Beyoncé Is A Baby Wearing Mama

Beyoncé Is A Baby Wearing Mama

Accompanied by a bodyguard, new mom Beyoncé was spotted wearing her daughter Blue Ivy, 2 months, in a baby carrier in New York City on Tuesday (March 13). With her hair pulled back, the Grammy Award-winning singer looked casual chic in a multi-beige outfit. Not to be outdone by her gorgeous mama, baby Blue sported some adorable metallic shoes!

The day before, we saw the mother-daughter duo, along with grandma Tina, out for a stroll in the Big Apple.

After the arrival of their first child, the popstar and her husband, R&B superstar Jay-Z, said they were “in heaven.”

Hello Hello Baby Blue!” they stated. “We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday, January 7, 2012. Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven.”

Since Blue’s arrival, Beyoncé has been every bit the doting new mom. She’s been seen wearing and breastfeeding her daughter in the Big Apple.

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Photo credit: Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    I really respect for not letting her baby keep her indoors/refrain from everyday life… I know that sounds weird but by taking baby blue with her she is prob reducing the harassing paparazzi by making pix frequent and therefore of less value

  2. Anonymous

    She looks like shes loving being a mummy :) Nice walk in the sun does anyone good :)
    But those shoes, arent need – but shes the mummy, her choice!!

  3. Rosy

    You can afford the best Bey, ditch the crotch dangler and get a proper carrier.

  4. Anonymous

    Quite funny she was wearing High heels ’till giving birth… but now walking in flats carrying the child “outside” the womb (which is definitely the safest)….. her being so aware of the safety of her child now and not so much while pregnant leads me to the fact she really might have been using a surrogate (Blue still Bey and Jay’s biological child tho).anyway She looks like a really caring mom.

    • Anonymous

      Has it occurred to your pea brain that maybe she has an injury preventing her from wearing heels? Or that maybe now that the baby is here, she is more cognizant of the danger of the shoes? Or that maybe she just signed a deal with a shoe company and they’re supplying her with them? Or that maybe her feet have changed/size and shape so now she’s not as comfortable?

      Surrogate conspiracy theorists and Birthers. Both should be shot or at least preventing from voting.

  5. Anonymous

    That’s actually NOT a crotch dangler. There is clearly support as the little one is not simply dangling but has support for her bottom as you can clearly see in the picture. Also, most, but not all, crotch danglers are forward facing carriers.

    • Jade

      yes i would say it is a crotch dangler as the carrier is not sitting knee pit to knee pit, you can see legs are clearly dangling hence the name crotch dangler.

  6. Hilary

    Beyonce looks great and so does Bub. So sick of reading remarks of crotch dangler comments sounds to me like competitors taking a cheap shot. Babybjorn is the best!!!!!!


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