Angelina Jolie: Shiloh Debuts Short Haircut

Angelina Jolie: Shiloh Debuts Short Haircut

She went short again!

On Sunday (January 22), 5-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was spotted with an updated short haircut while hanging at the farmer’s market in Studio City, Calif. with mom Angelina Jolie and brothers Knox, 3, and Pax, 8. The hands-on mom – who is rumored to be pregnant with her seventh child – enjoyed a fun day in the sun with three of her six children.

Shiloh – who has been been sporting shoulder length hair for a while – reportedly prefers to be called ‘Shax’ these days.

For a while Shiloh had everyone in the family calling her Ben for some reason but she grew tired of that,” a source recently said. “These days she’s decided she wants to be known as Shax because Maddox, Pax, and Knox’s names all end in the letter X. Angelina and Brad are going along with it and think its cute.”

Tuesday morning, papa Brad Pitt was nominated for Best Actor in Moneyball in the upcoming 84th Annual Academy Awards. “It’s gonna be pancakes for everyone this morning!” the 48-year-old actor said this morning in response to the Oscar nod.

Angelina and Brad are also parents to son Maddox, 10, and daughters Zahara, 7, and Vivienne, 3.

What do you think of Shiloh’s new ‘do?

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  • Anonymous

    Woah, definitely looks like that could be a belly! Love Angelina 😀

    • Pippa

      If Angie is preggers, that makes me sad. Even though they have tons of money and people working for them, there is still a need for a child to have one-on-one attention from their parents. It is difficult for a parent to spend quality time with each child when there are so many. At least one of their children is going to end up on drugs or in jail. It’s inevitable, especially growing up in the spotlight.

      • Anonymous

        No, actually it’s not inevitable.

      • Anonymous

        wtf, you know how many ppl have 7 kids and they all grow up perfectly normal? don’t generalize, especially when you don’t know anything about what their life is like other than the peeks we get in pictures. it’s true that growing in the spotlight is damaging, but it’s not because of the number of kids someone has.

      • Anonymous

        There are people with a dozen kids or more and they’ve turned out fine. Sure, less kids might make for more attention- or more likely for parents to just leave the house and have nannies raise them. The Jolie-Pitt kids look happy and healthy and that is all that matters.

        And to the comment about the kids ending up in jail- are you serious? The Duggars have 19 kids and those kids are probably more mannered and well behaved than rich people with two kids.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, it looks like a possible bump there! shiloh’s hair looks fine. she’s a beautiful, unique child either way!

  • Sandy Eve

    Good for Shiloh! Is that a baby bump?

  • Anonymous

    When Shiloh reveals she’s transgendered in 20 years you can all say I told you so.

    • Louise

      You’re not the only one that thinks that. Old news. Very true, but old. :)

    • Anonymous

      When she turns out to be a model, you will all realize how rude and ignorant you really are :)

    • Anonymous

      Wait is that guy or girl

  • Anonymous

    Future Chaz Bono.

    • Anonymous

      Well, maybe she won’t have to live half her life feeling as miserable as Chaz Bono did. Maybe because Shiloh’s parents seem so accepting of who she is, her potential transgendered-ness (?) would never be an issue for them.

    • Anonymous

      When you see me now you would never guess I was as much of a tomboy as Shiloh is now! I played with guns and “boy-toys” only, i wore the same thing for years (sports shorts n t-shirts) n I had my hair pulled back in a pony-tail every single day.. Now I’m 23 and no one would ever guess I had a tom-boy past because of the way I look and behave now. I just changed one day n discovered that I LOOOOVED being a woman n just suddenly became sooo feminine. Give the child a break! she’s only 5!

      • Anonymous

        When I was Shiloh’s age, I wanted to be a boy too! lol. I had short hair, only played with boys, played with my Action Man toys, and I only ever wore my Batman, Spiderman or Superman costumes. And I reached puberty and decided, actually, I want to be a girl! You;re right, Shiloh is only five and so to label her as transgender is WAY to premature. For all we know, in a few years she might be acting like a Playboy Bunny. x

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s great that Brad and Angelina are so supportive of Shiloh being transgendered. It’ll make her life a lot easier.

