Natalie Portman: How Motherhood Has Changed Her Style

Natalie Portman: How Motherhood Has Changed Her Style

No “mom jeans” for Natalie Portman! The Oscar-winner says that motherhood has had a major impact on her sense of style.

“I’ve been trying to look more like a lady recently,” Natalie, who is mom to 10-month-old son Aleph, tells Women’s Wear Daily. “I used to be happy in a T-shirt and sweatpants, and now I feel like I want to make myself a little more grown-up – now that I’m a mom.”

The beautiful Black Swan star, who has been looking très chic while out and about in Paris in the past few weeks, says that she looks to her grandmother for style inspiration: “My grandmother will not leave the house without perfect hair and perfect makeup and her splash of perfume.”

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  • Anonymous

    cue for Jen Garner pics to show up
    Mother hood and taking care of children is over whelming that many women neglect how they present themselves and they get stuck in a rut.

  • Anonymous

    Portman has become insufferable. The transition to motherhood has only exacerbated her annoying qualities.

    • Devyn

      God, I totally agree with you. She is so annoying, and a hypocrite. For years she bored people with her vegan lifestyle and now because she pimps for Dior she’s carrying leather bags.

      • Anonymous

        So people aren’t allowed to change. Good to know *rolls eyes*

        • Anonymous

          Your *rolls eyes* is no longer cute and/or funny. Please get a new catchphrase.

        • Anonymous

          No you don’t, when you still preach about animal cruelty.

  • Kim

    Yeah, you were such a slob before, Natalie. As everyone knows. mothers are the least busy people in the world. There is NO excuse to not wash our hair, not wear Leboutins everywhere, and not put on make-up. God forbid our children should grow up thinking that being a lady is about acting with grace, and not simply dressing like Jackie O.

  • Anonymous

    If you find her so annoying why read about her and then post comments…Who is the real hypocrite ? People who do this are very annoying imo.

  • nicoleC

    good for her ,good for our eye

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