Molly Sims Debuts Her Bump

Molly Sims Debuts Her Bump

Now 17 weeks along, model mom-to-be Molly Sims is offically showing. She took to her blog to share a pregnancy photo, showing off her growing belly in silhouette.

“No experience I’ve ever had compares to this little bun in the oven!” gushes the former Las Vegas star. “I’ve already been though the morning sickness (every morning from 4 to 6 AM for seven weeks—it was the worst), the strange cravings (I’m looking at you, Kraft Easy Mac) and daily episodes of what I call ‘pregnancy brain.’ But believe it or not, I’m cherishing every moment.”

Due in June, the baby will be the first for Molly and her husband Scott Stuber.

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  1. Anonymous

    Only 2 hours a day? She had it easy!

  2. Anonymous

    Someone’s looking for attention…


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