Rebecca Gayheart & Billie: Smooch!

Rebecca Gayheart & Billie: Smooch!

So sweet!

Billie Beatrice, 1 1/2, had a kiss for her mama Rebecca Gayheart during a visit to the playground in Santa Monica, California yesterday (January 27). Meeting with friends for a sunny playdate, the pair hit the slide and swings and then took a time out for a quick snack.

This is our first sighting of Rebecca since she and her husband Eric Dane welcomed their second daughter Georgia Geraldine on December 28 – she looks great! We’re still eagerly awaiting our first glimpse of Billie’s baby sister.

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  • Anonymous

    “Access denied”, when trying to open the pictures…

  • nicoleC

    this is so sweet :)
    can’t wait to see her little sister ~
    wish she have a little brother!? little McSteamy 😀

  • nicoleC

    when i want to click those photos, why said ”’You are not authorized to access this page.”’ !?
    Can anyone tell why ?!

  • Courtney

    CBB Billie is actually a year and 11 months not a year and a half at least get the child’s age correct

    • anonymous

      when you state your age do you say the year and how many months too? does it have to be the EXACT month to be correct?
      you’re retarded courtney, how many people have to tell you this before you stop making rediculous comments?

      • Anonymous

        For a little child,there’s a big difference between 1 1/2 and 1 and 11 months. If CBS was going to round, they should have rounded her age to 2, not 1 1/2 as it’s entirely inaccurate.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it’s like Billie got a full head of hair overnight. I was the same as her actually, bald until about 18 months, ha.

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea Rebecca had the baby! Congratulations

  • Anon

    Cute little girl but does not resemble either parent…wonder if little sis does???

  • Anonymous

    She has hair! Last time we saw her, she was still bald! Super cute.

  • Anonymous

    Why do show this woman? She is such a horrible, morally corrupt human being. On the cell phone, too busy and important to stop for a little boy crossing the street. Everyone else stopped and she cut around the other drivers and killed him. She should be in jail!! I wonder how his parents feel constantly having to see this woman and her homely child in the press.

    • May

      You’re a little out of line, here. Did you actually saw her “killing” the little boy? Is there any proof? Worst of all, do you even think before making such a horrid statement? Didn’t think so.

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