Molly Sims: “I’m Officially Five Months Pregnant”

Molly Sims: "I'm Officially Five Months Pregnant"

At five months pregnant, Molly Sims, 38, posted the above baby bump shot on her official website

It’s hard for even me to believe, but as of last week I’m officially five months pregnant,” the Las Vegas star wrote. “The baby just started kicking and at this point it’s only a matter of weeks until life as I know it is going to completely change—and I can’t wait!”

The Project Accessory host – who was recently seen showing off her ultrasound photos to her girlfriends over lunch in Los Angeles – invited her fans to join along on the “baby bump” watch.

“Last month I told you about my idea to document my growing baby bump each month on the site,” she wrote. “I’ve updated the Bump Watch album on my profile with the latest picture of my belly, but you must be a member to view it. So sign up if you haven’t already, and then take a PEEK.”

The excited mom-to-be signed off by saying, “It’s crazy to see the difference from just a month ago, isn’t it?”

This will be the first child for Molly and her husband, film producer Scott Stuber.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh! Now she’s exactly 5 months and 1 day pregnant! She’ll probably blog about it. I mean, I understand she’s excited, but she really seems to be milking this for all it’s worth. And, is it me, or is she holding up those ultrasound photos for the paparazzi cameras?

    • Anonymous

      Do you know how many women blog every single day of their pregnancies? Hers just happens to be reported on by this site. She’s sharing with her fans.

      Stop looking, reading and posting if it bothers you so much.

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s not just you, she is totally using this pregnancy as a means to garner attention and publicity. She was AWOL before the “announcement” and now she’s everywhere and in most cases, it’s not the paps staking her out (she’s probably following THEM), she is putting the photos out there herself on twitter.

  • Anonymous

    When Twitter isn’t enough…

  • Anonymous

    Why is it so important to her to share all the minutiae of her pregnancy with the whole world? I can understand someone posting pics on facebook to share with friends and family, but this? Come on.

    Interesting how celebs like Nicole Kidman, Jen garner, katie holmes, naomi watts, sandra bullock, etc. etc. don’t expose themselves on twitter like this. If you want to move up from the d-list, this isn’t the way to go about it Molly – you seem desperate.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting how you picked 5 celebs that don’t use social networking platforms, and none that do and have tweeted their entire pregnancies and lives.

      If you don’t like her, if you’re not interested, just ignore it. Does it make you feel better about yourself to think that someone else is less than you? Do it make you feel superior to post something calling this woman desperate? Who’s looking for attention now, huh?

      • Anonymous

        This is obviously beyond your comprehension — those celebs mentioned don’t NEED to draw attention to themselves – they are all highly successful in their respective careers and the paps hound them and sell their pictures.

        Your second paragraph speaks volumes – you are obviously a very angry woman.

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