Sarah Jessica Parker & Twins: Swayin’ In The Wind

Sarah Jessica Parker & Twins: Swayin' In The Wind

Sarah Jessica Parker had her hands full with 2 1/2-year-old twins Tabitha and Loretta (light pink tights) in New York City on Tuesday (April 3). The actress and the nanny were seen picking the girls up from school. Both wore their matching gray coats in the chilly weather.

Could the family be moving to Brooklyn Heights? The Daily News reports Parker and “husband Matthew Broderick are closing in on a contract to purchase adjacent townhouses on State St. near Sidney Place in the borough’s most expensive neighborhood.”

Once combined the home will boast approximately 7,000-plus square feet with a suburban-size backyard.

A source says, “They loved the West Village but wanted something more private, laid-back and discreet.”

Sarah and the family will fit right in says a resident.

The person reveals, “It’s a quiet, family-oriented area. ‘A lot of the homes are owned by people with children, and it’s a really safe neighborhood. There are quite a few celebrities around here already. Norah Jones lives close by, Gabriel Byrne lives a few streets away, so I don’t think it would be a big deal.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Splash News

  • Anonymous

    Why do these kids never have any hats on?? Sure, mommy has a woolly hat, never mind the girls :/ It’s weird and a little irresponsible.

    • Anonymous

      Has it occurred to you that she wore the hat more as a fashion accessory than to stay warm? Or is it just easier for you to armchair-quarterback the parenting of others, which is insanely ridiculous.

      Trust me, it was not cold enough in NY yesterday to even need a hat.

    • Anonymous

      Why do commenters like you never mind their own business?? Sure, you don’t actually know what the weather was like, never mind whether the kids refused to wear hats or anything else about their lives. :/ It’s weird and a little obnoxious.

      • Anonymous

        The same can be said for you and yet here you are making a comment about someone else post.

  • Anonymous

    These two little girls are absolutely adorable, cutest kids on the site!

  • Vicki

    These are the cutest little girls! They have such personality and are absolutely adorable!!

  • Anonymous

    Gabriel Byrne no longer lives in Brooklyn Heights

  • Anonymous

    Why do you always say the parent is picking their child up “at school”? Two year old children go to day-care or a babysitter, not SCHOOL. The parents like to call it school, but it is not.

    • Anonymous

      Especially when the child(ren) is still in diapers which has been the case in countless posts like this one. GMAB!! In a bonafide preschool program, diaper changing is not in the teachers’ job description and kids have to be self-toileting.

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