Kourtney Kardashian’s Sunny Stroll

Kourtney Kardashian's Sunny Stroll

It was a perfect morning for a trip to the farmer’s market, which is where Kourtney Kardashian and her 2-year-old son Mason were spotted in Calabasas, California today (March 10).

Reality star Kourtney looked stylish as always, accessorizing her white blouse with a funky necklace. Mason, meanwhile, seemed happy enough to stay in the stroller, munching on a sweet treat from the market.

Kourtney and her longtime love Scott Disick are expecting their second child… but don’t call Scott her “baby daddy.” Kourtney’s sister Khloe Kardashian made that mistake during a radio interview this week, prompting this response: “I’d like to be referred to as a child’s father. I hate that term baby daddy!”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    I usually don’t comment on these kinds of things, but for the love of God, is that child EVER allowed to walk?! My son is about 10 months younger than him and would have an absolute fit if I carried or made him ride in the stroller as much as I see Mason doing. Her business and she seems like a good mom, but let the boy stretch his legs from time to time.

    • Eva

      I expect the main reason this child (and many others) is carried around or in a stroller is to keep them safe from the photographers and others who rush around their parents. Much easier to move quickly withour a toddler on the loose. You have no idea how much he walks around when you are not watching.

    • Anonymous

      Keep in mind she is constantly photographed & just may feel safer with Mason in a stroller or being carried when paps are around. When my 5 yr old was that age he did better in a stroller than if I tried to get him to walk. My almost 2 yr old is the exact opposite. I’m sure Mason does his fair share of running around

      • AnneS

        Just remember that these people call the Pap’s and live off the attention they get,
        this is not a normal situation were a celebrity is being stalked by the paparizze.

        • Anon.

          Is that 1-800-CAL-LPAPS or 1-888-STA-LKRS. Guess you’re there when they make the call or with the photographers when they get it?

          • AnneS

            Aren’t you cute I bet you believe that the photo with Kim and Mason was real too.lol

    • Anonymous

      You do realize the pictures you see of them are only a miniscule fraction of their lives, right? You have no idea what goes on when they’re not being photographed.

    • Anonymous

      I think she does it to keep in shape, while spending time with her son. Nothing wrong with that at all!!



    • Anonymous

      You *LOVE* her? What exactly is it that you love?

    • AJ

      In person or in prison? :)

  • Anonymous

    I would feel better if my kid was contained in large sworns of paps or even Just large busy places! Chasing after a 2 year old while pregnant seems like a headache!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care that Mason is in a stroller, BUT don’t make excuses about the Paparazzi being around and that’s why he is in it…. The Jolie-Pitts always have a BUNCH of photographers around them when they get caught by the Paps and ALL of their children walk.

    • Anonymous

      So what? Is there some law that says everyone has to parent their kids exactly the same way?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget jennifer garner and jessica alba, heidi Klum and Alyson Hannigan all these people have kids of all ages and also have a lot of photographer around them when they get caught by the Paps and ALL of their children walk some of the kids even hate the Pap’s.

      • Anonymous

        Jennifer Garner carries her younger daughter ALL THE TIME. And good for her. It’s no one business whether someone lets their kids walk, puts them in a stroller, or carries them.

        Sheesh, people. Why does EVERYTHING have to be a judgement?

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