Michael Jackson’s Kids Step Out For Cirque du Soliel

Michael Jackson's Kids Step Out For Cirque du Soliel

Talk about the ultimate family fun night.

Michael Jackson‘s children – Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9 – were seen arriving at Staples Center on Friday evening (January 27) to take in the IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil in Los Angeles, Calif.

Paris sure is growing up into a beautiful young lady. Although dressed casually in a goofy sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, the budding star wowed with her beautiful locks, gorgeous eyes and bright smile. It looks like Prince was enjoying some tunes as he stopped to sign autographs while Blanket – who donned an athletic jacket, white shirt, gray pants and a pair of running shoes – kept his hands in his pockets as he strolled with his siblings.

The famous trio recently helped memorialize their father with a hand and footprint ceremony outside of Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.

“This, right here, is his lifetime achievement award,” Prince proudly stated. “This is what he strived to get, and this is what we are giving him now.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Wow, these kids look so sweet!

  • Anonymous

    And btw I LOOOVE Paris’ sweater!!

  • Toya

    Paris is drop dead gorgeous!! Beautiful eyes….

    • Anonymous

      Yes, they are very nice contacts.

      • Ashley

        Not contacts. Photos of them as children showed the same green eyes.

  • Anonymous

    Paris looks scary in that photo, with those wide eyes and the eye make up!
    Love her sweater though. x

  • Anonymous

    Seems a little disrespectful to their father. Michael Jackson put so much effort in to giving his kids anonymity and yet the second he dies the kids make loads of public appearances and Paris is even making a movie. But I guess, likewise, he didn’t have much respect for them if he’d take drug cocktails that he must have known, if he had any sense, could potentially would kill him.

    • Anonymous

      I kind of agree with you. What is happening know is definitely NOT what he clearly wanted for his kids. Why is his family allowing this?

      Oh, wait, never mind. I know why.

      • Anonymous

        lmao. Yes, the poor Jacksons that aren’t Michael. His kids are the ticket! x

    • Ashley

      Actually, you don’t know very much about the situation. Michael himself said that he wouldn’t mind if his kids went into the business, as long as they were prepared the right way. He told Barbara Walters in 1997/1998 that if his children chose to go into the business, he’d prepare them for it, and that’s what he was doing. Prince spoke about how Michael had had filmmakers from UCLA coming out to work with them, and Paris spoke about how Michael would do improv with her. I think he had some sort of idea. They weren’t constantly wearing masks in public, either. Michael protected them the best he could, and you can’t throw the drug overdose into his face, because he’s just one of many celebrities to succumb to the use of drugs. And you speak as if he was on heroin or crack. He was given a drug by a shady doctor so that he could sleep. He suffered from chronic insomnia for a large portion of his life, and both of his ex wives spoke about it. I’m not saying Michael wasn’t entirely at fault, because he was an adult and could make his own decisions, but he wasn’t taking hardcore drugs. He was desperate for sleep and sadly resorted to extremes.

  • P!nk

    Gorgeous kids.

  • Ashley

    Hope we can keep these comments positive and light! :) Paris is absolutely lovely, and Blanket is such a handsome young man. Look how tall he’s getting! Prince is really growing up! They seem like great kids!

  • Toya

    Anonymous @ 9:32 have you seen pictures of Paris when she was younger? Why do you feel the need to state she has on contacts?? People and their personal issues ….. Geez

  • Molly Cassidine

    Paris takes after her mom ! Debbie who has big blue yes and yes looks just
    Like her, no Paris does not wear contacts!

    Who is big. brother Prince and the other cousins who are at all events!

    • Ashley

      Only difference is that Paris doesn’t have blue eyes. They are green. But still, it’s possible. Michael had two children with Debbie. One came out with dark brown eyes like his, one came out with green. Joe Jackson has the same green eyes, therefore Michael must have passed the recessive gene to Paris, and with Debbie’s blue eyes, she came out light-eyed. I think she has lovely eyes. And it’s not impossible for a biracial people to have bright blue eyes, but she doesn’t, she has green.

  • Anonymous

    these kids are so white…jeez. how have they not noticed?

    • Anonymous

      You say this comment every time there’s a post about these kids, and I still don’t get your point. That they’re not biologically his? Would it even matter?

