Dean McDermott On Tori Spelling: “She’s Just Super Fertile”

Many people may be wondering how actress Tori Spelling got pregnant with her fourth child mere months after giving birth to her youngest daughter Hattie but look no further because hubby Dean McDermott knows the answer.

"She's just super fertile," the 45-year-old Due South actor tells Celebuzz.

Many people may be wondering how actress Tori Spelling got pregnant with her fourth child mere months after giving birth to her youngest daughter Hattie but look no further because hubby Dean McDermott knows the answer.

“She’s just super fertile,” the 45-year-old Due South actor tells Celebuzz.

Although Tori previously joked that their “unplanned” pregnancy was a direct result of her husband’s sex drive, Dean claims he has no regrets about throwing caution to the wind and ignoring the doctor’s orders to wait at least six weeks before getting intimate.

“It’s so funny how everyone blames the man,” he says. “It’s like, ‘Oh my God, will you leave your wife alone?’ But it takes two to tango. She wasn’t putting up that much of a fight. But I have big shoulders. I’ll take it.”

Dean also claims that their latest pregnancy journey will definitely be chronicled in future episodes of their Oxygen reality show.

“Tori and I love the fact that we get to work together,” he explains. “We get to work with Liam and Stella; we get to stay together as a family. As long as people want to see us, we’ll keep making the show.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Really cute family

  2. Anonymous

    These stories are not cute, and just serve to prove how stupid the two of them are. Sorry, a pregnancy two months after your THIRD c-section is downright dangerous and just plain stupid. There are so many sex acts that DON’T cause pregnancy, I’m just baffled as to how they thought unprotected penis->vagina sex was a good idea.

  3. Anonymous

    I loved Due South. His character was such a moron. :P

  4. Anonymous

    hey, if they can afford to take care of their kids, I don’t see any problem with having more. I live in a poor part of los angeles and my neighbors breed like rabbits and then live off the system. That’s a bigger problem than tori and dean having a 4th baby.

  5. Anonymous

    its the truth
    she is SUPER FERTILE !!

  6. Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong about having a fourth baby I think people just get annoyed by the whole “unplanned” part. Somebody who has had 3 children and a very recent c section should be taking care of their body (doctors recommend minimum 6 month before pregnancy preferably a year) and know how the bees and the birds work by now! Stop making excuses and just admit you went against medical advice to get your wanted fourth child asap!

  7. Anonymous

    This article says that many people may be wondering how she got pregnant???? Are you kidding me? Who are those people? Only a moron may wonder but anyone with a brain knows that if you have unprotected sex you can become pregnant regardless if she just gave birth.

  8. Anonymous

    no dean, you just didn’t pull out in time.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s very very dangerous for her to be having a 4th c-section so soon. Her body hasn’t had time to heal properly at all and she’s taking a very big risk. That said, I guess it’s her body and her life and if she wants to make stupid choices and put her, and her babies, life at risk (and risk her older kids being raised without a mother) than…whatever! I agree that at least she can afford to take care of them.

    BTW – I just have to say…WHAT is UP with those hideous dresses her daughters are wearing in the pic? I’m sure they cost a pretty penny but they look like something from the 80′s!

  10. Dee

    For the love of god, SHUT UP!

  11. Jen

    I always thought these people were dumb and annoying, but now I think they are just too TMI. And he’s just weird.

    • Anonymous

      I agree Jen. I love Tori, but Dean is just plain weird, plus immature. If your marriage/sex life cannot withstand a wait after the birth of a child, then you have way more issues than sex….
      I think Tori is just very insecure and will do anything to keep him (havent figured out why she would want him, but that is just my opinion). And he is so arrogant and immature that he would put her health after his own satisfaction.

  12. Anonymous

    A result of his sex drive ?!! God woman protect your body and let it heal and btw just an FYI there are so many other ways to calm down his sex drive without actual intercourse so soon. I know he had a crazy sex drive with his ex and that is part of the reason the marriage spilt; guess Tori doesn’t want to be ex #2 so she better give it up. Hopefully God is with her and the baby is healthy.

  13. Anonymous

    They seem like nice enough people. Cute kids!

  14. Anonymous

    Yeah, and he’s just a super-APE.

  15. Anonymous

    i dont see anything wrong with them having a fourth child. They seem to want more children and she gets pregnant right away, so she is vertile, it happens. I am verry happy for them

  16. Ebonita

    The problem I see is that she previously stated they had sex against the doctor’s wishes because she was worried about losing him. When you put “keeping a man” over your own well being and desires and you have a husband that doesn’t respect your desire to wait, that is a huge problem.

  17. Lol

    These people are selfish to themselves.

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