Levi Johnston: “I Don’t Feel Like A Dad To [Tripp]”

Levi Johnston: "I Don't Feel Like A Dad To [Tripp]"

It seems Levi Johnston – former fiancé of Bristol Palin and father of the couple’s 3-year-old son Tripp – is getting some heat over the recent news that he is expecting a child with his 20-year-old girlfriend Sunny Oglesby.

The 21-year-old Alaskan recently sat down with TheInsider.com and opened up about accusations of being a “deadbeat” dad, why he doesn’t feel like a father to Tripp and how he accidentally got a girlfriend pregnant for the second time.

“There was a time we went to the cabin and forgot the birth control pills and, you know, about a month later we found out we were having a baby,” Levi explains.

The young man also alleges that he has not been able to see Tripp recently and claims he doesn’t “feel like a dad” to his son.

“I love Tripp more than anything and he is my son, but I don’t feel like a dad to him,” Levi reveals. “Not by choice … hopefully one day I can be.”

Levi further admits that although he is aware that he owes child support to Bristol and intends to catch up on payments, he denies being a “deadbeat dad.”

“No [I’m not], and I never will be,” he answers.

“It’s really sad, his image, because it’s pretty much the complete opposite of how he is in real life,” Sunny – his girlfriend of roughly a year – chimes is. “He’s an awesome dad. And he tries to get Tripp all the time.”

“It’s really sad that [The Palins have] put that image out for him cause I mean everyone’s gonna believe them because they’re more famous,” she adds. “You know it’s Sarah Palin and she has a lot of fans so everyone believes that and Levi really doesn’t have a chance against them.”

So does Levi think that Bristol’s mom, ex-Alaskan governor Sarah Palin – has a hand in preventing him from seeing his young son?

“I think she’s, you know, she plays a big role,” he replies. “Bristol you know, Bristol looks up to her and that’s a family and, you know I listen to my family, so I’m sure she does have some part of it, yeah.”

It seems that the Palin family feels otherwise. In an official statement issued by the family’s attorney, the onus of not seeing his child as often as he could falls directly onto Levi. Allegedly, no one is preventing him from visiting Tripp.

Mr. Johnston has never exercised his agreed visitation. The record demonstrates that this lack of visitation is largely voluntary and not due to interference by Bristol or her parents. If Mr. Johnston would like to exercise visitation, or perhaps pay child support, he knows Bristol’s number and should contact her directly. While it may not get Mr. Johnston the publicity he seeks, such direct communication between the parents is the preferred way of resolving these types of disputes.”

When all is said and done, the young couple claim that they want Tripp to be part of their new child’s life.

“I would love to have Tripp be a big brother to our new baby. That would be great,” Levi says.

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  • SMH

    Umm you don’t “accidentally” get pregnant. You have sex you always have the possibility of having a baby even using protection. Forgetting your birth controls is a clear sign you were not being careful so an accident I think not!
    And I would say if you don’t see your son and don’t pay for your son you are pretty much a dead beat dad. He hasn’t seen Tripp bc of his actions. And to me from this interview still sounds very immature. Fight for your son in court if you really care!

  • Anonymous

    I agree. He doesn’t see him because he doesn’t make the effort to see him. Tripp is probably better off not seeing him. Levi is just a sperm donor.

  • Ellen

    Forgot the concoms is more like it. Any man who doesn’t provide his own contrraception is as guilty as a woman forgetting to take her pills when sex is definitely on the menu.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t see his son. He doesn’t financially support his son. What exactly is his definition of a deadbeat dad, if that’s not it right there?

  • Heart

    I’m still trying to figure out how bringing birth control pills to the cabin will prevent pregnancy. If you are taking the pill constantly, once it’s in your system, if you miss one here and there..chances are you probably won’t get pregnant immediately because you have been taking BC for an extended amount of time. Which is why doctors ask you to still use another form of protection when they prescribe it to you in the begining. To give it time to get into your system. They were just messing around and got a baby out of it.

    • Anonymous

      You CAN get pregnant by skipping a pill here and there. There needs to be a constant level of hormone in the body to prevent pregnancy. If she skipped the pills for several days when she was ovulating, it’s no surprise she got pregnant.

    • Anonymous

      Missing 1 birth control pill doesn’t usually make a difference. Missing 2 or 3 birth control pills in a row, sure does. The instructions tell you to use a backup method until you start a new pack.

  • Anonymous

    he doesnt see his son because the crazy Palins make is a nightmare to. Bristol lives in where? ARIZONA? And I am sure good old Sara smarty pants has her say in it all. Nice try ladies!! Get over it. Stop bashing on Levi and go help out at a homeless shelter.

    • Me and Mine

      Right, it’s all, “Poor Levi”. It can’t possibly be that he does not see his son because he owes a bundle in back support? I personally find Sarah and Bristol to be two of the dumber people God put on this earth, but Levi is the textbook definition of a deadbeat dad.

  • Jen

    Only one word to describe him: Loser. Tripp is better off not seeing him, anyway. And boy, does he have a way with those “accidental” pregnancies it seems! *idiot*

  • Anonymous

    What a loser.

  • T.T.

    Oh whatever. He can find himself in front of cameras or on red carpets but not to court to say, “I was here for my visitation X date(s) and was NOT allowed to see my soon” If they don’t have a custody agreement filed with the court, that can be done. And when it is violated you can have them hauled back to explain why he wasn’t permitted his time with him. Everything else is lip service.

    • Anonymous

      You said it.

  • Sue

    He is a loser, and tries to blame others!!! He is the dad, and if he really wanted to, he would be one!!

  • Anonymous

    Levi USES the media and his son to make money SELLING insults about the mother of his child and her family. His new girl should loved the camera. Is SHE using Levi to get publicity?

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