    • Anonymous

      Even thought they may be supportive, a parent still worries and is concerned about this type of thing because of what the child will have to endure…by that I mean, a major surgery to have a sex change. (Not that she is transgender.)

    • chump

      my hair is that short, I wear baggie clothes, Im 30, pregnant, and married to a man. Give it a rest

    • AJ

      When I was Shiloh’s age, I wore baggy pants, baggy, plain t-shirts, and had a mushroom cut (I’m a girl, FYI). I was just too busy playing outside and couldn’t stand tight clothes that I had to keep clean and hated having my hair in my face. That was the case for a few years, then when I hit about 8 I grew my hair out and chose to wear more feminine clothes, and now I love fancy shirts, dresses, makeup, etc. but I can still get my hands dirty and play trucks with my nephew. We have no idea if Shiloh is transgendered, she very well may be, but she also is definitely not the first girl who acts and looks like a boy. If she’s happy, then who cares what length her hair is?

    • Anonymous

      do you even know what transgendered mean?

  • Boop

    i thought baby bump too! S is beautiful but I don’t like that hair-style on her

  • Anonymous

    Oh lord, people! She’s not necessarily transgendered… she’s FIVE!! Give it a rest. Kids are kids. Sometimes they want to be ponies/unicorns/firemen too.

    • NYC Mommy

      Anonymous at 337pm… I totally agree she is a little girl who likes short hair and seems to be a tomboy… and that does not make her transgendered.

  • Anonymous

    i think shiloh looks adorable – she’s a beautiful child….she’ll snap out of the tomboy thing at some point. Angelina def. looks likes she’s got a little bump – only b/c she’s always SOSOSOSO skinny. maybe she just had a big lunch!

    • Megan

      And if she doesn’t “snap out of the tomboy thing” then what? Although I suppose you get points for wanting to wait for her to “snap out of it” before deeming her a transgender, unlike other users here.

      I dropped out of ballet class at six to join my big brother in karate lessons. 15 years later, he’s now the chief instructor at that same karate school, and I proudly call myself a ninja. Now in our 20s, we both focus on passing down our knowledge, wisdom and good morals to the next generation while showing them the importance of self-control and self-defense.

      I don’t wear pink, dresses, jewelery, or make-up, heck I don’t even own a hair dryer, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Unlike too many of today’s young women, this “tomboy” wasn’t pregnant at 16, driving drunk at 18, or in need of rehab by 21.

  • Anonymous

    HMM! I am not a big fan of Shiloh’s haircut, but she is gorgeous. I also think that Angelina is pregnant. Good for them!

  • Anonymous

    Very cute! I love it

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh has a beautiful face but I am not sure if I like this boy thing on her though.

  • Someone

    I was like this when I was her age and I’m 20 and still a tomboy, I don’t think I’m in the wrong body I’m perfectly happy as a girl and I fancy boys so please don’t jump to the conclusion that this 5 year old girl is or wants to be transgender.

  • Kancy

    She’s a tomboy. What’s wrong with that?

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny if you look at this picture. Knox looks like a girl and Shiloh looks like a boy. That seems to be the thing in Hollyweird these days. Make your sons look like daughters and your daughters like sons.

    • F.A.J

      HAHAHAHA! LOL ^_^

  • Anonymous

    She looks great as always.
    Also to people saying she’s the future Chaz Bono etc……… she is five years old. Can’t a kid just be a tomboy without speculating she has gender dysphoria or what her sexuality is.
    I was also a tomboy throughout my childhood, I still am really. I have short hair like Shiloh, and I don’t wear feminine clothing, though I am straight and identify myself as a female. That said, there’s nothing wrong being transgender or gay, I’m just saying it’s silly to speculate about a CHILD’S life choices.
    Major respect to Angelina and Brad for not forcing her to conform to gender stereotypes.

