Jamie Lynn Spears On Her Teen Pregnancy, Being Embarrassed To Get Birth Control


Jamie Lynn Spears was just 16 when she had one of the most high-profile teen pregnancies in Hollywood history. She escaped the public eye and moved home to Louisiana to raise her now 3-year-old daughter Maddie Briann. Just weeks from her twenty-first birthday, the single mom launches her music career and shares what really happened in a thoughtful piece she wrote for Glamour.

“It was 2007,” Jamie Lynn wrote. “I had been on a Nickelodeon show, Zoey 101, and after we wrapped shooting, I just wanted to go home to Louisiana and finish high school, be a cheerleader, all that. Then I found out I was pregnant [by then- boyfriend Casey Aldridge]. I was 16. I’d had one boyfriend. It doesn’t make it perfect or all right. But I was judged for something that probably most everyone does. I was young. I was in love. I was like every other teenager, except I had this last name. And I made a decision that is forever my decision.”

At the time, the rising star was embarrassed to reach out for birth control.

“Casey was my first love,” she says. “Since the day I saw him, I just wanted to marry him and be with him forever and ever. I believe in safety and birth control as prevention. But like many young girls…I was really scared to go to the doctor. And I was on a Nickelodeon show, and it [felt] especially embarrassing to ask someone to put me on birth control. I didn’t want to ask my doctor, because she had a little girl.”

The young mom says she never wanted to “glamorize teen pregnancy.”

“When I found out I was pregnant, [my parents and I] decided to do an interview with OK! magazine about it. I knew I needed to give an explanation to my fans, and I wanted it to be in my words first. I had to make a decision that I could sleep with every night. I did feel responsible for the young girls and the mothers who I probably confused and let down. I apologize for that. But I wasn’t trying to glamorize teen pregnancy. I hated when [the tabloids] said that. Everybody is dealt a hand of cards. It was my choice to play them the way I played them. But the hateful comments hurt. [Parent groups were outraged at the Nickelodeon star, and tabloids printed rumors that Spears had a miscarriage, that she was giving up her baby, and that Aldridge was cheating on her.] I was already upset about having to tell my parents and Casey’s parents. To have the world come down on a situation that was already affecting my family hugely was hard. But this was my situation, and I did the best I could.”

Jamie Lynn goes on to talk about her first-time motherhood nerves, and breastfeeding her baby girl for “almost a year.”

“I was very OCD about Maddie at first,” she says. “I didn’t want anybody to watch her or touch her. I wanted to do it all myself. I breast-fed for almost a year; I couldn’t leave her at all. It’s sad because my and Casey’s love had to turn into an adult relationship so quickly. There’s a slim chance of two young people making it through high school and all that drama, but making it as parents? We tried. We really wanted to do it right. We loved each other. I will love him as Maddie’s father until the day I die.” [Spears and Aldridge separated in 2009.]

She continues to talk about co-parenting with her ex.

“Now that Casey and I have split apart, Maddie goes to see him one weekend out of the month,” she says. “I do wonder about how she is going to feel about the fact that I was young when I had her and that her father and I aren’t together anymore. That’s something that one day I will have to explain to her.”

And it sounds like Maddie loves her auntie Britney Spears and her cousins Sean Preston and Jayden James.

“For now, Maddie’s biggest concern in life is when she gets to see her cousins next,” she says. “She’s always asking, “Why can’t we have [Britney’s sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline] Preston and JJ here?” They’re very close. They’re like brothers and sister. They’re so stinking cute. And Maddie loves her Aunt Britney’s songs. She just loves the whole dress-up thing that goes with it. She loves dancing and singing and all of that. I definitely think music is in her genes.”

Jamie Lynn says she plans to have ongoing open communication with her daughter.

“It’d be dumb to sit here and say that Maddie isn’t going to like a boy one day and she isn’t going to have a boyfriend,” she shares. “I’ll just have to handle that the best way that I can. Both her daddy and me will caution her [about having sex], and I would hope that she would not want to do that at all, but I have to make sure that I’m realistic too. I’ve got to figure out a way to communicate to her to make smart choices and make the best decisions she can.”

The young mom even shares her thoughts on MTV’s popular reality TV show Teen Mom.

“When I saw MTV’s Teen Mom was coming out, I remember thinking, Oh my God, I cannot wait to see this show because there’s someone else out there,’ she says. “I mean, I feel for those girls. I’ve been that girl. It does show that motherhood is hard. There were so many times—especially when Maddie would get sick—when I would cry to myself and think, I really don’t know what to do. It takes bravery to be a young mom, and it does take bravery to let the world watch.”

Jamie Lynn goes on to talk about her next career move.

“Music has always been close to my heart,” she says. “Obviously Britney had been doing it, but I hadn’t yet found a way to express myself as an artist. [My manager] said, “Why don’t you come to Nashville?” So I started writing and performing songs, and people said, “These are really good.” I’ve been learning from the best musicians. It’s been like college for me.”

And how are things between her and her famous sis?

“[Britney is] in such a good place right now,” she says. “She’s in love. She has her kids. So I’m happy for her. Of course, [our bond as mothers], it’s such a big thing, you know? Especially ’cause there’s an age gap there—she’s 10 years older. I think if I were just a normal 20-year-old, I wouldn’t be able to relate as much to her.”

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  • Anonymous

    If you’re dumb enough to think, “I’m too embarrassed to buy birth control, whatever, I’ll have sex anyway” then you’re not ready to have sex and definitely not ready to raise a child!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. She’s trying to make herself appear mature and responsible in this interview but it’s backfiring spectacularly. Kids having kids. The whole Spears clan are just a huge car crash who should have never made it in Tinseltown for their own good.

      • Anonymous

        How is it backfiring? She’s sharing her experience. It’s something that happened to her, and she looks like she’s made the best of it. Nothing’ll mature some people faster than having a baby to care for 24/7.

        • Leah

          exactly. I agree that she is doing a great job of being mature about her situation, which is important when there are kids involved. I think she is making the best of it and moving on with her life, which is very admirable. Not the teen pregnancy, but having the strength to deal with it with maturity.