      Katherine Heigl’s daughter is adopted and certainly looks differently than her, yet…. it’s still her daughter.

      Elton John’s son is biological his (or his husband’s) and an egg donor. Does that mean he’s not Elton’s son?

      Michael Jackson was their father. Whether their skin is white, black, purple or green, that’s the reality. The only one who’s over-concerned with their “whiteness” is you.

      • anonymous

        I don’t think she’s saying it’s wrong to be adopted or that michael wasn’t their father, she’s saying he wasn’t their biological father. which is ok, don’t flip out. It’s just funny that some people out there actually believe he is the biological father, and it’s kind of scary. And for those of us who are able to think logically it just blows our mind that so many people are blind.
        But yes, he was their ‘father’, he raised them and took good care of them.

        • Sofia

          Paris (looks like she) could be his biological child. Her mother is (very) white you know… Her hair is naturally VERY curly (there are a few childhood pics of her where you can see her natural hair, they are rare though, even then it was straightened often). I think she has her father’s lips, look up his Thriller album cover photo, and then look up a few pics of Paris from the past few years. Her eyes are her grandfather’s and her mom’s (nose is mom’s as well). She has her dad’s teeth too lol (the second left tooth flaw – same as Michael’s!!). It’s no one’s business anyway… She seems kind and intelligent, I wish her and her brothers all the best in life.

          • Ashley

            Besides, some of Prince and Paris’ cousins are fully black or are mixed with other things. Randy and Jermaine had babies with Alejandra, who is Colombian. Jermajesty has hair almost like Blanket’s, only it’s curlier. It’s not tightly curled like Jaafar’s. But some of the kids are very light skinned. You should see Rebbie’s grandson. He looks asian (Katherine has Asian ancestry) and he’s light skinned with hair similar to Blanket’s. So if Debbie Rowe, pale, blonde, blue eyed, the only white woman to have babies with a Jackson brother, turned out two lighter-olive skinned kids with dark hair, one with dark brown eyes, the other green like Joe’s, it is entirely possible. Just saying. People say it’s genetically impossible, and it’s not.

        • Ashley

          How she said it was extremely disrespectful. And it’s not impossible for them to be biracial. These kids are very olive skinned. Their mother was very pale. I see a lot of Michael and his family in all of those kids. Others don’t, and that’s ok, but it’s very disrespectful to keep saying “these kids are so white” when they identify as biracial. They are closer to the situation than they are, so why wouldn’t they know the truth? They are smart kids, and I’m sure that if they say they are biracial, they know they are. I happen to think they look that way. Paris has very curly hair that she straightens. Joe Jackson is considered black, and he has the same green eyes Paris has. Prince and Blanket have the same eyes Michael has, and Prince even has vitiligo (has been confirmed by family and Prince and Paris themselves via Twitter accounts, etc.) and that is something only .5 to 1% of the population has, and it can be hereditary. It’d be a mighty big coincidence that Michael got a child with vitiligo right off the bat, first (technically second, Debbie had a miscarriage before Prince) time around.

    • anon

      They’re probably too stupid to notice.

  • kc

    paris is pretty prince is handsme n so is young prince young prince diffently looks like his dad wth tht black hair

  • Anonymous

    MJ took them from their Mother’s at birth.

    • Ashley

      She told them to. You clearly just want to make Michael out to be the bad guy. Debbie herself has given her account of the birth. She wanted Michael to take them. She had them for him so he could be a father, not so she could be a mother. This happens EVERY day in the world. What about the woman who gave birth and possibly is the biological mother of Ricky Martin’s babies, or Elton John’s baby? Or all the other people out there who give birth to children they don’t want to raise? They didn’t take them from their mothers. It was a situation orchestrated so that Michael could be a father. That’s it. And he was the only parent in the situation. Debbie didn’t want to get up and change diapers and do the parenting. She didn’t want to be a mom. She said so herself. But she never, ever said Michael wasn’t the biological father.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Jackson trusted his doctor. He couldn’t be conscious of the dangerousness of that drug since Murray, his doctor, told him it was safe. Otherwise he would have never followed Murray’s advices, of course. Every person with any sense can understand it.

