Carey Hart & Willow: Beach Babes

Carey Hart & Willow: Beach Babes

Such a great shot.

Edgy rocker girl Pink posted this awesome black and white snapshot on her Twitter page yesterday of her hubby Carey Hart and their gorgeous 9-month-old daughter Willow taking a stroll on along the lapping surf.

“Heaven isn’t too far away….. ” the songwriter wrote.

Pink hasn’t belted out an album since the birth of her darling daughter on June 2, 2011 but due to a new hair color and recent tweet, it looks like times could be a changin’!

The 32-year-old So What singer took to Twitter and posted a picture of her blonde crop with a pink tint and exclaimed, “Okay the hair is the palest pink. You know what that means NEW RECORD TIME!”

Before Willow was born, Pink was certain that having a little one around wouldn’t necessarily slow her down.

“As soon as the baby can say ‘mama’ I’m going on the road! We are going to be a travelling family gypsy band with garlands in our hair,” she said.

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    Very cool photo.

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    so awesome!


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