        • rasheen campbell

          It doedn’t matter she should have never gotten pregnant she and her sister didnt deserve to be in hollywood because alot of kids would want that oportunity and no not to get pregnant i can just c ehat kind off parents they have thats why they are so disasterous and aparently they got no ambition anf thats what it is

      • anonymous

        I totally disagree! She is ADMITTING that she was young and made a mistake, and she made the best out of an unfortunate situation. From the looks of it she is doing pretty well!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah i agree teenagers shouldn’t be having sex at all. If they leave it up to others to educate them and give them birth control and condoms and can’t take the time or have the responsibility of getting it on their own then obviously they aren’t smart at all and shouldn’t be having sex at all! But then again it’s usually not the smart or the people who think about things that are having sex young and getting knocked up it’s only the stupid teenagers.

      • Jenna

        How ridiculous are you? I’m 23, have my own home, am in a committed relationship. I’m what would be seen as a ‘grown up’.
        I’m 16 weeks pregnant. I was on birth control but I forgot to take it when my gran died. It was not planned, it is very bad timing and It’s not how I would have chosen to do it.
        Am I a “dumb teenager?” Mistakes happen, you can’t judge and stereotype people or groups of people because of them.

    • Anonymous

      That’s absolutely true, but a lot of teenagers aren’t thinking about the consequences. Look how many of them drive too fast, drink too much, do stupid stunts, cut school, etc etc etc.

      The only reason teenagers get pregnant is because they think “it’ll never happen to me”. Being ready to have sex means knowing that it COULD happen to you and taking steps to prevent it.

      • Anonymous

        Hi, just wanted to make sure that you don’t have a problem with me quoting you as anonymous for an essay I’m writing.
        I’m in grade 9 and I’m writing a persuasive essay about keeping pregnant teens in high schools.
        I would like to use the last sentence of your comment. :)
        Thanks heaps :)

    • Bev

      Stop being so judgemental…geezzz!! All she is doing is sharing her experience on being a young, single, mother. There are lots of babies born to teenage mom’s…that is the reality..but it so happens Jamie Lynn did it with the world watching her every move. I think it took major guts to have the baby and keep her…and she is doing a good job from the looks of things. The little girl is adorable and seems healthy and happy. I admire her. You on the other hand (and everyone else judging her) safely behind their computer screens make me SICK. If anyone is trash here, it’s definitely you. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Shelly

      Who cares about the mistakes she made several years ago? She is living with those mistakes and is being the best Mom she can. How many of you wonderful perfect Mothers have breastfed your children for a year? Given up what she has for her child? Put your own lives on hold to do what is best for your children? People make mistakes and if you haven’t then you are not human!! Shame on you people for being so judgemental. It’s not your place, your job or God given right to do so. If anyone should be embarrassed it is you “anonymous” people leaving stupid comments.

    • Deliria

      I completely agree. She left her career and everything for a baby that she can’t take care of. Did you really think your boyfriend will “stay with you forever” if you have his child? Like relly if that wasn’t your last name he would have booked it. He just didn’t wanna deal with the drama. She could have had it all, her sister too if she wasnt such a drug addict. Like I say, Babies haveing babies because ******* are popping babies like dogs. What a shame. That whole family is just … trashy. Zoey 101 could have opened alot of doors. It’s disapointing. Which is worse, Having a kid or asking for birth control? I have absolutly NO sympothy at all for Jamie Lynn Spears.

      • Carmen

        What gives you the right to judge her based on her family? Her family and her are different people. She made a mistake, she doesn’t need people like you to make things worse. I’m pregnant by mistake, does that make me trashy because I’m young? Does that make me trashy because my mother and my sister got pregnant at a young age? The first time I ever had sex in my life was when I was 17, after that day I asked for birth control. Sadly, I was pregnant before I got put on it from that ONE time. I had sex ONCE and that’s a bad thing? The father is still with me because he took the responsibility. Just because Jamie Lynn’s baby’s father didn’t take responsibility for his actions doesn’t make her the bad one. She took responsibility, the father didn’t. Which is worse?

    • anonymous

      How do you know she wasn’t using condoms instead? She was embarrassed to ask for birth control, which is totally normal. How many people WANT to let their parents know they are having sex! Most people can relate to being young and in love! Most importantly everyone makes mistakes and nobody deserves to be criticized for them the was that she was!

  • Anonymous

    This interview just makes her sound even dumber than I thought she was in the first place. That whole family shouldn’t have kids. They’re all white trash that just happen to have made it in Tinseltown. Sad. x

    • Anon

      “White trash” – you don’t know them which means that you have no right to judge them!

  • Anonymous

    At least she didn’t have a custody battle! The father of her child sees her one weekend every month. I’m getting so scared and sad seeing all these custody battles like with Halle Berry and Gabriel etc.

  • Therese

    She identifies with the girls on Teen Mom? Wow, that says alot. Get poor Maddie away from her.

    • Deb

      I find it amazing that you think you know enough about a person you have met to want to have her child taken away from her. To her credit, she made a mistake but has stepped up to the plate to give her child the best life she can. The child looks healthy and happy. And to those making statements about her not getting birth control, I work in the public health arena. First of all, we know adolescent brains are not fully developed and as a result they make impulsive and not always well thought decisions. Also, it is easier said than done to get birth control when you are underage. Many family planning programs require parental consent which most teens are reluctant to get. They are afraid to go to their family physician for the same reason. In addition, sex education is very limited schools, particularly those in the conservative parts of the country, contributing to poor decision making. And finally, we know that young teen girls have often not learned yet to negotiate with their partner about birth control and that many males refuse to use condoms. Young girls also often feel intimidated and afraid that if they refuse to have sex that their boyfriend will leave them. There are lots of reasons for unplanned pregnancies. Yes, we wish they didn’t happen but they do. When they do, you hope the girl has supportive parents, a partner who helps, and that she does the right things to have a healthy pregnancy and give her baby a good start. This young woman quit Hollywood, moved back to LA, and focused on her child. We can either continue to berate her for one mistake that is none of our business or we can appreciate that she has become a responsible parent at an age when many young people are still finding themselves. For me, I go with the saying, “judge not, lest you be judged.”