  • Whatever

    she is freaking FIVE years old, all you losers commenting crap about her should use their brains for a second.

  • LaKesha

    So what if she is transgendered. At least she will also know that she had parents who supported her in being whoever she wanted to be, despite the hateful thoughts of strangers.

  • Susannah

    Shiloh’s dressed in black, just like her mom!
    I was always a girly-girl, all pink and ruffles. I loved it and so my mom let me dress that way. I would have hated having to dress as Shiloh is dressed. I’m sure Shiloh would feel the same way about the pink and ruffles I wore, so I’m glad that Angelina allows her daughter to dress and wear the things that makes Shiloh comfortable. Who knows what she’ll feel comfortable in when she’s a teenager, maybe she’ll rebel and wear pink all the time!

  • audrey

    I’m 56 and have had this same haircut since I was 9. Now 47 yrs. married, 3 kids, and I’m still not transgendered. The kid is fine.

    • Audrey

      Oops, 37 years. Hate typing on my phone.

  • Anonymous

    sorry but chaz was wearing dresses and all girly at that age,shiloh is just a tomboy like most of us,i had my hair shaved till i was 16, love angelina she is a great mom,she does look pregnant

  • Anonymous

    I like, love this family BUT there is only one thing that bothers me and isn”t the hair cuts but why they always wear black, grey, white or army clothes? I’m not sure if this is the kids genuine idea or the parents idea. I wonder what is the reason behind their general plain dark style. I mean it could be possible for one or two kids to seem to go for those colors but ALL OF THEM? if this is imposed, I’m not sure if this is let them be themselves as they claim but it must be a reason…

    • Anonymous

      So what? There’s nothing wrong with neutral colors.

      • Anonymous

        Obviously nothing wrong with the colors, it’s just strange that ALL the kids seems to dress the same style of colors and not bright colors? when they insist they let them be themselves.

        • Anonymous

          Vivienne and Zahara are very girly and often wear stuff in bright pink. Viv in particular seems to have a thing for floral prints.

          • m.

            … and sparkly red shoes :)

  • SMH

    LOL yes when your boys hair is longer then your girls hair something’s wrong with that picture! ….jk

    But in all seriousness I agree she’s 5 and probably in a tomboy phase or maybe will always be one. Doesn’t mean she is transgendered. My cousin is a tomboy still at almost 23. Of course she’ll wear a dress if she has too but prefers to just be in jeans and t-shirts and wear a pony tail everyday. There are plenty of women with short hair, why is shiloh so different?

  • Anonymous

    She’s only FIVE! Many little girls are tomboys when they are kids, but they usually grow out of it. Talking about a kid that young being transgendered is freaking stupid!

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone speculating that Shiloh will be transgendered. Maybe she is just a lesbian-if so, it is nice that she is aware of her sexuality at an early age and has parents who support it. Maybe she will be straight. Who cares!
    I do think that the Jolie Pitts lull people into a faux sense that they actually RAISE their kids like a “regular” family does. Each child has a nanny. That is not the way most people do it. But then again, most people who have their own army of kids do not have the means that the Jolie Pitts do. I would prefer it if they would continue to adopt instead of breeding if they want to increase their family. There are so many kids who need a home and they used to be such role models for adoption and I hate to see them shy away from that.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely looks like a bump to me! I was also a total tomboy. The only thing I didn’t do that I find interesting that Shiloh does do is that she prefers to be called boy names at times (I’ve heard Peter, George, and Ben). Regardless, she always looks like a playful happy kid and that’s what really matters.

  • Anonymous

    leave it to the deranged angelina’s bad blood genes that came into SHILOH. Angelina was a bi-sexual young adult, now poor shiloh got her mothers crazy genes in her too….all gays, and lesbians should be put on one island away from the rest of the world. They all need medication, and STOP spreading all those diseases like aids, and such..

