Whitney Houston: Bobbi Kristina Was Her Pride & Joy

Whitney Houston: Bobbi Kristina Was Her Pride & Joy

Upon hearing of Whitney Houston‘s death on Saturday, her ex-husband Bobby Brown was stricken with grief. “He could hardly get the words out when he called me,” a relative tells People. “He was sobbing. He’s beside himself right now.”

Of course, we’re all wondering how Bobby and Whitney’s 18-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina is doing. Earlier this week the mother-daughter duo were seen celebrating the Grammy Award season together. “They were amazingly close,” Jawn Murray told FOX of Houston’s relationship with her daughter.

They had a relationship that really resembled the relationship that Whitney Houston had with her own mother, Cissy Houston,” said Murray, who interviewed Houston and Brown numerous times over the years. “Whitney loved her daughter. Bobbi Kristina was her only child and her pride and joy. Because of that, she treasured her.”

Despite divorcing in 2007, Whitney and Bobby remained friendly and dedicated to co-parenting their daughter. “They had Bobbi Kristina in common, and were determined to be co-parents to her,” a relative said. “They didn’t hate each other. In fact, there was a lot of respect.”

Let me tell you, after Bobby and Whitney’s divorce, they had a functioning, healthy, blended family,” Murray said. “Less than a week ago, Bobby, his girlfriend Alicia, their new child, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina were all photographed having a family dinner. (Brown and Houston) still liked each other as people, and got along very well for the sake of Bobbi Kristina.”

Now that Bobbi Kristina has lost her mother, fans and friends are worried about how the aspiring dancer, actress and musician will cope. While Bobby and Whitney publicly struggled with substance abuse over the years, there’s been speculation that Bobbi Kristina is heading down that same path. My daughter, she doesn’t, she doesn’t do that,” Bobby recently said in defense of his daughter.

Whitney had a very public struggle with drug addiction, and a drug addiction not only affects your family relationships–it affects everything,”psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Berman, who has not treated Houston, told FOX. “Now, it’s especially important for Bobbi Kristina to surround herself with people who love her, support her and who she trusts. And it’s especially important at a time like this not to turn to drugs or alcohol.”

After a highly-publicized tumultuous relationship that included a charge of domestic abuse against Brown in 1993, the musical couple divorced in 2007.

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  • Ashley

    I know that Bobbi is 18 now, and not technically a child, but no matter how old you are, it could never be easy to lose a parent. I can’t imagine what’s going through that poor girl’s head right now.

    Rest in peace, Whitney. You will be missed and loved. Your voice will never be forgotten.

  • Courtney

    @Ashley exactly and Bobbi Kris actually turns 19 March 4th. you couldn’t deny that Whitney & Bobbi Kris were close like Princess Stephanie & Princess Grace

  • Anonymous

    18 or 19, even though she is a legal adult, she is still mentally a teen. My thoughts are with her. Her life is just starting and now her mother will miss the new milestones her daughter will partake in coming into the adult world.

    Thoughts are with Bobbi Kristina and the rest of the family.

    Rest in Peace Whitney. You’re voice was truly remarkable.

  • dawn

    My Goodness! How I love Whitney Houstons Music, my prayers are with her
    daughter ,mother and bobbie brown. TRULY SHOCKING. she made her mark.

  • Elizabeth

    So selfish, and a manufactured pop star. The genius songwriter Kate Bush started it all back in 1978. “Wuthering Heights”, anyone? And Tupac was one of her biggest fans. Kate is the example these pop stars should live by.

    • rowe_wc

      And how does your statement apply to the passing/grieving of Ms. Houston?? Who cares about Kate -whoever she is- during a sad time like this.

    • Sandyhair1968

      your comment is tacky and careless!Rip Whitney and may God bless your family during this time…

  • Anonymous

    Such a tragedy–here’s hoping that her daughter can fight the demons of inheritance from both addict parents. So sad.

  • Anonymous

    Such a tragedy–here’s hoping that her daughter can fight the demons of inheritance from both addict parents. So sad.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, not well. Her daughter has been admitted to the hospital two times this weekend. Poor girl.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, not well. News outlets are reporting that her daughter has been admitted to the hospital twice this weekend, for undisclosed causes. Poor girl.

  • MimiK

    If Whitney loved her daughter, that should have been motivation enough to get her S**T together. Obviously her drugs were more important. I will never understand how any parent can put their child through this. Having to be her mother’s keeper. That child will be ruined for life. Talented or not, I have no respect for Whitney.
    Yes, I am a former addict and the second I decided to start a family, I got clean and stayed clean so no comments on “not knowing how hard it is” to get off drugs.

    • Anonymous

      No, no “not knowing how hard it is” to get off drugs speech for you. But you still sound so self-righteous. Are you perfect? Do you not have other demos you need to conquer? Do you smoke? Or drink? Or overeat? Or curse? Or any of a thousand things that people do every day that they shouldn’t? You think that just because you were able to conquer drugs, that it makes you a better person, or parent?

      What does that make those of us who never started taking drugs? Better than you? I guess so.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a real ignorant person and your comment is even more ignorant. I’ve never been addicted to drugs, but I don’t think she chose drugs over her daughter. Maybe she wasn’t strong enough to get off it, and that is very sad, but if you was once a crackhead yoruself, you have no room to talk about some else, making dumg a** self-righteous comment about what she should have done…….Shut the hell up you are a crack head to!!!!The woman is dead. People like you depreciated her while she was alive, it’s time to stop bringing up the negative things she may have been envolved in and let her rest in peace damn!!!

