Peaches Geldof: The Red Coat Is Coming

Peaches Geldof: The Red Coat Is Coming

Making her way out of a show during London’s Fashion Week on Friday (February 17), Peaches Geldof stood out amongst the crowd in her bright red coat. The mom-to-be paired it with a tight purple mini that clearly showed off her baby bump.

Peaches – the daughter of singer Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates – is expecting her first child, a boy, with musician Thomas Cohen. The baby’s due date is a somewhat of a bittersweet coincidence for the couple.

The 22-year-old recently revealed her son is due on April 24 – her late mother’s birthday. “I feel like it’s a little wink from my mum,” Peaches said.

“It was amazing for me when they told me that, very emotional and touching and just really beautiful. I was so happy.”

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  • Anonymous

    I have a serious question:

    When one looses a considerable amount of weight, so much that it drastically changes even their body shape, why don’t they revert back to that more “natural” shape while pregnant? I would assume that would happen, and it hasn’t with people like Peaches and Nicole Richie.

    Any idea how they maintain their “new” body shape?

    • anonymous

      they probably just keep doing whatever they did to lose the weight in the first place. it’s bad to start a diet while pregnant, but it’s not bad to keep eating healthy and exercising if that’s what you were doing before you got pregnant.
      it’s a myth that you can or should eat whatever you want while pregnant. besides your breasts getting bigger your body shouldn’t really change too much if you eat what you should while pregnant.
      a lot of people who used to be heavier do end up going back to that body after being pregnant, just out of laziness most of the time. but nicole and peaches have the money for cooks and trainers so it’s easy to be lazy and still stay in shape.

      • Anonymous

        I would say she looks anorexic, not “in shape.”

  • Anonymous

    With Peaches and Nicole, I’m wondering if it’s an eating disorder or drugs. No way they got on a harmless diet and lost all that weight so fast and stayed scary skinny during!

    And laziness? Are you serious??

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