Sam Taylor-Wood Welcomes Baby No. 4: Romy Hero Johnson

Sam Taylor-Wood Welcomes Baby No. 4: Romy Hero Johnson

Sam Taylor-Wood, 44, and Aaron Johnson, 21, have welcomed their second child, a baby girl. The couple already have an 18-month-old daughter named Wylda Rae. The Belfast Telegraph reports the baby was born on January 18. The couple have named her Romy Hero Johnson.

Their spokesperson states, “Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson are the proud parents of Romy Hero Johnson, who was born at home in London on January 18. Both mother and daughter are well.”

Taylor-Wood also has two older daughters, Anjelica, 14, and Jessie, 5, from her marriage to Jay Jopling.

Because of their 23-year age gap, Johnson has had to defend their relationship.

I’m an old soul and she’s a young soul. We don’t see an age gap, we just see each other.’

The 44-year-old filmmaker has talked about Aaron’s willingness to start a family.

She explained, “Aaron, almost before anything started between us, said he wanted kids. He was very clear about wanting a family. We hardly go out now – it’s just us. Aaron has brought a set of values I didn’t even know I was looking for – family values. He is more grounded. He has been getting work offers which he has turned down because he wants to be here for the crucial first months of Wylda’s life.”

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  1. NYC Mommy

    Just wondering why headline states Baby no. 4 and article states baby no. 2.

  2. Anonymous

    I have absolutely no clue who they are, but Romy and Hero both sound masculine to me. Could’ve been worse though.

    • Anonymous

      I have never hears of a guy named Romy… Here indeed sounds masculine.

      I still find their age difference a little extreme, but whatever floats their boat I guess. I’m Aaron’s age and I can’t imagine starting a family yet. But as long as they’re happy and good parents it’s all fine I suppose.

  3. Annie123

    Love the name! Romy is a female German name, like the actress Romy Schneider.

  4. Anonymous

    I am open and accepting of all types of relationships. Whatever makes you happy. Love is love. Etc. But I gotta say… Every time these two pop up on CBS, I feel a little… uncomfortable. I myself am 19 and 22 years older than my kids, which while still relatively young, is not at all an unusual age gap. This women is 23 years older than this guy! I don’t WANT to judge, truly. But, just saying, it’s… definitely unusual.

  5. Anonymous9

    I’m less concerned about their age difference than I am about that pornstache.

  6. Anonymous

    Hero is a female name from Byzantine/Greek mythology, via the story of Hero and Leander. Also, Hero is the young girl in “Much Ado About Nothing” by Shakespeare.

  7. Arabella

    ugly name

  8. Iris

    I love these two, they seem down to earth and speaking openly about their relationship. If they are both fine with the age difference, who are we to judge?
    Congrats with their daughter, Wylda and Romy sounds good together.

  9. Anonymous

    I have a sweet 18 month old granddaughter named Romy, I love the name. I also love the name Hero for a girl, but then I am a Shakespeare fan. And yes, they are both girl’s names!

  10. Anonymous

    This is funny.
    If young girl is married to 40 years or more older grandpa it’s ok. When 20 something year old man marries 40 yo woman, it’s creepy? Disgusting? WHY?

  11. Anonymous

    I’m sorry to be the only one to mention this (there is alway one) but this is kind off unsettling. Its unsettling with this age gap between an older man and younger woman and its kind off unsettling now. i don’t WANT to sound mean (which i know it does sound that way) but its the truth. if maybe he was much older and they had the same gap it wouldn’t be as unsettling but what do you really know at 20/21?I’m 25 and I look back to when i was 20/21 (i know, not that long ago) and realise “what did i really know then?”. There are just somethings that age/time can teach you. I don’t really think its the wisest idea for 20/21 year olds to be having children in the first place. It just feels a bit like some advantages where being taken. She is the older one with more life experience. We are all entitled to express our opinions. i hope for the best for them because they have children and keeping a stable relationship in that world (even in the average, ordinary world) is hard but being honest how many people out there would feel ok with their 20/21 year old daughter or son starting a family with a 43/44 year old man or woman?


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