Haven Garner Is One Beautiful Bunny

Haven Garner Is One Beautiful Bunny

Look at those chubby little cheeks!

Jessica Alba sure is getting in the upcoming Easter spirit! The 30-year-old actress recently posted this adorable snapshot of her 6-month-old baby girl Haven sporting a pair of festive cotton pants complete with a white pom-pom on the bum on her Twitter page with the playful caption: “Hello everybunny.”

Jessica’s eldest daughter Honor, 3, was also recently spotted heading to school yesterday in a very interesting outfit choice.

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Arabella

    Haven is adorable.

    Here come the omg baby haven looks like her “Danish Grandma” comments.

  2. Anonymous

    I admit, I clicked to see if the Haven looks like her Danish Grandmother poster had posted that info yet (again) :-)

  3. Anonymous

    The bunny pants are so cute! I saw them on the baby boutique website for Shak Shuka in the Netherlands for 20.00 EUR if anyone wants to get a pair. Too Cute! from the Netherlands.

  4. Anonymous

    i totally checked to see if s/he had commented yet

  5. Anonymous

    The first three comments by the same poster said it all. Haven looks like herself.

  6. Anonymous

    Danish?! I think that her African-American genes are on full view in this photo as well.

  7. Anonymous

    But does Haven’s Danish Grandmother wear cotton pants with pompom?

  8. CW

    She looks like her Danish Grandmother, Catherine Alba (nee Jensen).

  9. Vera

    Looks so much like her Danish Grandmother.

  10. freya

    Definitely looks like her Danish grandmother not that I have ever seen a photograph of her. On another note the only way this picture could be any more adorable is if bunny ears were involved in some way.

  11. lulu

    Wow, what an adorable Danish baby….looks like the Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    This one is so much cuter than the other one!!


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