      • Anonymous

        True about the some girls are afraid if they don’t have sex with their boyfriend then the guy will break up with them. What they don’t realize is that the boyfriend will eventually break up with them even if they do have sex with them.

        • mrs rita

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      • Anonymous

        Wow! Debbie you said it better than anyone one this comment section. Smart lady.

      • Shelly

        You are absolutely right Deb, it is admirable that you are sticking up for her while others are bashing her behind anonymity. The only thing I would add to the fact that teenagers make bad decisions is that A LOT OF ADULTS make bad decisions too, it is just a fact of life. None of us is perfect (especially no the people who feel they have the right to judge others).

      • Shelly

        You are absolutely right Deb, it is admirable that you are sticking up for her while others are bashing her behind anonymity. The only thing I would add to the fact that teenagers make bad decisions is that A LOT OF ADULTS make bad decisions too, it is just a fact of life. None of us is perfect (especially no the people who feel they have the right to judge others).

      • me

        ok i get what your saying but seriously, if they think that if they dont have sex, then there boyfriend will break up with them, then thats obviously not the right man. you should be able to stand your ground and say “no im not haaving sex with you now, were too young” or just playin ol’ “no” im only 14 and i know this stuff. im not bashing on jamie lynn or anything i think she’s making the best out of a bad or hard situation and i give her props, but honestly you shouldnt have to have sex with a guy just because you think he wont stay otherwise if he wont stay with you because you won t have sex with him…. its kinda low…. cuz hes only interested in sex not you

      • Jessica

        I absolutely agree with you Deb. And for all those people bashing teenager for unplanned pregnancies. I’d jut like to point out that I have an almost forty year old cousin who currently has even children, all of which she had after high school, all of which were unplanned, some of which she doesn’t even know the fathers of. So don’t go acting all high and mighty like your generation in;t fucked up too. Not to mention that I know many teen mother who are a helluva lot better parent than most adults I know could ever be.

  • Daniella

    I’m the exact same age as her (21), and I can vouch for the fact that I knew quite a few girls in school who did not have sex at 16, 17, 18, or even later ages. Despite what many adults say, not all teenagers are out there having sex. Some of us were/are very proud of being virgins & waiting for that right guy when we’re a bit older & wiser. She’s just making excuses for her dumb behavior.

    As my high school sex-ed teacher used to say, “If you’re not responsible or smart enough to purchase & use some form of effective birth control, then you’re not responsible enough for sex & you’re DEFINITELY not responsible enough to have a child.”

    • Anonymous

      You want to vilify a teenager for making a dumb decision? You’d really have to go after every single person in America. We all made dumb decisions at that age. Her dumb decision got her pregnant. Can you not admit that she at least took responsibility and (at least appears to be) doing the right thing?

      • Daniella

        So, I’m vilifying her just because I said she made some dumb decisions? I’m not saying we don’t all don’t make dumb decisions, but having a child is one of the most difficult & responsiblity-inducing things you can ever do in life. If you don’t or aren’t willing to use birth control, then you aren’t responsible enough to be having sex or a baby. Period. I’m not changing my stance on that opinion.

        I know teen pregnancies aren’t going away, because teens will continue to make dumb decisions or their parents won’t properly educate them on sex. But I do have to give Jamie Lynn kudos at the present time, she’s raising that little girl very well & seems to be a very good mother. Too bad I can’t say the same about many of the pregnant girls I knew in high school, who’s financial & partner situations were much, much more precarious.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with Daniella if you’re too irresponsible to ask for birth control then you’re too irresponsible to even be having sex and especially becoming a parent.

          • Anonymous

            Well, duh!!! Of course that’s true. But teens are notoriously irresponsible. There’s no surprise there.

    • anonymous

      Your opinion can not apply to everyone! Yes, she was irresponsible when she had sex without birth control (although she could have used condoms as an alternative) but she has proven herself responsible enough to raise a child in my eyes! Not everybody who accidentally becomes pregnant is incapable of properly raising a child.

  • klutzy_girl

    Wow, I see this differently from everyone – It seems like she’s grown up and it doesn’t say what she thinks of Teen Mom now – Just that she identified with the show when it first premiered.

    She seems mature.

    • VeronicaRamos

      This. Thanks God. I don’t even know why JL has all these haters. She’s such a cute, mature and grounded woman. The fact she had sex and a kid when she was 16 doesn’t make her a stupid, a slut or anything.

      • Anonymous

        Having a baby when you’re still a kid yourself is stupid. Having sex at a young age ain’t bright either.

        • Anonymous

          She wasn’t dumb for having sex she was in love why do you all have to bash her!?!? There’s a difference when someone just has sex with a guy between having sex with a guy you don’t wanna ever live without and crazy for! Her daughter seems like a very adorable,sweet,happy,healthy little girl so obviously you people saying that “if she can have sex with a guy and be scared of birth control means she’s too irresponsible to be a parent ” obviously she proved y’all wrong!! So try going through that and have some angry parents and losers that hide behind their computers all day bashing you and see how far you make it! I admire her and look up to Jamie Lynn doing that! God knew she could do it and he must be very proud of her cuz I am!! Good job Jamie Lynn!

          Btw I’m still a fan and I can’t wait till you stand right next to Britney in the spotlight..you go girl:)

        • Simone

          FYI, having sex isn’t stupid. What’s stupid is how bad sex ed is, schools and parents should sit down with their children and TALK to them? Just because she’s famous she’s stupid for having sex and a child? Instead of bashing down on her and on teenagers having sex at age 16 (which is a legal age) is stupid, instead why don’t you sit down and talk with your own children.

