Peaches Geldof Walks Like An Egyptian

Peaches Geldof Walks Like An Egyptian

Quack, quack.

British journalist Peaches Geldof - the second daughter of Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates – posted this playful picture of herself imitating what she believes to be a duck on her Twitter page yesterday, writing “Me pretending to be a duck??”

The nearly 23-year-old model is expecting a son with musician Thomas Cohen at the end of April and it seems the 21-year-old father-to-be is very excited about his future role.

“I’ve always wanted to be a father and it’s happening earlier than I imagined,” Thomas admits to The Daily Mail. “But it’s come at this time, rather than later, and it’s fine. Everything that happens is for a reason and this is full of happiness.”

The couple plan to name their son Astala Dylan Willow.

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Anabelle

    There appears to be a headless dog behind her. lol. x

  2. Anonymous

    My god, she’s still too skinny! I hope she’s eating healthy and well for her little baby.

  3. Anonymous

    Is it anorexia? Or heroin?

  4. AnnieMouse

    I thought the headless dog was funny too…noticed it right away! haha


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