    • musiclover

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I am so glad that I am not narrow minded and filled with hate like you.

    • Anonymous

      I think that you are a sad strange and misguided person who’s mind is filled with poisonous thoughts. I would like for you to be on an island so that your vicious opinions can be contained because they do more damage and are far worse a disease than the aids and such you speak of. Just an FYI: There are no such things as “gay” diseases, straight people get aids too. Get a clue..

      • Anonymous

        Wow, I totally did not mean for what I said to be negative and I’m very sorry if it came off that way. What I meant to say was that I was also a tom boy but I personally never preferred to be called boy names. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that and it doesn’t mean anything – I just think it’s interesting that she likes that! The word “regardless” was meant to mean regardless of my own experience it doesn’t really mean anything at all for anyone else. Shiloh is an adorable kid. I in no way, shape, or form think being LGBT is wrong (not saying that she is.)

        • musiclover

          My comment and the one right after mine, was not directed at you, but the persons comment right after yours =)

  • Anonymous

    She is five but it has been going for a while the “i wanna be one of the boys” thingy, I think that even if she doesnt turn out to be a transgender, she will still be very dissapointed when her body starts to change on her teens, you can cut the hair but you cannot stop everything else! Anyway, she is gorgeous and has supportive parents, and that is what matters the most!

  • nicoleC

    wow i miss shiloh when she is younger,like last year

  • Anonymous

    It’s a haircut, people. Get over it.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful children. I loved Shiloh’s long hair better tho, only because I’m so jealous of that hair :) but hey, she could grow it again.. and I absolutely love the way she dresses. I used to dress as a boy all the time growing up.. and now that I’m in my 30s I wear women clothes outside the house and feel uncomfortable with them, even tho I’m straight.

    Gender is far more complicated than the simple categories our society gives it.

  • Lucyd

    I don’t think any child should be labelled let them express what they feel or what way they want to wear their hair clothes etc no one should jump to any conclusions on it just let the child be and as long as she happy which looks like it then leave it!

  • lola

    Why does a little girl, who wants to act and look like a boy, automatically have to be transgender?? I just don’t get it. Not all girls are into pink clothes, barbies, dolls etc. maybe for her it’s just cooler to be like one of her brothers? and long hair are pretty annoying for a tomboyish girl anyways. This can very easily chance when she’s older. And if not it’s ok aswell.

  • Grandma of Four

    LOVE Shiloh’s haircut! I have worn that exact same cut on and off for years! And, I am a 68 year old grandma! EASY to care for and cute to boot! :~ ) Wondering about Angelina and bambino #7! She and Brad have made no secret about the possibility! Time will tell! :~ )

  • Anonymous

    shiloh is really pretty but i don’t understand because her mum dress always her like a boy.

  • Yakasuri

    I don’t believe she is pregnant — until they both or one of them say something.

  • txfan

    Shiloh is a beautiful girl and being a tomboy is just fine. have always been a tomboy whether my hair was short or long. She has 2 older brothers and probably related better with them. I grew up on street full of boys so a tomboy I became. I am full girl, married 2 sons and 1 granddaughter. If she is transgender, she’s got the best parents to help her with it. God Bless you Shiloh, you’ll be fine.

  • Ana

    Shiloh is so beautiful! Loved her hair! Love this family!

  • Anonymous

    It’s. Just. A. Haircut.

    She’s 5 and trying new things. She’s not transgendered.

  • Anonymous

    The Pitt kids are a mess. How about cutting Knox’s hair .. He looks ridiculous. Crazy angie thinks that letting kids to whatever they want is good parenting…Not true. Brad would have done better by having kids with someone else

    • Anonymous

      Angelina seems to be a great mom. You seemms to be very carazy loonds 43 Baby Jane

  • Magda

    Poor children! That’s all I say…

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