        • Chloe

          Hey, so her boyfriend got her pregnant at 16 and she is 21 when they broke up, a five year relationship sounds a lot like love to me, its not like she got pregnant and he dumped her right after. That relationship lasted longer than most celebrities keep the same nose, she sounds like a good mom and to be honest, she is one of the few young teen stars who isnt insane, she seems to be living a normal mom’s life, just younger

  • AMY

    I guess I am the minority here and I see that Jamie Lynn has accepted responsibility for the way her daughter was conceived and has MOVED ON. Why can’t everyone else?

    She was young, dumb and in love. Would everyone have rather her had an abortion? She SEEMS to be a very loving and caring mother. (Note : I said SEEMS. I do not claim to know her and never have.)

    This young woman could have easily dumped her baby on her family, stayed in LA and partied her life away. She CHOSE to keep her baby, raise her herself, move back home to Louisiana and try her hardest to give her child a family. She was realistic with her expectations regarding her and Casey’s relationship. It didn’t work out. Maybe that’s because they were young. Maybe it’s because they became parents at a young age. Maybe it’s because she’s a celebrity. OR MAYBE – that’s how MOST relationships are nowadays and everyone just wants to judge her because she was on a TV show. It’s not fair, right or okay.

    I have respect for the way she has stepped up and grown up. I haven’t seen pictures of her out partying, drugged up/drunk, hooking up with random men, etc. I haven’t seen an interview where she is blaming her faults on her family, or pressure from her ex. I haven’t seen or heard her bash her ex. I actually haven’t seen or heard much about her at all. She stepped away from the limelight and put her focus on motherhood – and at such a young age, I think it is amazing that she had the maturity to do what was right instead of what was fun.

    I think it’s about time that everyone stop slamming Jamie Lynn for making a mistake that MILLIONS of teenagers make year after year. It’s time we all focus on the positives in her life. She’s a good mother. She hasn’t alienated her child’s father like some other celebrities have attempted. She finished her education. She’s working on building a career that will not only provide for both her and her child – but it’s something she loves! (Not all of us are that lucky). She’s accepted responsibility for her past mistakes. I view this interview not at her making excuses for past behavior, but as simply an explanation and pretty much her asking for everyone to let HER past go and let her move on and live her life free of judgement (which we all know, no one is going to stop judging a celebrity – ever).

    • musiclover

      Amy, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Anonymous

      Well said. :-)

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    • VeronicaRamos


    • Jenn

      I totally agree with you (:

    • m.

      EXACTLY :)

  • Anonymous

    Deb I love your coment I think she is doing a really good job and whilst her explaination may not wash with some people she has come out and given one even though she did not have to. As a celebrity she is in the public eye and everyone will have their opinion and its part of the job for her to deal with thsi. I just hope that if any of you with negative coments find someone in your own lives in that situation that you are supportive – A child is a gift no matter how they come to be or who they are born to. Having been a teen mum and having commented on Jamie before its not the worst thing in the world. I would not recomend it it is hard work and the world is against you for your decision to keep your child even as an ordinary person I received hate mail and nasty comments on the street and in the malls from older people. I am not trying to say that teenagers should go out and get pregnant its great!! but society needs to change its attitude to how we respond once a teen is pregnant everyone seems to forget that there is a baby involved and that with love and support from surrounding family and friends that teenager could be a really good parent. The bigger problem that I see is those that dont learn the first time and by 20 years old have 3 or 4 kids I may have had a baby in my teens but I didnt have another one until I was 23 married and stable. Jamie seems to be taking really good care of Maddie and they always look so happy together. She made a mistake she gets it! But the child is here now move on!!

  • factoid

    If it wasn’t for Brit’s money she would’ve been just another single mom on welfare…

    • Anonymous

      What is anyone even supposed to make of that comment? How she supports her daughter is relevant, how?

    • musiclover

      factoid….I am quite sure that she was financially stable from her Nickelodeon t.v. show Zoey 101, so I seriously doubt she was ever going to be a single mom on welfare without her big sister’s help.

    • VeronicaRamos

      And here you are… again. First JJ and now this site? Hmm.

  • SMH

    The only thing I found stupid was the comment about being too embarrassed to be on birth control. I guess in her mind she never thought, “it would be embarrassing to announce I’m 16 & pregnant?!” What happened to condoms?

    Do you know how many young girls that I know who are with their first boyfriend and swear they’re going to marry them?? I always want to grab them, shake them, and tell them they’re idiots if they think that is going to happen! Girls live in a fantasy world. Maybe I was in the minority but boys were never my focus in HS. In fact I can tell you right now I gradated with 256 kids. There was only 1 out of 256 that ended up pregnant. Many girls were not focused on sex they were too busy worrying about test, SAT’s, graduation speeches, senior class projects etc.
    I think the problem that is wrong with teens in this generation is that their is a lack of sex education. And there certainly arent any consequences. When girls get pregnant mommy and daddy support them. Welfare and the working people support them. Rarely do any of them really have to step up! I know a girl right now who got pregnant at 19 and is “engaged” but refuses to marry her boyfriend bc she said and I quote, “I’ll lose my welfare!” She’s not the only one that I’ve sadly heard this from too and this makes me mad that there are HARD working people who are working multiple jobs to support their families and still can’t make ends meet yet can’t apply for gov’t help bc they make JUST over the state limit!
    JLS was lucky to be a teen who had a support system. I commend her for moving out of LA to raise Maddie and she seems like a well adjusted mom.

    • Anonymous

      “I think the problem that is wrong with teens in this generation is that their is a lack of sex education. And there certainly arent any consequences. When girls get pregnant mommy and daddy support them. Welfare and the working people support them. Rarely do any of them really have to step up!”

      Watch out, you’re going to get hemorrhoids if you keep talking out your a$$ that way.

      Anytime someone writes a sentence like “rarely do any of them….” I wish I could punch them. You’ve done some grand study on teen mothers? You know what percentage of them are a drain to society? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Idiot.

      • SMH

        I don’t have to “talk out of my ass” it’s facts!

        About 80% of all teen mothers end up on welfare! That’s not even including the number of teens who end up being supported by a parent and/or guardian.

