Arnaud Lagardère & Jade Foret: Beach Bummin’ Around

Arnaud Lagardère & Jade Foret: Beach Bummin' Around

French business tycoon Arnaud Lagardère , 51, was spotted enjoying a sunny stroll along the shore in Miami, Florida with his pregnant 21-year-old model partner Jade Foret.

The couple – who are roughly expecting their first child together in September – held each other close as they strolled down the beach, stopping briefly for a smooch here and there. Jade casually rubbed her baby belly as the couple made their way down the beach. Arnaud can be seen playfully sticking his tongue out at the snapping paparazzi.

It seems the pair have adorned their bodies with some personally expressive tattoos.

Arnaud has “Jade 14″ inked on his on his left wrist as well as a heart with a dagger piercing through it with the caption “Jade” on his ankle. Jade sports “Arnaud 14″ on her right wrist.

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Photo credit: Splash News


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  1. Ebonita

    I’ll withhold comments. =x

  2. Anonymous

    Sticking out his tongue, while thinking, “Na Na Na Na Na… Look what my money bought me!”

  3. Anonymous

    They are ‘roughly expecting’ their baby in sept? Who writes this garbage?!

  4. Anonymous

    How does a french business man qualify as a celebrity??

  5. Anonymous

    Sugar Daddy. Gross.

  6. Anonymous


  7. Kim

    Hurl. I’d take poverty.

  8. Kim

    I’d be freaked out if my father was 31 years old when my mother was BORN.

  9. Anonymous2

    I guess she is now set for life!

  10. mandy1

    wow shes drop dead gorgeous and well….she’ll be a hot mom? lol

  11. Anonymous

    That girl is 21? Her face looks like she’s 30.


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