Ben Affleck & Violet: Dancing Shoes

Ben Affleck & Violet: Dancing Shoes

The Daredevil actor Ben Affleck was spotted picking up his 6-year old, Violet, from ballet class on Saturday (April 21) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The doting dad – with his Ipad and papers in hand – stopped to help eldest daughter with her shoe. It seemed like the tiny dancer’s left strap on her silver clog kept slipping off.

We have yet to spot baby SamuelJennifer Garner and Affleck’s 1 ½ month old son – out and about with the famous family. He may have been home with his mama and his other sister, Seraphina, 3.

The Pearl Harbour star is in negotiations to return to the big screen for the new film Runner Runner. Should he say ‘yes’ to star in the online gambling flick, the father of three will team up with singer/actor Justin Timberlake.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Knowing that they are hounded by photographers, you’d think that they’d put some clothes on that child!

  • One time opportunity

    She has very long leafs for a 6 year old…y not put some pants on her Ben!

  • Anonymous

    Please put some pants or shorts on that little girl. The ballerina leotard is not appropriate wear outside of the dance studio.

  • Anonymous

    You people are pathetic. She’s a small child in a leotard. So what? I can’t even imagine how your train of thought is that she needs to cover up. Sheesh…

    • Anonymous1

      It’s called being realistic and not living with your head in the clouds.

      • Anonymous

        What EXACTLY is the danger of her not having pants over her leotard?

        • Anonymous

          Have you ever heard of child pornography? This is the exact type of photo pedophiles love. And if you don’t want them masturbating to pictures of your child, you should probably put pants on them.

          • Anonymous

            Pedophiles love photos of girls in leotards? Where’d you get that info from? The Pedophile Bible? Do you actually KNOW any pedophiles? Did they tell you this themselves?

            I hope you cover your kids from head to toe every time they leave the house, can’t be too careful about the pedophiles! Ohhhhhhhhh

          • Anonymous

            Yes, exactly what I meant was that pedophiles loves girls in leotards. Are you dumb or just annoying? Obviously what was implied was that pedophiles loves girls in minimal clothing.

          • Anonymous

            Loads of the pedophiles also love pictures of boys. I never see anyone comment on pictures of boys without shirt or whatever…

  • Anonymous

    So do you all get a new strand of pearls to clutch every time there’s a new post here, or do you use the same ones?

    • Anonymous

      ROFL!!! Thank you for the laugh of the day!

  • Anon.

    Leotards are fine on the way to or from dance class. Stand outside most dance schools and this is what you’ll see from the little once. She’s fine.

  • Katie2011

    While normaly I would say it not a big deal but i went to a new site which I will never go to again and let say their are some sick people on the Internet and of you know your kids are going to be photograph why wouldn’t you put paints on her.

  • Anon

    Knowing there would be hundreds of creepy photographers following, I think pants definitely would have been a good choice.

  • Anonymous

    Ben seems like such a devoted dad and her mom is one of Hollywood’s greatest, (if not THE greatest moms there is) I highly doubt there is any danger of this kid being harmed in any way by what she wears to dance class.

    If we live life in fear of what may or may not happen to us based on the sick people in the world, then the terrorists have WON. I think this kid will be ok.

    On another note, she sure is adorable but then look at her parents. No mystery there. Love the Afflecks

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure no one thinks she’s in immediate danger of being harmed. It’s the idea that people could take photos of her which would then be used inappropriately. Also pretty sure terrorists have NOTHING to do with this, but nice try.

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymou Apr 22, 2012 @ 08:39 pm

      hahahaha.. thanks for the laugh. “Ben is devoted and Jen is the greatest”… that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.


      “Her parents are good looking”… Classic punchline. Very well done.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not a good thing when you can see a 6 year old’s va-jay-jay

    • Anonymous

      Really? In which photo do you think you can see her “va-jay-jay”… especially since the vagina (your parents should really have taught you the big girl words to use) is an INTERNAL organ.

      You can’t SEE anything on this child. Nothing. A bathing suit would show more. Maybe you think she needs a burka?

    • Anonymous

      No it’s not. And you can’t see anything here, she’s clothed appropriately. You, on the other hand, I worry about – what kind of creep studies pictures so closely like that?

  • T

    omg she is a 6 year old wearing a leotard on the way to dance class! I used to wear the same outfit when i attended ballet class… i don’t see nothing wrong with it!
    anyway oversexualization of children isn’t surely the right way to protect them from pedophiles.

  • Sophia

    Guys, seriously? It’s a little girl wearing a leotard after dance class, probably walking about 20 metres to her car. Would you all get up in arms over a photo of her wearing a bathing suit at the beach?

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