    • Anonymous

      I applaud you for having the courage to tell it like it is. Yes Whitney was an addict, and yes it’s a disease, but she had all the money and opportunities in the world to seek long-term help. If her parents weren’t celebrities, Bobbi Christina would’ve likely been taken away by child protective services long ago. Think about it. Whitney and Bobby Brown were (are) severe addicts. Her former bodyguard of 12 years said that when he was with her, they didn’t allow her to take baths or be alone in the bathroom longer than 15 minutes for the very reason she ended up dying–fear of her drowning. Imagine her daughter having to live with careless, selfish, completely out of control parents like that for years. They both were awful parents at times, and having once had a great musical talent, doesn’t change that fact. They left their daughter an emotional wreck. Yes, remember Whitney’s talents of the ’80s and ’90s, but let’s not rewrite history and say that because she loved her daughter that she was a good parent. Pray now for Bobbi Christina.

    • Idontgiva2011

      You dont even have a right to even make a comment like that. Some addicts can stop and son cant. And FYI no illegal drugs were even found in W. Houston’s hotel room. She was taking prescription drugs probably tryn to prepare herself for all the events she was attending and she more than likely took them with alcohol and the combination obviously dint mix we. Alcohol and prescription drugs was all that was found. She loved her daughter and did not intentionally do this to herself. This was an accident and you are a former addict so just like u have no respect for whitney I have no respect for u. How dare u say disrespectful things about a mother and daughter relationship that u know nothing about. Obviously if Bobbi Kris is takung her mother’s death that hard than that says a lot about how much she meant to her daughter.

      • Anonymous

        Does it really matter if the rxs in her room were “legal”?? Percocet is legal with a prescription but if you abuse it, you are an addict. Whitney Houston was an addict.

    • Anonymous

      Too true !! She loved the drugs more than her child selfish women.

    • RAGS08

      well lucky for you mimik. bullshit whitney did love her daughter unconditionally. you don’t know what or why she had her issues. LIFE!!!!. GOD saw fit and knew it was time for Whitney to rest. She prepared her daughter and taught her daughter well. Don’t speculate anything. You wasn’t there. Bobbi K. gone do just fine she have good strong fam to see to it as well. AND people need to stop all the negative sh** about her she’s not here to defend herself. Her daughter i’m sure reads this bs just like others. Besides respect her mother Ms Cissy. Whitney is with her Heavenly Father. Rest Easy Whitney, B*K*A* NIPPY

  • Ashley

    People don’t understand how hard addiction is to overcome. I’ve never had to experience it an addiction to drugs or alcohol, because I don’t drink or do that to my body, however, nobody is perfect, and people like to throw judgment around. Look at what drugs have done to some of the most powerful people in Hollywood. It doesn’t take much for it to take hold. People die every day from overdoses. If it was just something you could “get over” by thinking about those who love you, then people could easily overcome addiction. It’s NOT that simple.

    Rest in peace, Whitney. You will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    You or anyone can’t be perfect,put your stuff together and be here for your children because you plan it that way…life doesn’t really goes by plan..in versus no matter what she was doing her entire life i can just immagine the pressure and responsibilty for her career,life and daughter…not to show anything publicly and pretend and being strong for maybe 18 hours a day..you try it,get it done and i clap my hands..everyone can slip and fall deep down,i didn’t but it doesn’t mean i wouldn’t if i had different life…don’t ever say anything like this,it may come back on your child…these habits are also genetically forming DNA so don’t be surprised if your child will slip under the pressure or if it will have learning disabilities or lot more you possibily can’t think of.. The permanent damage will be there for the rest of the life,i don’t like to tell it to you straight but the first damage happenes is brain..you are maybe lucky or you just think so and that’s why you judge people because you know all about it..I love people who judge the others and being pretty much loosers themselves..wondering what did you acomplish in your life except getting on and off the drugs and on top of it made the worst decision in your case to conceive a child,person who lost the priorities and now hides behind the family that might suffer because of your past..did you consider that???

  • Anonymous

    Its evident how close bobbi was to her mother, my heartfelt condolences go out to her and the rest of the family. i pray that she finds all the support and strength she needs to go through this,that she doesnt get caught up in drugs or alcohol to look for the comfort she needs. my prayers are with you bobbi.

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts and prayers goes out to Bobbi Christina, Cissy Houston and the Houston family. May God bless each of you and you all find comfort and peace in the Lord Jesus Christ during your time of grief. It is very painful to lose a mother, I’m a witness to that but to lose a child can also be very painful because it is not the natural order, normally a parent dies before the child. God Bless your family. I loved Whitney’s music and her music will long in my heart and life. Her music was truly and inspiration to me and many.

  • Anonymous

    If you have never been there, wait with throwing stones on those who’ve been there and didn’t make it out alive.
    People go through different kinds of trouble in their lives, some have names, some are not explicable, the sufferer is the only one that understands the pain better and sometimes do crazy things (In peoples’ eyes), to get relief.
    The important thing is not for us the living (Both perfect and imperfect among us), to reflect on the meaning of life. What are you to be remembered for? know that we know the world will sit to judge, before even God starts.
    I only pray that God open our eyes to see that the only thing meaningful in this life is and will only be TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER EVEN MORE THAN WE LOVE OURSELVES!

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