‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Suffers A Miscarriage

'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Suffers A Miscarriage

Just weeks ago it was reported that Teen Mom starlet Leah Messer was expecting twins with her fiancé Jeremy Calver, but the 19-year-old reality star has since suffered a devastating miscarriage.

“She was having bad cramps for the past two weeks,” a close source of the reality starlet reveals to OK! magazine, “and then she miscarried.”

According to Jeremy, 22, the whole ordeal has been heartbreaking for the newly engaged couple.

“It’s a devastating experience,” he admits. “But all I can do is support Leah and take things day by day. ”

It’s hard, but we will get through it,” he adds.

Leah is also mom to 2-year-old twin girls Aleeah and Aliannah with ex-husband Corey Simms.

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  • Anonymous

    I know it’s an awful thing to say, but I’m kind of relieved.

    A teen mom, gives her twins stupid trashy sound-a-like names, life is is a mess and broadcast all over the TV. Really not the kind of people we need reproducing. x

    • Anonymous

      You’re kind of relieved? How would this child’s birth have had enough of an effect on your life, for you to actually be relieved by its death?

    • anonymous

      I know exactly what you mean- sometimes these things dont work out for a reason!!

    • Lily

      It’s a cruel thing to say. Haven’t you learned that you don’t always have to say out loud what you’re thinking? What if I said that “we” dont need mean people like you reproducing?

  • Courtney

    @Anonymous Aaliyah & Ali may be sound a like names but they aren’t trashy at all. stop telling people who should and shouldn’t reporduce

    • Kane

      Aaliyah is a little bit trashy.

    • gini

      Actually their names are Aleeah and Alianna…and isn’t it pretty common for people to name their twins with sound alike names?

      • anonymous

        Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s not trashy.

      • anonymous

        It’s Aliannah. And giving your twins basically the same name is as trashy as it gets.

  • anonymous

    aww what a tragedy….NOT.
    a miscarriage is not always a bad thing people. as much as you would like to believe that every person on this earth deserves to have children, it’s not true. some people shouldn’t be parents. and no, i’m not saying who should reproduce and who shouldn’t- i didn’t cause her miscarriage. i’m just the world is better off.

  • Nina D.

    The loss of a child is always sad and devastating. I hope she’s all right.

  • SMH

    I hate to see this happen to anyone and I’m sorry it happened to her but I will say sometime as tough as it is to swallow some things do happen for a reason. She has a lot on her plate right now esp with one of her twins already with a disability I think she’s got some other things that need focus right now. I wish her the best. She seems like a good mom. But being so young she has plenty of time to have marriage and babies. Just take care of whats already in front of you!

    • TheBraxtons

      Wow, is that what you say to your friends who miscarry?

      • SMH

        When your body miscarries it’s your bodies way of getting rid of something that isn’t wanted (or right). So yes for as hard as it is to miscarry it may also be a blessing in disguise. A child that’s supposed to be on this earth will be born. Those are MY beliefs and I’m entitled to them.

        Fortunately I’ve never had a friend have a child as a teenager. And I have never witnessed someone close to me have a miscarriage. I don’t wish it upon anyone. But like I said, it happens for a reason.

        • Anonymous

          So the answer is “yes”? That’s what you’d say to your friend if they miscarried (and what does her age have to do with anything?)?

          MY beliefs are that every miscarriage is a tragedy and you offer sympathy and empathy to the family expecting the child, not an “eh, you’re better off this way” comment.

          I doubt that when it happens to you that you’ll be able to be so casual about it, but here’s hoping that everyone around you reminds you that it happens for a reason, no need to be upset.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldnt be surprised if she was even preggie.. She’s a disgraceful waste of a human being

    • Gina

      I agree…I don’t even think she was actually pregnant…probably just a way to try and keep her man in her life, and then “woopsie” I had a miscarriage…yeah right.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God. Mother Nature to the rescue.

  • Anonymous

    she was not having twins… it was just one baby!!!

  • Bebe

    I’m sorry for their loss.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe how mean some people can be! Any miscarriage of a wanted baby is a sad thing! Whoever said that was a “good” thing is not the one who should judge. I am not a big fan of Leah neither of her daughters’ names but I feel sad for her pain. I hope she feels better soon and that her children are well.

  • Aaliyah

    My name is Aaliyah & I have a friend name Ali & it doesn’t seem trashy to anybody.

  • Aaliyah

    I feel bad that she miscarried & maybe in about three years she will have another. Aleah & Ali are the cutest little babies.

  • Anonymous

    It was not a miscarriage, don’t believe the lies! It was on purpose!

  • Ondine

    Yeah, that’s just what she needed, another baby from another guy she’s not married to. She’s not too smart.

  • Anonymous


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