Sneak Peek: Gwen Stefani’s Latest Harajuku Mini Line For Target

Sneak Peek: Gwen Stefani's Latest Harajuku Mini Line For Target

Fans of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini line take heed — the latest installment of adorable designer duds from Kingston and Zuma Rossdale’s mom will hit Target stores this week! Plot out your upcoming shopping spree with LilSugar’s sneak peek of the collection, which is chock-full of sweet ginghams, berry, and floral prints for little girls, and splatter-paint and anime-inspired cartoons for boys (all priced between $13 and $22).

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  1. Anonymous

    Not as hideous and “out there” as the previous items she did, but certainly nothing special.

  2. Anonymous

    I saw all of her plaid girls stuff on clearance. I’m not so sure it’s selling well.


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