time. “I’m excited. I’m a little nervous,” he told Piers Morgan.

Jack’s sister Kelly – co-host of E!’s Fashion Police – has made it clear she won’t be holding back when it comes to spoiling her niece or nephew. “I told my brother, ‘You do realize that I’m going to steal your child’ and he goes ‘No you’re not’ and I go, ‘Well I’m spoiling that child rotten,’” she said.

But Jack sounds like he’s well-prepared. “Aunt Kelly is going to be smothering. I’m going to definitely try and minimize Kelly’s spoiling of my kid as best as possible,” he laughed. “She’s going to dress it like an absolute idiot too.”

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  1. Elizabeth

    Ok, I’m bombarding, but HOW IS IT that there is NO mention of Heidi and Seal’s divorce? She’s filing next week.

  2. Anonymous9

    I realize that Jack doesn’t actually do anything, but I’m still glad to see that he finally seems to have gotten his act together.

  3. Rachael

    wow she is gorgeous! I hope i look that good pregnant. I wonder if they will play off of Ozzy’s name or anything, or maybe call her Harriet if its a girl.

  4. Anonymous

    Guess her milk has already come in ;)

  5. Molly Cassidine

    Does he have a job or does he live off of his sister Kelluy! Nice nomentionif the the mother of the child has a say in any of this? Just ha d it over and Run!

  6. Whatever

    god he looks like a slob..fatty overgrown kid


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