Amanda Holden Gives Birth To Second Child, In “Critical Condition”

Amanda Holden Gives Birth To Second Child, In "Critical Condition"

Our hearts go out to Amanda Holden, 40, and her family! The British actress and television presenter is in “critical condition” after giving birth to daughter Hollie Rose on Monday (January 23), Daily Mail reports.

Hollie Rose Hughes was born on 23 January 2012. She is healthy and weighed in at 6.1lbs but Amanda has been in a critical condition for the past three days,” her rep states.

The statement continues: “She is now stable and we expect her to make a full recovery very soon. We thank you for respecting their privacy at this time.”

Amanda checked herself into hospital on Monday prior to the birth, and spent the last two nights “under observation.”

The mom-of-two was scheduled to film Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Blackpool with fellow judges Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams. But the show will go ahead with just three judges for now.

Amanda suffered a miscarriage in May 2010 and gave birth to a child who was stillborn in February 2010, when she was seven months pregnant.

Our thoughts are with Amanda and family.

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  • Anonymous

    My heart really goes out to them, there’s been so much drama and sadness surrounding her pregnancies. I hope Amanda is fit and healthy again very soon.

  • Laurz

    How scary!! I hope both Amanda and her baby girl are well and things turn out ok.

  • Courtney

    god bless their family it’s sad to see a new mom in critical condition following the birth of her child

  • SMH

    I pray for a speedy recovery.

    And this is why some people are actually fearful of having babies. You never hear about the bad stories and the fact that women do and can die from childbirth! I am glad baby is well and I hope mommy gets better quick!!

  • Anonymous

    Sending positive vibes to Amanda and family

  • Iris

    My heart goes out to her and her family! The baby is fine and hopefully mum will be fine soon!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never liked Amanda Holden but that horrible stillbirth really made me open my heart to her. I may not like her professionally, and she may seem a little pompous in personality, but no one deserves the death of a child. x

    • Anonymous

      Would it have been so difficult to leave out the nonsense about how you don’t like her and that she’s pompous?

      • anon

        Why? Do you think Amanda is in her ICU bed reading CBS and thinking “oh no, somone I don’t know thinks I’m pompous!!”
        Stop being so controling and let other people have their opinions.

        • TheBraxtons

          Letting other people have their opinions means ALL people, including Anonymous. I happen to agree with her/him. So you don’t like someone, but don’t wish their baby dead??? Uh, okay?

  • AvaElizabeth

    all the best for the family! Hope she recovers soon!

    They really had enough sadness in their family :(
    So it’s time now that everything starts working fine for them.

    I love the name Hollie Rose, it’s lovely!

    greetings from germany!

  • Krista

    How awful. I hope she is able to recover quickly & start enjoying her sweet little blessing. I am so glad the baby is doing well, they deserve a happy ending after the last two pregnancies.

  • shannon

    FYI In regards to being scared of childbirth, I think it should be noted that she had a c-section, which is where most childbirth complications come from. It appears she is recovering and will be ok, which is great.

    • Anonymous

      No one knows what caused her condition. Since most high risk women have c-sections, yes the number of problems is higher. But c-sections in general are very safe. And better if your baby is in danger, as hers may have been.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s pretty obvious her condition was not caused by a c-section. She checked herself into the hospital 2 days before giving birth because something was already wrong. They most likely did a c-section because of her complications, not the other way around.

      • Anonymous

        Amen – I wanted to say the same thing but you beat me to it.

  • ZaraB

    I am very happy for Amanda Holden that her baby is here and healthy, and hope she makes a full recovery. I really feel for her after the two past losses she’s experienced, and now having to experience such a traumatic birth. And thank you CBS for finally using the correct term ‘stillbirth’ to describe her last last term loss. A loss this late in pregnancy should never be referred to as a ‘miscarriage’.

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