  • Anonymous

    Blanket looks kinds like Michael and Prince does have vitiligo. Not sure what to think.

  • soli

    i see michael , love this kids so much

  • Anonymous

    it’s hard for me to believe the two older kids actually see themselves and think yeah, i’m african-american. i mean seriously, is that denial at this point? they look nothing like their family at all

    • Ashley

      And why not? Should Rashida Jones consider herself white? She’s the same complexion as Paris, has hair like Paris, has a slim nose. You might not think they look like family, but I do, so do other people. Prince has dark, dark brown eyes, so does Blanket, so do most of the Jacksons. Prince looks like his great grandfather, he has vitiligo like Michael, and Blanket looks like Michael as a child, only without curly hair and darker skin. Paris, IMO, resembles a young La Toya. The kids do resemble cousins, etc. They also have the same high cheekbones (at least Prince and Paris do) as other Jackson members. Plus, Michael was the only of the brothers to have children with a white woman, especially a white woman with pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. And some of the other multi-racial cousins aren’t all that dark, either. Heck, some of the cousins who are considered fully black aren’t all that dark. You should see Rebbie’s grandson. He looks Asian.

  • diva

    Buttholes Paris and Prince know they are part WHITE and part BLACK which makes them BIRACIAL!!!!!!!!! Thats what they have said they are and so have their family and friends so it really doesnt mean shit what u ignorant asses think..Im so tired of this I really am…thank god those kids have NO problem telling u ignorant asses off but with love .
    I dont get where yall asses think its okay to be so damn rude and disrespectful but cause its not you or your children being disrespected its okay. Ppl in this world suck big time and the internet has only made it easier for ppl to spread their ignorance and disrespect. At the end of the day those who matter have MJ, Debbie Rowe, and those Prince and Paris have stated more than once they are BIRACIAL which means they are both a mix of black and white PERIOD. Its YOUR problem not those kids if you dont want to accept that. Those kids lives will go on wheather you accept them as who they are BIRACIAL children or not. They are NOT losing sleep over what ignoranct, rude, disrespectful ass STRANGERS think. They are VERY secure in who they are and where they came from and where they are going in their lives and NO amount of ingnorance, rudeness or disrespect about their paternity or father will change that. So if for one minute u think you and your opinion matters to them think again cause if u havent notice by now after two damn years it DOES NOT!!
    I wish upon all of u the same rudeness, disrespect, and ignorance on u and your children maybe then youll finally understand how truly sad and pathetic and dame right disrespectful it is to act like your ass has a right to say what a child of someoe your ass does NOT even know or a conception you were NOT a part of is. Those kids dont have to prove a damn thing to you and NO one else PERIOD!!!! Say and think what u want it will NEVER change that!! Seriously its about damn time ppl got lives instead of waiting for articles and youtube clips of these kids to be posted to constantly disrespect them and who they have already said they are BIOLOGICAL kids of Micheal Jackson…Ill always take them and their fam and friends words over rude, ignorant, disrepectful , no life having asses anyday!!

  • courtney

    @ diva couldn’t said it better myself I’m not even posting on this blog anymore you just have to yourself from this b/c they don’t have to prove themselves to nobody that’s what the public wants a DNA test and it not going to happened unless the court ask, but still that’s something Jackson family feel that’s something they shouldn’t have to do to shut everybody up let them keep making their stupid assumptions and guessing who the father could be until they drop dead it’s not Jackson family problem and it not our problem neither . He said those are his bio he had no reason lie and he didn’t go out his way neither to prove that he wasn’t lying he didn’t have answer to nobody b/c they do look biracial and your right they are not losing any sleep over this and neither is the Jackson family and I’m not losing any neither over this myself.And to those who think they were adopted point out one article that says they are adopted kids some people are just making up stuff and that taking things too damn far that’s way you just leave stuff like this DNA debate alone it getting too crazy its sick

  • Ashley

    I know a lot of moms post here, so it’s completely disgusting to read some of the comments on here. I bet they’d be singing a different tune if THEIR child’s looks and skin were put under the microscope.

  • anon

    Is Arnie Klein a celebrity?. You keep posting stories about his two children.

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