Amber Portwood Has Been Released From Prison

Amber Portwood Has Been Released From Prison

Amber Portwood may be out of jail, but the troubled starlet is definitely not out of the woods.

E! News has confirmed that the 21-year-old Teen Mom star was released from Madison County correctional facility on Friday and her mother claims that the MTV star “is all taken care of and getting settled in” at her grandparents’ home.

Although Amber’s plea deal initially required her to move into a halfway house, her mother says that Amber was “happy and relieved” the court allowed her to live with her grandparents. “Now she will get to spend more time with her daughter [Leah, 3], which is what this was all about anyway.”

Amber – who was sent to jail in December for violating her parole – is required to attend rehab at Sister 2 Sister Ministries, a transitional residence in Anderson, Indiana. After she completes a successful stint of 8 months in rehab, Amber must get a full-time job – one that doesn’t include TV cameras.

No matter what has happened, her mother says that Amber is “so happy she’s home and around family who love her deeply.”

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s a walking tangerine

  2. Anonymous

    …She is not a ‘starlet’ She is a teenage mother who made irresponsible decisions.

  3. Anabelle

    I do wish Celebrity Baby Scoop would stop posting about these God-awful Teen Moms! It’s just depressing.

  4. Anonymous

    I Agree
    released from prison
    relased from P R I S O N

  5. Anonymous

    WTF? Starlet?

    • Anonymous

      Whoever writes this blog clearly has no idea what the word means. I can’t remember who it was about, but at some point in the past they used it to describe an established actress who was in her 30′s or 40′s. I think they think it just means “female person with enough fame to be a paparazzi target”. Maybe we could get together and buy this site a dictionary.

  6. Anonymous

    So I’m guessing they have fake tan in prison then!!

  7. Anonymous

    She is disgusting


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