        Of course there are teen mom’s who take care of their babies on their own without help from gov’t or parents but the percentages are low. You sound personally offended and by that I apologize but the facts don’t like, like it or not I didn’t make it up!

  • Anonymous

    The wonderful thing about the past is that it is “past”!. Sad thing is that people often don’t want people to be able to go forward and believe that one should wallow in a bad place.

    I think she has done well. And she certainly hasn’t or will be the first to live this experience. And she seem to have well move forward.

    • Janna

      I think your second sentence says it all, and is really profound if you think about it. Lots of people judge a person FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIFE based on one bad decision. It’s utterly insane, it’s almost like “Well, she’s that trashy girl who got knocked up and ruined her life” and that’s who she is to them FOREVER. How bizarre.

      Can you imagine if we were all judged FOR ETERNITY based on the stupid things we did as kids?! Yikes! :)

  • Anonymous

    I actually found this interview extremely impressive. How many of those teen moms have you seen parry, and not breastfeed etc the moment their babies are born? Jamie Lynn talking about how she wanted to do everything herself and that she breastfed for almost a year and that she wants to have an open and honest relationship with her daughter, as well as the responsible way her and Casey are raising their daughter together shows me that she is doing her best to be the best mom she can be. Most of those teen mom girls thrive on the drama between them and their baby daddy. Heck how many grown women do you see act selfishly and immaturely towards the father of their own children.

    To me this shows that Jamie Lynn is growing into a smart young woman who is set on making the most out of the cards she was dealt. Good for her.

  • Anonymous9

    When you think about the number of “mature” adults in hollywood that spend all their time fighting with their ex’s about the kids and then letting the nannies raise them, I’d have to say that she’s done a lot better than most.

  • Anonymous

    I think she sounds VERY mature and like she’s made the best out of her situation. I loved reading this. She sounds immensely more level-headed than most 20 year olds I know. Go, Jamie! You seem like a wonderful, loving mom.

  • Cass

    At least Jamie knows she is extremely privileged in all areas of her life.

    Teenage girls get pregnant and love to make up excuses to to make people feel pity for them. When I was at high school there were a good number of them claiming that sex education wasn’t important because they already knew everything.
    Teenagers love to make mistakes and telling everybody that they were not capable to think before doing them and if they did thought before doing the “good deed” they claim there were no possible way of anything going bad or wrong.
    So that means parents, responsible adults and schools are failing gruesomely. Very shameful for our country since we enjoy to preach our correctness to another countries.

    “No good deed goes unpunished”. No more true words were ever said.

  • Anonymous

    I was really impressed with her and this interview. She seems like she’s grown up quite a bit and is being refreshingly honest and accepting of the cards that life’s dealt her.
    I may be in the minority, but I can understand the embarrassment over getting birth control. I lived in a small town and my dad was a big hot shot doctor there….I knew there was no way that I could get birth control without my dad finding out about it, so I didn’t. Call it stupid (and looking back now that I’m 27, it probably was) but all I could think about was how horrible that would be if he found out. Come on everyone, even as adults it’s embarrassing to buy condoms! She obviously didn’t think it through but she was a kid and she admitted that….give her a break.

  • Anonymous

    I think I actually like the fact that she is talking openly about her experience. I think it’s very responsible that she’s trying to make people understand that it’s not something to be glamourized. I can’t stand all the Teen Mom shows and all the tabloid coverage they’re getting. You want kids to not have sex, then why have all the Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant shows??? Now there’s where your problems lie.

  • Bev

    Good for you Jamie Lynn…you have a beautiful daughter!!!

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing (but not HaHa Funny) is that Britney has to have guardian ship from the father Jamie for a married grown a** woman, to have her daddy watch over her money!!! and their sixteen year old daughter is out effing up her life getting pregnant to some loser!! she can’t even talk to her parents about birth control,(yeah right) because they were scared she’d (A) GET pregnant and stop that cash flow. SMH

    • anonymous

      WHAT? I could feel my brain cells disintegrating as I read your barely legible comment.

  • Anonymous

    So falling pregnant wasn’t an accident then, she just did it without protection. Stupid. This sets an incredibly bad example to her young fans.

    • Janna

      It’s not her job to worry night and day about the example she’s setting. The example she set is that no one is infallible, least of all a young girl on a tv show. We ALL make mistakes.

      And while I’m not suggesting that her teen pregnancy was a GOOD thing, I’d think this was a great real-life way for parents to explain things like this to their kids. They could teach them that one bad decision can change your whole life and they can see the repercussions of that decision (dropping out of school, no more partying with friends, etc).

      • Anonymous

        Were you at school when this was announced? I was and I can tell you it was major. Everyone was taking about it and sometimes it was in a more inspirational way. I even heard one girl say “If she can do it why can’t I?”. The attention she got from this (a lot from which was her own doing such as selling the story and her baby shower to OK) was huge and what do a lot of insecure teenage girls want? Attention. This must of given them a ‘gold mine’ idea.

  • Anonymous

    glad her guitar is covering her non-shirt but no comment about that since she is not Miss Nahla!

    • anonymous

      They are in pajamas… it is a cute picture.

  • Anonymous

    Some of the comments I see are so attacking. Have any of you guys seen Jamie in the tabloids lately? I haven’t. Least she is taking responsibility for her actions and taking care of her child. She picked up her life and moved back to Louisiana why? To give her daughter the best atmosphere she can give. Do I think being that scared about contraceptives was dumb? Yes I do. But you can clearly see she is TRYING. Some of you guys are so critical and need to look at yourselves because I doubt you are perfect either. Looking at how Jamie is now, it looks like she changed her life around. Who knows how she would be if she didn’t experience all of that.

  • melo1983

    She is so right. This happens every single day and she got so much mess for it because of her last name. She is clearly raising her daughter just fine so props to her!

  • Anonymous

    I really almost ashamed to be part of a generation where having sex at 16 is the norm. Your teenage years are supposed to be your years to get out and have fun, explore the world, to figure out who you are. And yet, teen girls throw them away over infatuation that they mistake for ‘true love’. Its pretty sad.

