Jennifer Garner & Her Girls: Snackin’ On Menchie’s

Jennifer Garner & Her Girls: Snackin' On Menchie's

Jennifer Garner treated Seraphina, 3, and Violet, 6, to Menchie’s yogurt after school on Wednesday (February 8).

During their stroll in Santa Monica, Calif. the actress picked up a smiley Seraphina and gave her a squeeze. It’s not long now that the family will be welcoming a new addition soon!

Jennifer and Ben Affleck reportedly know they are expecting a boy but haven’t told their girls yet.

Our girls are working on names. At first they were definitely Disney; it was like Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse Affleck, and then they’ve moved on. Then it was Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Smee, and now they’re just over it and they’re writing lists and coming up with lists and coming in and saying, ‘Let’s have a baby naming contest,’ ‘Let’s have a baby naming poll.’ They ask everyone because they just wanna know, but we’re not telling them.”

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  • Anonymous

    Jennifer and her girls are so vibrant and beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    the photos of her holding sera are SO GORGEOUS!!! wow.


    I read today in a Canadian Magazine that she was having a boy. Did not think that it was confirmed! They were mentionning it very casually, as if everyody knew already.And that Jessicaq Simpson has a planned c-section (she is afraid of the pain) at the end of April. She is huge! I cant believe hse has 2 and a half months to go. This magazine btw is a reputable magazine…we”ll see if they were right.

    • Anonymous

      which magazine – i live in canada too and most of the mags up here rely on other (US) sources so their credibility is sketchy in some cases.

  • klutzy_girl

    Aw, the pictures of her holding Sera are cute.

    But it feels like Jen’s been pregnant forever. When is this baby going to arrive?

  • Anonymous

    Violet is a very cute little girl. Both are. If you want to talk about not-so-cute kids, discuss the Jolie-Pitts. all of them are the tackiest, wrinkled dressers, most unkempt children ever photographed. They never have their hair brushed and clothes look horrible ! At least these two always look clean and neat. even when out playing at the park.

    • Anonymous

      clean and neat? hahahaahaha thats a good one!

  • Anonymous

    She should make that kid walk and stop carrying her around on that belly of hers! She’s too far along to be doing this. The kid is obviously pulling on her neck by the looks of the pictures. The nanny is there to help, why doesn’t she use her? She should be more careful.

    • Mamabear

      So ridiculous. Besides, the Nanny doesn’t look in much shape to be carrying anything.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you doctor Anonymous Busybody. I’m sure she really needs your advice. Oh wait, no she doesn’t, she is perfectly capable of judging what her body can tolerate and how to take care of her own children.

      • Anonymous

        “Doctor Anonymous Busybody”…. ROFL!!!! That was the best comeback in years! Thanks for making my day!

    • Anonymous

      She’s the best judge of what she can handle and it’s her body not yours. Personally, I think she’s setting herself up for back problems (sacroiliac joint dysfunction, anyone?) but that’s none of my business.

      How do you know she’s the nanny anyway, smarty pants — does she have a name tag that says “Nanny”??

    • Anonymous

      Awwww…. poor Anonymous. Her mama didn’t carry her enough, and now she’s jealous of a small child being held by it’s own mama, who obviously loves and cherishes her.

      Try to break the cycle by holding your own children, Anonymous. It makes make your heart grow three sizes.

  • Anonymous

    No, Violet is not very cute at this stage and her glasses don’t do her any favors. She looks to be mouthing off at the paps also, which, no matter what, she should just be quiet. Her mother should be teaching her that it’s better to say nothing than to be a wise a**.

    • Anonymous

      “no matter what, she should just be quiet”

      Are you insane? Delusional? Certifiably committable? A little girl NO MATTER WHAT should just be quiet?

      Is that what you do when your little girl is harassed? Followed? Stalked? Molested? Shhh…. no matter what, just be quiet.

    • Anonymous

      And you, my dear have the mental capacity of a 2 year old. You may be 40 something, 50 something or even older, but honestly, my dog is more mature than you.

  • Anonymous

    To Anon 6:04 You are very wrong, Violet will grow up as beautiful as is her mother (they look exactly alike) only with lighter coloring. She looks like she’s mouthing off at the paps? WHere the heck do you get that from? You were there? You must have her mixed up with those angry kids of Gwen Steffani and Tom Cruise. She is a delightful, happy child who hopefully will never read what you ugly (and envious) trolls dish out.

  • anon

    she is smiling!!!! (not mouthing off) she is adorable and a lot of times kids with gap teeth have wonderful adult teeth because there is room in their mouths for the bigger teeth to come in straight- my kids teeth were gorgeous and fit perfectly as toddlers and then when their adult teeth came in it was terrible because they were squished and pressing on each other – crooked…. But that aside why on earth does it MATTER what a child LOOKS like???

  • Anonymous

    Violet is NOT cute. Seriously, how much of this D Lister can we have shoved down our throat? Every single day this woman is on here with her staged photo ops.

    • Anonymous

      No one is shoving anything down your throat. You are choosing to read and comment and your displeasure is 100% your own fault. There’s a very easy solution to your problem – if you don’t like reading about her, stop reading about her.

      • Anonymous

        Amen, Anonymous! I believe that when people post the stupid “we don’t want to see pictures of this person”, it’s all born of jealousy. Jealousy that someone else is getting the attention that they think THEY deserve. It’s sad, really.

  • Anonymous

    Violet is not cute at all. If she was just some regular girl walking down the block do you really think you’d stop and say “wow what a beautiful girl?” I think not. Or is it because she has 2 famous parents, that has to make her cute?

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, I want a child just like Violet. If your definition of beauty is the naive look without personality, that’s your choice. Violet is ALWAYS so charming and full of life, so it is difficult for camera to catch her movement. She is gorgeous for sure.

  • SMH

    Some people are so mean!

    I think Violet always looks happy and delightful. “Mouthing off to the papas” I didn’t know these pics could talk. Could someone find me the play button so I can hear her?? And besides even if she was I’d mouth off to them too if they followed my every single move!
    Jen G is capable of carrying Sera if she feels she can. Nobody can tell her what she can and can’t do with her kids! Maybe Sera is a little feather that barely weighs anything! If Jen couldn’t do it or it hurt she wouldn’t.
    I’d much rather see pics of this “normal” family then the fakes of many of these other celeb who can’t walk 5 yards w/out a nanny or stage a photo op for money!

    • Anonymous

      SMH — I would chalk it up to immaturity. It’s pretty pathetic that grown women (some of them old enough to be grandmothers, based on the content of past comments) behave like this and actually have that much time on their hands. I guess we can all take comfort in the fact that Ms. Garner is oblivious to it all (she’s hardly monitoring the comments on a celeb gossip site).

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what happened to my comment but I am so pleased to see some many mature and fair minded adults come to the defense of a lovely little girl who happens to have been born to a celeb couple being picked on due mainly to the fact that her mother (or father) is so admired by the masses.

  • Anonymous

    Photo-op.Jennnifer isn’t pretty woman. Violet looks just like her.

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