Report: M.I.A. Splits From Fiancé, Doesn’t See Son Ikhyd For Weeks

Report: M.I.A. Splits From Fiancé, Doesn't See Son Ikhyd For Weeks

Singer M.I.A. stirred up some controversy this weekend when she flipped the bird in the midst of Madonna’s star-studded Super Bowl halftime show. As it turns out the ‘Paper Planes’ star has drama going on in her personal life as well.

According to new reports, M.I.A. (born Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam) has split from her fiancé Benjamin Bronfman and now “sometimes goes six weeks without seeing” their son Ikhyd, who turns 3 this week. A source close to the 36-year-old singer reveals that she has relocated to London while her son continues to live in New York with his dad. Benjamin’s mom, philanthropist Sherry Bronfman, is helping to care for Ikhyd.

After the birth of their son in 2009 the couple purchased a home in Brentwood, California. At the time M.I.A. explained their decision to move to the West coast, saying, “I wanted an environment where I could have a lot of friends and family come and stay. That was the important part for me. And in New York I wouldn’t have been able to afford someplace where I could have, like, all my friends come and crash out and where I could still have a baby.”

We last spotted M.I.A. and Benjamin, an environmentalist and musician, together with Ikhyd in New York in July 2010.

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  • Anonymous

    She is more political/artist than mother.

  • anonymous

    I just love how some people treat their kids as disposable accessories, and only fit them into their lives when its convenient. Did it just seem like a good idea at the time to bring a person into the world and then ignore it??? How pathetic. I guess he just joins the evergrowing number of forgotten children who grow up in this sad condition…

    • Anonymous

      As I’m sure you know, not all pregnancies are planned. Would you rather she have had an abortion?

      • anonymous

        Of course. If a person doesn’t want kids either don’t get pregnant in the first place or have an abortion. Is that worse than ruining a kids life and creating another f*cked up person to live in this world? If you can’t raise a kid don’t have one. Just because someone accidentally gets pregnant doesn’t mean they have to have a baby.

        • Anonymous

          There’s no evidence that he is not being well-taken care of. You really need to let it go.

      • anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ahh, could be she was flipping HIM off during the show. A little secret message sent out directly to him!
    Always makes me sad when a mother abandons her child(ren). I hope she gets her priorities in order.

  • Anonymous

    That’s really….sad, heartbreaking, pathetic & I don’t even know what to say more. There’re no words for a mom who totally ignores & abandons her child & doesn’t even care not seeing him for nearly 2 months…

    • Anonymous

      There are absolutely celebrities everywhere who go 2 months or more without seeing their kids. What makes her so pathetic?

  • AnonymousNamesR4Punks

    Well, at least he is being loved by his dad and mum-mum. It is probably for the best that his mother isn’t raising him if she isn’t in the right mindset for it, would probably do more harm than good; i.e – courtney love and francis bean.

    • anonymous

      What the hell is a mum-mum?

      • Anonymous

        grandmother, which should have been obvious to you

  • Gina

    How sad…I can barely go 8 hours without seeing my two year old daughter…couldn’t imagine 6 weeks!

  • Whatever

    wow so many judgemental people here

    • anonymous

      I’m glad that some people aren’t afraid to voice their opinions-as opposed to you who has none!!

      • Fg

        You are wrong prove it

    • Anonymous9

      I don’t think that many people have a problem with judging people who essentially abandon their children. Your shock at that says more about you than it does about the other people commenting. Google moral relativism.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised everyone is believing this. There are so many rumours on media sites these days.

  • anonymous

    I’d heard the name M.I.A. before but until I began hearing and reading about Sunday’s occurrence I always thought M.I.A. was a male rapper.

    • Anonymous

      No one cares. This story isn’t about you.

      • anonymous41

        This story isn’t about any of us dumb*ss. Doesn’t mean they (or anyone else) can’t make a comment.

    • anonymous

      lol, its funny you say that. my roommate said the exact same thing.

  • Misty G

    Though I think MIA is genrally one of those people who does things more for the sake of attention than really making a true point, I wouldn’t really jump to the conclusion that she does’t want to see her kid. There could be a lot more to the story than meets the eye.

  • Anonymous

    What I think is ridiculous is how so many people think it is completely normal for a man to leave and not see his child for months and yet that’s fine. But no when a woman does it she is instantly pathetic and should have had an abortion ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? She has a career and no one said the boy has a bad life at all living with a parent who loves him and another parent that visits him. You people are ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100%! But it’s not just men who all get a pass, it’s *some* women too. Sarah Jessica Parker freely admitted that she had to be away from home for months filming SATC when her babies were born. I don’t think anyone ever suggested that she should have had the babies aborted.

      I *personally* don’t think anyone should be away from their kids that long *especially* when they’re that young, but at least be consistent.

      • Anonymous

        Actually people ripped SJP pretty badly when that story came out.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t do it….even though it sounds like bliss 6 weeks off!

  • ChiTownEggHead

    How is her son’s name pronounced? Is it like I-kid or Ee-kid?

  • Anonymous

    I can only say this is completelty Untrue, because I never see Her child often photographed in NY. Which mans he lives with her family in London. Plus every time I see those Brewers/Bronfmans they are wasted on free champaign parting every night at the NY socialite events. That Sherry looks like she’s a party animal. So are her daughters. If they are looking after him, who’s looking after the baby? When they are out socialising? Probably he’s with His mum or her grandma. It sounds like Sherri and the other Bronfman sisters are trying to attach themselves on the back of M.I.A. And the evidence shows on the Internet. M.I.A is a working mum. And none of her Ex Finace or his family are workers. So, someone needs to their bills. I don’t think they need to use the child to get fame on the back of M.I.A. Her baby fathers family always pushing some unknown washed up B rated grandma nobody knows about on the back of M.I.A current cool Fame. Sound like shameless self promotions. All Lies, and why they wait till she just done mega SuperBowl? Just a day after to release this info? NOT COOL. Unfair on the child. It smells like Bitterness. Sounds like Bitter Brewers.

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