Natalie Portman & Family: Temple Time

Natalie Portman & Family: Temple Time

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied took their 8-month-old son Aleph to a synagogue in Venice, Calif. on Saturday (March 3). Both parents were dressed casually. The 30-year-old actress wore a polka-dot shirt, navy pants and sneakers while carrying the baby in a sling. Benjamin chose jeans and an open plaid shirt.

At the Oscars the pair were spotted wearing wedding bands on their ring fingers sparking rumors that they had secretly married.

Benjamin’s friend Jamie Wolf – a jeweller – has admitted to creating the custom made rings.

For Portman – she created two diamond rings made to fit on either side of her engagement ring and a platinum band for Millepied.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/GSI Media

  • Estela

    goodness i hope he can breathe in there.

    • Yakasuri

      Aleph, must be boiling hot in there. I understand she does this to protect him from the papz. But not like this, covering his face with fabbric. Plus babies love to look around.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe he went into a place of worship dressed like that!! No, I don’t mean the baby, but “K-Fed Jr.”.

    • anonymous

      god must be SO offended. lets pray for him.

    • Anonymous

      How would you know what’s appropriate to wear there? Have you ever been there?

      • Anonymous

        Get a clue!! MOST people, religious or not have been to a place of worship such as a church or synogogue at least once in their lives and you dress respectfully.

        What do you consider a place of worship – your local mall???

        • Anonymous

          Fortunately, I do not need the emotional crutch of organized religion. You could not pay me to go anywhere near a house of worship in any outfit.

          And as for this one, you don’t know what they require because you have not been there. There isn’t a single set of rules that govern every single church and synagogue in the world, and you think there are, I have a bridge you might be interested in buying. If they had a problem with what he was wearing, they would not have let him in. The fact that he attended is direct proof that they didn’t have a problem with it.

      • Anonymous

        The dude is dressed inappropriately, plain and simple. Looks like he’s heading to the pub.

  • Anon.

    He might be asleep – hmmmm?

  • Anonymous

    How often do we see her with the baby? Not often. How long does it take to get these shots? Not long. I’m sure the baby gets plenty of opportunities to look around. What exactly is he going to see here, random men chasing his parents down, shouting to get pictures, flashing cameras in his face which will probably upset him. God know what he’s hearing.

    Who’s actually in the wrong here? Natalie for not wanting random strangers taking pictures of her child (like most parents) or the paps for doing this?

  • SMH

    He’s a really cute baby ……*sarcasm*

  • Deb

    I have been to synagogue(it’s a more appropriate word than temple) my whole life and even if it’s “just” Saturday and not a holiday,no synagogue(except for,I guess,this one) would ever let anyone in if they were dressed as casually as Benjamin. There is a certain respect(for lack of a better word) you show by dressing nicely-sort of like you dress appropriately for weddings,funerals or other special events.

    • Anonymous

      As you said, obviously you haven’t been to this one. LA is a different wold and people there have difference standards.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for an intelligent, informative comment, Deb. Hopefully you got through to the brainless one ( 12:10 ) above.

      • Anonymous

        Except that the ‘brainless one’ was obviously right, since the man attended, they must have let him in.

        • Anonymous

          Try again.

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