Jessica Alba & Honor: Beverly Hills Beauties

Jessica Alba & Honor: Beverly Hills Beauties

Little Fockers star Jessica Alba was spotted walking down the street in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (February 24) with her 3-year-old daughter Honor.

As always, the beautiful brunette was very fashionable donning a plaid button up shirt, a leather vest, and black pants with boots. Honor was right up their with her mama sporting a white shirt with flower patterned tights, a cardigan, and a scarf. After their lunch date at M Cafe, it looks as though a man in a wheelchair asked the famous mama for a hand out.

It seems Jessica is a much stricter parent to her two daughters than her own parents were with her.

”My parents did use ‘because I said so’ and they were not strict,” she claims. “They were fun and cool and laid back and a way better time than me.”

Although she admits to having a ”super bad” teenage moment when she was 14, Jessica feels she was pretty much a good apple.

”I got good grades and I was going to Bible study all the time,” she says. ”I wasn’t bad. But I rebelled, I guess. Like one time when I was fourteen or thirteen or something, I took my dad’s Ford Probe to Jack in the Box. I took side streets. It was a car full of girls. We were bumping Sublime. I was a super bad kid.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she didn’t give the panhandler even a buck? No wonder I don’t care about this woman. She’ so fake and her Honest company sucks!

    • Anonymous

      She’s already got the paps in her face, I doubt she was in the mood for handouts

    • Anonymous

      I don’t give panhandlers money either. Guess I’m fake and my company would suck, too.

      • Anonymous

        If she didn’t want to be followed by the paps, she needs to get her ugly mug out of Los Angeles. She failed as an “actress” and now she’s selling overpriced products. She’s a big yawn, and a dumb lady to add to it.

        • Anonymous

          Dumb? The woman makes millions of dollars a year as an “actress” and selling overpriced products. Seems pretty smart to me.

    • Anonymous

      Why would anyone want to give away their own money that they worked for to someone who chooses to beg for money instead of work? And probably makes a decent amount from begging.

  • Anonymous

    s/b Honor was right up THERE, not “their”
    Pretty pair.

  • Dean

    I doubt her company will last 2 years….

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