Jennifer Garner Talks Love, Marriage & Divorce

Jennifer Garner Talks Love, Marriage & Divorce

These days actress Jennifer Garner shares a happy home life with her husband Ben Affleck and their gorgeous girls Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3. A decade ago, though, she would have envisioned a different future for herself – one spent with her first husband Scott Foley. In a revealing new interview with UK newspaper The Sun, the Butter star opens up about the price of fame, the heartbreak of divorce and how she’s always kept her faith in love.

“Everyone reaches maturity at different times. I wish I’d known to wait for marriage until I was 30 or over. I did marry in my twenties (to actor Scott Foley, whom she divorced eight years ago) and I found divorce a crushing experience. I thought the divorce statistics would never apply to me. I was beyond heartbroken when they did,” Jennifer admits. “But I got up and got on with it. I also kept my belief in marriage.”

While she “still believed I would find someone to commit to and raise kids with,” Jennifer says divorce did leave her somewhat jaded: “I did not have a fairytale vision of the future.”

Of course, she did find love again, with actor and director Ben Affleck. The couple, who tied the knot in 2005, are now very hand-on parents to their two daughters and have baby #3 on the way soon.

As always, the former Alias star is quick to gush about her spouse: “Ben is not only my husband, he has helped me in every way. He is the base of my life. He is an incredibly loving and generous man. I expected he would be a great dad and he is. But what really surprised me was how, when something goes wrong, he is so much calmer than I am.”

Ben and Jennifer both enjoy successful Hollywood careers, and know well the benefits and the baggage that fame can bring. She’s quick to note, though, that “the good outweighs the bad.”

“My view on fame? In the film business, you have perks beyond your dreams. You can make a sick child smile and raise money for charity, just by being well known. The flipside is that you can lose the illusion of having a private and personal life and your family is intruded upon. But don’t complain — the good outweighs the bad.”

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  • Anonymous

    well, I wish them all the best, but I doubt I’d be surprised if they ended up divorced too, even with all that flattery she throws on Ben.

  • andreea

    I love them, I wish they stay together forever.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Garner gave an interview to the Sun?? Somehow, I’m having a hard time believing she would consent to an interview with a rag like that.

    • Anonymous

      Come on, the Sun is one of the more esteemed publications in the UK — right up there with news of the world, daily mirror,


  • Carlotta

    She shouldn’t have cheated on her first husband, then, if she found divorce such a “crushing experience” and “thought the divorce statistics would never apply to me.” Her very public affair with her then-costar from “Alias”, Michael Vartan, was all over the news. They were very indiscreet. What did she think was going to happen when her husband found out??

  • Anonymous

    Her comment about being too young when she got married doesn’t even make sense she got married the first time when she was 28 two years away from 30 not young at all to get married and less than a year after her divorce of 4 years she was pregnant and getting married again. So with in lest than year after her split she suddenly grow up and ready to do it agin with a baby on the way.

    Funny how she says ( I wish I’d known to wait for marriage until I was 30 or over. I did marry in my twenties )

    I guess that sounds better than saying I was 28, saying I was in my 20’s make her sound younger than what she was.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure how 28 is not young. It’s young. And every person is different at that age. Some are still living in their parent’s basement, some are the CEO of a corporation. She said she feels she was too young. How can you dispute that?

  • Anonymous

    2 years later, Jennifer was pregnant and married with a relationship to Michael Vartan in between. Hardly sounds like she took a lot of time to grieve the failure of her 1st marriage. If it were someone like Reese Witherspoon who really did get married and have children at a young age, I can see it. I know Jennifer Garner is a very popular celebrity mom, but I don’t buy the whole “wholesome” wife and mother, perfect family. I don’t even care that she may have cheated on Scott Foley with her Alias co-star, or dumped Michael Vartan for Ben Affleck. What bothers me is interviews like this one when she makes statements that make it seem like her first marriage crushed her, and now she has found true love, true happiness, a perfect husband and father with Ben Affleck. Please…don’t insult your audience’s intelligence with this made-for-Hollywood garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Her whole persona is fake (the Hollywood June Cleaver one). She can be a real witch to be around and work with. Control freak – self confessed. That is why these comments seem so out of character.. because she tries to keep everyone believing in her “wholesome” image and we all know otherwise. She tries way too hard to be the perfect hands on mom and comes across as an over-achiever.

    • Anonymous

      We all know otherwise?

      We do?????

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