    • anonymous

      It has always been a common occurrence! Long ago it used to be the “norm” to be married with kids at 16!
      IM SORRY! Where is there a RULE that your teen years are ment for that? Im pretty sure its her life and she did not take the easy way out and get an abortion! Kudos to her for that! I am ashamed to be part of such a judgmental and unsupportive generation.


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  • Anonymous

    my sister got pregnet at 16 by her 19 or 20 boyfriend she thought she was in love she is now 21 she turned out perfectly fine with the help of her family she meet a guy at nurseing school she got married at 19 and had another baby and this time it was a girl. It was hard for my mom to talk to her cause she thought my sister was smart enough to say no and wait. But now she has a job 2 kids a loveing husband (not the guy she got pregnet by) nice home. But she is not like other girls who kill thier baby or give it up she kept him and raised him with no problem she had some ups and downs with the father but she still made it and not stupied maybe a stupied chose but the best one yet.

  • Anonymous

    everyone makes mistakes in life and i guess this is hers

  • Anonymous

    Of course she was embarrassed getting birth control. Haven’t you ever been to the pharmacy and asked for a morning after pill? They treat you like a you are a person who sleeps around, questioning you about the ‘event’. I think everyone is being a bit harsh here. I am a lot older than her and i still find it difficult sometimes.

  • mrs B

    My God. seriously, i think its safe to asume that the majority of these comments have come from young, immature girls, and perhaps guys too. See dosnt feel good to be judged does it????? you all sit here criticising this young girl well look at the bigger picture. she loves her dausghter, she provides a safe and loving environment for her daughter (no i do not know her, but we would have all heard about it if it were otherwise). I myself was a teenage mother at 17 and 19. however now im 32 years old, with four children which are all to the same father happily married, and about to graduate from university. you small minded people need to understand that its not the mistake that matters it the way in which you handle it, and to me this girl is doing amazing.i see everyday fully grown women who you would say are fine to bear children walk into the doors of the hospital, pregnant and off their face. yes age is a barrier for teen mums as they have not yet fully developed mentally or physically. but trust me with support, education and with out all this critisism they may just have a chance. think about how you would feel if this were you, your sister, your own daughter. and for the record, some people do use protection, however its not all 100% some accisents are just that, accidents.

  • Anonymous

    SO WHAT! You people can be so lame. Most dumb kids have it these days. She was another one of them. She may be on a nickelodeon show, but she still has desires, and she is still a teenager. yes, she made a dumb decision, Atleast she didnt do abortion like most of them. And maybe she was feeling embarrased, maybe she wasnt. WHo knows and who cares. What’s done is done

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  • stancy

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  • Anonymous

    Shalom Aleichem I am a Hebrew Israelite and I have 3 children
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  • anon

    You all think this is dumb? Kids in the uk are having babies underage just to have a house off the council. Now I think thats very imiture. There is a big percentage of girls under the age of 16 having babies in the uk some as young as 13 if she were from the uk that age would have been acceptable as the legal age is 16. So leavve the poor girl alone and get on with your own lifes you all obiously dont know how hard it is bringin up a child I know how hard it is I have 3 boys myself and before anyone starts telling me im wrong to have done that im old enough!!!

  • nicole

    I so agree. She’s trying to act responsible, but if she was responsible, she wouldn’t of had a child at 16. A responsible mother would have a child in her early to mid 20’s. She is just losing fans cuz of her getting knocked up. Also her sister, britney spears, loks like a slut.

  • dana

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  • Anon

    If she had gotten pregnant and had an abortion at 16, and that had gotten out to the press, she would have been treated even worse. I honestly don’t understand why you people are STILL judging her. Yes, she made a mistake and was very young, but she chose to accept responsibility for her actions instead of running away from them. The fact that you are questioning her maturity is beyond me. My older brother’s girlfriend fell pregnant when they were 17, and five years later you would not believe the maturity they both have. Having a child so young, turns a person old fast.

    And no, she didn’t glamourise teen pregnancy. I’m 16, and I do admire her courage as it would have been easy to have an abortion and not let anyone find out, but I’m not going to run to the nearest guy and have a child just because she did.

  • Shell

    She is amazing for breastfeeding for so long! I haven’t heard of any celebrity doing that, especially in America.

  • Luis Bright

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  • mr.Anonymous

    jamie dont let the world bring u down u just brought new life into the world all the stuff ppl said dont listen u have a child yeah its a big responsibility but its also something to be proud of

  • rosi

    im happy for u but i wonder how hard it was for u i am also in a pregnesy

  • Abby

    wow… i used to watch zoey 101 all the time… its sad it went off because of jamie. but she is doing a pretty good job at rasing her little girl! : )

  • anonymous

    a lot of people should quit hating on her. okay she made a mistake. im not saying she wasnt stupid and i cant have sympathy for her when she said she was in love. What exactly do 16 yr old girls now about love? we fall in and out of decisions so easily at that age however it seems to me like she matured a lot. The girl is healthy and well. She’s obviously doing the best she can to raise her daughter and being britney spear’s sister shouldnt give her a bad rep. People build their image. Now this pregnancy thing at 16 was a horrible thing for her reputation but she’s working to improve it and she’s grown up. its not like this was the first time a mistake like that was made.

  • http://www.celebritybabyscoop.com/2012/02/02/jamie-lynn-spears-2 sam

    look, people make mistakes in life its completely natural your not human if you haven’t made one at least once in a lifetime but the fact that she wean’t out there with her head up high and admitting it is pretty descent of her, not many people have the guts plus this happened a very long time ago, she was young, dumb and in love but she learn’t from her mistakes and now she’s an amazing mother and being a single parent ins’t easy, just give her a break her kid looks pretty happy and healthy to me she’s obviously done a great job raising her up. and this isn’t affecting anyone here is it?why is everyone making such a big deal? it’s her life and she can do what she pleases!!! i can’t believe people are still going on about this.

