Kevin Federline On His Boys: “I’ll Have Them Working At Mickey D’s”

Kevin Federline On His Boys: "I'll Have Them Working At Mickey D's"

Kevin Federline may have been blessed a lucrative back up dancing career but the 33-year old rap star isn’t about to forget about his humble beginnings making pizzas or washing cars – and that’s exactly what he wants for his two sons Sean Preston, 6, and Jayden James, 5.

“I’ll have them working at Micky D’s,” the Excess Baggage reality star tells Australia’s Herald Sun about keeping his boys grounded. “That’s how we had to do it! I worked at a car wash. I worked at a pizza place. Things like that made me.”

“I can be in this business now and I’m still the same person I am back then, because I know what I want out of life and how to treat people,” Kevin adds.

The Celebrity Fit Club star claims that his sons need a sense of stability now more than ever.

“Sean and Jayden have missed out on so much of that with me and their mom being so busy all the time,” he says. “Now we’ve both agreed that this is it, they are going to be at school and learn what it’s like to be part of society as normal kids.”

Kevin is father to Sean Preston and Jayden James with ex-wife and singing sensation Britney Spears. He is father to daughter Kori, 9, and son Kaleb, 7, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. Kevin recently welcomed his fifth child, a daughter named Jordan Kay, 6 months, with volleyball player Victoria Prince.

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  • Kevin Freeloader

    “Things like that made me..” Let’s see, you have FIVE children by three women, you basically live off your famous pop star wife with a monthly stipend for child support estimated at $20,000 a month. What part of you was formed by having a job when you were a teenager? The part that learned that a fast way out was to latch on to a rich entertainer and bleed her of her hard earned money? Your boys will grow up and learn what a loser leech their father is, that will be the lesson they get from you.

  • Rosy

    Yeah Kevin, things like that ‘made’ you until you became Mr Britney Spears and got a ride on her coat tails and part of her paycheck 😉

  • Anonymous

    Keep THEM grounded?! What a hypocrite! He’s the father of illegitimate children, who he does NOT financially support, and he thinks that his SON”S should hold jobs! And is he only referring to Sean and Jayden, or does that include Kaleb as well? And what about his daughters, Kori and Jordan? It’s as though he’s forgotten that Brittaney Spears is supporting him, ALL 5 of his little crumb-snatchers, and his most recent baby momma.

    What a joke.

    • Anonymous

      Kevin Federline is NEVER going to make as much money as Britney Spears. That’s a given. But does that mean that from now on, no matter what job he may have, it will never again count as helping to support his family? Last I heard, he was in Australia filming a reality show. Doesn’t THAT count as a job?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with all of the above comments. They couldn’t have said it any better!

  • Anonymous

    U-hu, like that is ever going to happen.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to know why they give him the platform to expound on his decency as a human being? Said with tongue firmly planted in cheek of course.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who actually wishes these boys would work at McDonald’s? With Britney and K-Fed as their parents and with all the money they’ll have access to, a real job might actually keep them from following in their parents’ footsteps. It won’t happen and in a decade, we’ll be hearing stories about the boys and their wild times, not about them having a part time job and getting an education.

  • SMH

    SP and JJ will probably be supporting KFED one day.

    • Anonymous

      What’s so wrong about that? ………some body’s gotta keep K ….. fed. It’s not like he or his (most recent) baby momma’s gonna do it.

  • Anonymous

    nice role model he be ( this is a Joke )
    SP and JJ will be $UPPORTING KwellFED one day
    spot on comment

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, because you’re such a good person.

  • Kelly

    A lucrative career as a backup dancer? hahahahaha funny.

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