Nick Cannon Claims Twins Are Too “Smart” For Baby Proofing

Nick Cannon Claims Twins Are Too "Smart" For Baby Proofing

Proud papa Nick Cannon may be relishing in the fact his 10-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe are definitely two smart – and adorable – little cookies but according to the 31-year-old America’s Got Talent host, it’s also very stressful.

“We just [baby-proofed] the house recently, but they are so smart,” Nick tells Us Weekly. “They know how to take the knobs and the baby proof stuff off. They know what’s baby proof, so they are like, ‘We are not suppose to be touching that — so we are going to go touch that!’ It’s crazy!”

The twins – who Nick claims were babbling “mamma” and “dadda” when they were 7-months-old – are also beginning to show an interest in walking.

“They are stepping,” he gushes “They are taking steps and then falling to the ground.”

The Drumline actor and his wife Mariah Carey will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on April 30th as well as the twins’ first birthday.

“It’s a family day,” Nick shares. “We’ll celebrate with them during the day and just the two of us at night.”

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  1. anonymous

    Cute story and all but did he really need to run to US Weekly and sell them the story are they that despret for money.

  2. Anonymous

    Omg are you the one that everytime they post anything about Mariah and Nick you run and say something dumb! They don’t need you?

  3. Anonymous

    since they irk you why stop by their page, just keep it moving with your crappy comments.


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