Hilary Duff & Her Super Bowl Baby Shower

Hilary Duff & Her Super Bowl Baby Shower

While millions of people were attending Super Bowl parties on Sunday (February 5), Hilary Duff was attending a party of her own – her baby shower!

The expectant actress – who is due with a baby boy within the next couple months – seemed to have a blast at the baby shower her sweet sister Haylie Duff threw in her honor. The excited aunt-to-be recently posted this cute snapshot on her Twitter page while Hilary tweeted,

“What an amazing day my mommy and @HaylieK threw it down!best baby shower!This baby is spoiled already! And this mama is wiped out!!”

“So grateful for all my friends and family that love and support me through all these huge milestones in my life!Such special memories today!” she added.

Looking forward to learning of Hilary’s baby news soon!

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Janna

    When you consider that lots of people use “hot” as a replacement for “f*ckable”, that bib is in really bad taste.


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