Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Pick Up Two Special Valentines

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Pick Up Two Special Valentines

Fashion designer Nicole Richie and her husband Good Charlotte vocalist Joel Madden were spotted picking up their two kids Harlow, 4, and Sparrow, 2, from school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (February 14).

It seems the two little munchkins were enjoying some sticky sweets from their Valentine’s Day festivities at school. Little Harlow – dressed in a light blue matching top and pants set with a pair of cute black boots – held tight to her daddy’s hand as the duo made their way across the street. Sweet Sparrow – who sported a Spiderman sleeveless shirt, athletic pants and some cool Buzz Light Year rubber boots – had his curly locks pulled back into a ponytail as he enjoyed his lollipop and walked with mom.

It seems Joel and his brother and fellow Good Charlotte bandmate Benji are teaming up for a new musical endeavor.

After 16 years and five albums, the two brothers are taking a break to record under a new name – The Madden Brothers.

“There’s a honesty to the name that allows us to say things and do things and experiment with things,” Joel tells Rolling Stone.

“It’s been a cool break from the norm for us and the Madden Brothers record is quite different from the mixtape [Before The Fame: The Madden Brothers] in a lot of ways, and similar in other ways,” Joel adds. “It’s definitely left some influences on our style.”

Joel is hopeful that the album will be released for all to enjoy this summer.

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  • Janna

    I must be blind because I’ve never noticed it before, but Sparrow looks just like his dad!

  • Anonymous

    There is no need for Sparrow to have a pony tail on the top of his head. Can you say ridiculous?

    • Anonymous

      When is there ever a need for any hairstyle?

    • Anon

      Oh, leave him alone for goodness sake!!! Gwen Stefany’s kids are often pictured with mohawks, bleached hair (and pony tails) and I highly doubt they “need” that either.

    • Anon

      Oh give it a break you haters! Those kids could not be cuter! If you want a boy with short hair have one yourself! This is an open world for both boy and girls to not be stuck in your perception of how they *should* look just to please you. Welcome to 2012…EMBRACE!

  • NYC Mommy

    Janna- you are not blind… I believe he just started looking like his dad when his face lost some of the baby. Now he looks like a little boy and also alot like his dad. very cute family

  • Anonymous

    He actually looks like a girl with that pony tail.

  • Klee

    That’s a boy??? LOL

  • VeronicaRamos

    You people, get a life. Seriously.

    • F.A.J


  • Anonymous

    Harlow is NOT cute at all. She’s so pale looking with black circles around her eyes. She looks like she could star in the movie “Little Monsters”.

    • Sujinah

      Awn. You wanted to feel badass. Yey! Good job!

    • AJay

      Really Get a life you!! Saying a child is ugly, really grow up!

    • Anonymous

      Comments such as this should not be allowed as they are in violation with company policy.

    • Anonymous

      What happened, did you get bored with bashing Jennifer Garner’s children and needed to find a new target? What a sad you life you live. I’m guessing you were probably bullied yourself, but it’s really sad that you think it’s okay to do to others.

  • Sujinah

    I love this family ! :)

  • Anonymous

    Uglist looking family I’ve ever seen

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