  • K

    To all of the people that say that if you aren’t responsible enough to use birth control, you aren’t responsible enough to have sex, you are being unrealistic. Of course, that is true in theory, but do you really think that most teenagers have that kind of thought process? Sometimes teenagers do things without thinking about the consequences, because they are exactly that – TEENAGERS! Some teens just don’t think it will happen to them. They know pregnancy could happen, but they are often thinking about right now, not what their actions will cause in the future. And many, many, teens have unprotected sex, some are just lucky enough to not ovulate at the wrong time. If we are going to pick on anyone (which I don’t think is necessary), why don’t we pick on the fully-grown ADULTS who should have the maturity, the money, and the means to get birth control, but don’t, and end up with an unplanned pregnancy?

  • Jimmy smith

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  • Anonymous

    I refuse to have any respect for Jamie Lynn Spears after reading this article several times. When I first heard about her pregnancy, I was in total shock. I mean I can’t believe she got pregnant at 16. I mean why in the world would she do something like this. Has she lost her mind. She was way too young to have a baby. She messed herself up big time and now she has to deal with the consequences. She was way too pretty and smart to make a careless mistake like that. She should’ve known that have a sex at a very early age was wrong. I don’t care if she got pregnant by accident, She still shouldn’t have had sex. She should’ve been more like her character on Zoey 101 because Zoey would never make a mistake like that. Jamie Lynn Spears was a role model to the young girls, but she;s a very bad role model now. That is the worst example to be setting to the young girls. I use to like Jamie Lynn Spears and look up to her, but not anymore. I liked her before she got pregnant. If she was gonna get pregnant, she should’ve just kept that private. She is making herself look bad for the world. My advice to teenagers is to NEVER have sex at 13, 14, 15, and especially 16. She should’ve gotten an abortion because she was way too young to have a baby. Jamie Lynn Spears is now a slut for having a baby at 16. Why Jamie Lynn Spears Why?!!!

    • name

      Ur calling her a slut because she had sex…wow who are u to judge her your not god so swerve, nd if u think getting an abortion is right then u might as well go kill ur self cause thats wat abortion is its murder, people like you make me sick

      • Anonymous

        Well you make me more sick since you are speaking! I am just giving my opinion you fucking bitch! Nobody likes you or cares what you have to say! Why don’t you kill yourself you ugly fuck! Fuck you and stay out of my business! Everybody is free to express your opinions so shut your fucking mouth and do something better with your life!

        • Sally

          Okay u both need to calm down! Everybody makes mistakes and we are all free to express our opinions. Stop all this childish behavior! Jamie Lynn spears made a mistake and she’s making the best out of her situation! And she seems so happy with her life! It’s all in the past. Let the past be the past. And just worry about the present.

  • Anonymous

    i think that 16 is a young age and all but it was HER life,her regret. im 14 and i want a baby call me stupid and say anything you want about me but u dont know me. All I am is a comment on a a story. And she was mature it. And she is good to her daughter,and young parent hood i think is better for the baby so you guys are close. So please dont label her a slut or a whore for life and im almost 100% sure that the people judging her had sex at her age too.

  • kayla

    My opinion is its no ones business

  • phylleys

    i totally agree with her… she got herself in that stage… her life, her mistake, and none of our business.

  • phylleys

    im relly happy for jamie lynn… maybe what happened to her was an accident, could be a mistake… but having maddie was probably the best thing thats ever happened to her!!

  • http://google.com taylor

    i can forgive jamie lynn spears some people just need to forgive and forget she made her choise and we have to except it shes is only human people make mistakes she wanted what was right and some of us were not happy and i am one of them but we can’t judge what we might do too plus she did made a show but if she did not we would not even have Zoey 101 it was a great show and i still watch the old episodes and she would have a lot of things on her mind if she still have the show and a baby to do so i would cancel the show too but we can’t tell what jamie lynn spears can and can’t do she can only make her choise so i will forgive her but people sirious DON”T JUDGE PEOPLE WHAT YOU COULD DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexa

    Yes, we all know that Jaimie Lynn Spears made a mistake when she was younger, but she dealt with that mistake as a mature adult and she deserves a lot of credit. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. To me at least, it seems like Jaimie has managed pretty well, and that her daughter is in wonderful hands. She is truly inspiring and deserves better than these anonymous negative remarks. Jaimie is only human and she seems to be enjoying and living a beautiful life with her daughter, Maddie.

  • nikki

    She was so good in zoey 101 im watching it right now but she svb uhwasscaredscared to

  • Samah

    I don’t like that life if it happened to me I will be upset and sad and also worried.
    I feel so sorry for Jamie.

  • Karleigh

    Who cares its her life not yours !! Her child looks healthy and cared for so keep your opinions to yourself !

  • Sade

    That’s rediculious why would u have a child at that age its embarrassing and disgusting.Its my opinion and no one can change it so shut up

  • emilia

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  • angela

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  • dana

    I have a question. Is the supposed father tested for paternity. It seems at the beginning of this news of her pregnancy that one of the crew of zoey 101 was the father? Legal actions were to be pursued,then the news of a 16 year old boy raised. That calmed the fire of statutory rape. I’m just curious. Inspire of it all,the young lady is doing a very responsible job as a parent.

  • http://www.celebritybabyscoop.com/2012/02/02/jamie-lynn-spears-2 erin

    Jamie happened to make a bad decision, but that doesn’t make her a bad person. everyone makes stupid mistakes and she regrets it. but whats done is done and it cant be changed so she did the right thing and went on with her life.

  • robert

    Well whoey, I mean zoey. Welcome to allmost real life. Most 16 year old knocked up chick’s are on food stamps and have to chunk school, become a waitress and live a life cut short. My 7 year old daughter watches whorey 101 and I have to explain why your not making shows any more and explain way to early about sex and what happens. The producers should have forced you to complete your prego term on the show and show you get fat and go through labor then dump your friends, hangin at the mall and normal teen life you were supposed to be portraying then slamed shut the curtains on the show. Welcome to teen parenting 101.

