Gabriel Aubry Continues With Preschool Pickup

Gabriel Aubry Continues With Preschool Pickup

Regardless of Halle Berry‘s no contact request, Gabriel Aubry was seen picking up their 3-year-old daughter Nahla from preschool in Los Angeles on Tuesday (January 31).

After recently appearing in court, the Canadian model and his ex have agreed to seek counseling for the benefit of their daughter. The judge has not ruled on Halle’s request to keep Nahla from Gabriel until the full investigation of endangerment is completed.

Family Services is currently investigating claims by Alliance Kamden, the nanny who said that Gabriel pushed her while she was holding Nahla. The argument started when she asked the male model why he had kept his daughter home instead of taking her to school.

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  1. nicoleC

    i just wish he can take care and visit his baby girl forever

  2. Anonymous

    I’m glad that Nahla is going to see father again. Thanks God

  3. Anonymous

    this two are so cute… i don’t think he’s dangerous for his little girl, i think halle wants introduce Olivier as a new father figure…
    or maybe Gabriel is a borderline, but i don’t think, Nahla is always so physically close to her father, when a child has fear isn’t so close with someone who scares… or not?

  4. Anonymous

    anyone know who makes those shoes N is wearing?

  5. danny

    I think Halle Berry is a nut case, she has a problem with every man. Give it another year and Olivier will be gone.

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t know but I do believe women who have been in relationships with men who have abused them tend to keep going back to that type situation with other men until they fix what is wrong with them that would lead them to that point. Maybe she is a woman who has just repeatedly chosen similar men.

  7. Anonymous

    Didn’t Olivier cheat on his ex Kylie Minogue? I thought that was why they broke up. It seems like Gabe was a great guy, I’m really sad things didn’t work out between them.

  8. Anonymous

    Where’s Janna?


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