  • Anon

    I have mixed feelings about this. Good for her for admitting the mistake, and for being the best mom she can be, but I have to say, parents should really be talking to their kids about this early and often. If you’re too embarrassed to go get on birth control when you’re in your teens (especially if you’re at an age where you can go and do so yourself!), imagine how embarrassed you’ll feel when you’re walking through the corridors of your high school, 38 weeks pregnant, miserable, and ready to pop. THIS is the type of scenario that a parent should be painting for their child, so that they can imagine it, put themselves in that perspective, and say to themselves, “I don’t want this for myself.” It’s only then that they’ll willingly go and do the responsible thing.

    I don’t believe condoms are the answer, either. Not solely. They break, they’re frequently used incorrectly, especially by teens. They often are considered the “guy’s responsibility.” It leaves too many factors open. Every parent should be teaching their child about safe sex, instead of denying that their little special snowflake will somehow choose to be abstinent (because, let’s face it, most teens won’t!) they need to take the responsibility as parents to help their kids be empowered with the knowledge and guidance that they desperately need at this stage in life.

    For those of you wondering, no, I wasn’t a teen mom, and yes, I personally DID choose abstinence as a teen. I just saw WAY too many girls around me who didn’t, and got pregnant, because they were either embarrassed to approach their parents (“they’ll kill me if they find out I’m having sex!”) or they honestly believed that it couldn’t happen to them, for whatever reason.

  • ruben

    I use to be a fan of jamie lyn, loved the thought of her filling in Britney’s shoes when I’d see her show. I lost all interest in her as a person and I knew her career would go down the drain when she got pregnant. not only was I fan but I was in her age group and understand what all the younger generation felt when they heard the news. It sucks, I had high hopes for jamie lyn, I wish.she would of focused more on her career then the boys. I understand teens & adults make mistakes, but this was bigger then that, she could’ve been the next Big thing… I mean c’mon this was Britney spears sister (who looked like her mini twin)

  • Vera Morgan

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  • Candy Eater

    *smart enough not to have sex

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  • Rabbit

    Jamie Lynn Spears is nothing but a disgusting ass pig slut! Why the hell would she get pregnant at 16? That is way too young! She knew it was wrong, but she did it anyway! She is such a dumb bitch! I hate her now! Jamie Lynn Spears if you didn’t want a baby so young, you should’ve just kept your damn legs closed! She will forever be labeled as a slut! A dirty dirty slut!

    • kp

      And u will forever be labeled an idiot..

      • Rabbit

        Well you are an even bigger idiot for even defending this disgusting ass pig slut Jamie Lynn Spears!

    • Aubrey H

      Wow.. you act like she purposely got pregnant. A slut is someone who sleeps with multiple people, casually. She slept with her boyfriend at age 16, her ONE boyfriend, and accidentally got pregnant. And let’s be real – many 16 year olds are having sex – lots of them even younger! I don’t think it’s great for almost children to be doing it, but it happens, so the best thing we can do is educate them on safe sex and protection.
      I’m a strong believer in teen pregnancy prevention, and yes – she could’ve done more, but she chose to take the responsibility and raise the child, and she’s turned out to be a great mother from what I can see. Why are you so judgmental? You sound bitter and insecure.

      • Rabbit

        Because she seemed smart on Zoey 101. I thought she would’ve been smart enough not to get pregnant so young. Do you see many other nick stars such as Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, and Jennette McCurdy? They are all perfect role models and they are smart enough not to have sex and get pregnant at 16? I am extremely against teen pregnancy. It’s really stupid for teens to have babies when they are babies themselves. If they have babies so young, then they lose their childhood. They have to miss out on parties, proms, shopping with friends and other stuff. Jamie Lynn Spears is suppose to represent me! She’s suppose to be perfect! Meaning, she would never make a dirty mistake such as getting pregnant at 16. Jamie Lynn Spears is gonna regret this for the rest of her life and beat herself up over it. Not only do I blame her, but I also blame her dumb boyfriend for getting her pregnant! I hope her boyfriend gets shot and killed!
        Sometimes, it’s hard to accept the fact that Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant at 16!

        • Aubrey H

          You’re either really young and naive, or older and have a really messed up view on the world. She’s. an. actress… Zoey. was. a. CHARACTER. How could you possibly think that because she was a character on a SHOW, that she’d act like that in real life??! Do you understand acting at all? Nobody’s “supposed to be perfect”. Everyone makes mistakes. The fact that you said she’s supposed to represent you shows how judgemental and selfish you are. She has a beautiful daughter who she appears to spend a lot of time with and takes good care of her – she has enough money to support her family and she loves her daughter – why would you say she’ll regret it for “the rest of her life” – you don’t know her.
          Stop acting like a perfect know-it-all. I’ve decided it now – you’re a naive probably 14 year old kid that thinks you’re all that and everyone should be like you and your opinions.
          You wish someone you don’t know got shot and KILLED because they accidentally got their girlfriend pregnant? You need some serious help from a professional – unbelievable.

          • Rabbit

            I’m just being honest. I use to love Jamie Lynn Spears so much. I use to wish I was her, but when she got pregnant, I was shocked. She knew having sex at an early age was wrong but she did it anyway. Getting pregnant at 16 is the most stupidest decision any girl can make. Jamie Lynn Spears set a very bad example to little girls by telling them, that getting pregnant very young, dropping out of school, and ruining their lives is a good thing. That’s so stupid! Jamie Lynn Spears shouldn’t even have had sex at all! I prefer Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande as role models because at least they NEVER got pregnant at 16 and ruined their lives! Sure Miley Cyrus does drugs and twerks and Ariana Grande dresses super revealing, but hey, it’s better then getting pregnant so young. They are both smart enough not to do so. Jamie Lynn Spears should’ve known better than to open her vagina like a fucking pig! Teen pregnancy is nasty! It needs to be prevented! I’m sick of babies having babies! It’s disgusting! If Jamie Lynn Spears didn’t want a baby so young, then she should’ve just kept her legs closed! Simple as that! Jamie Lynn Spears is just trailer trash!

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  • Howard Ella

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