Victoria Beckham’s China Doll

Victoria Beckham's China Doll

Posh mama Victoria Beckham was spotted with her sweet girl Harper Seven, 9 months, shopping at Balenciaga in Beijing, China on Monday (April 23). The singer-turned-fashion designer wore her signature killer heels while toting her doll of a daughter.

Later that same day, the mom-of-four turned heads in red at the Joyce fashion store.

The former Spice Girl is in town to promote the special edition of Range Rover’s off-road vehicle, the Evoque.

“I’ve stayed very true to myself. I’ve designed a car that I want to drive, a car that I think David wants to drive,” she said. “I think that though women will drive this car, it has a masculine edge. I think it’s very cool,” she added.

Victoria, who admitted she had never done a project like this before, said she has learned “an enormous amount.”

“And the bottom line is, would I drive this car, like when I’m designing a dress, would I wear this dress? I love what I do. I consider myself so blessed to do a job that I love and this has been a great experience for me,” said Posh.

The versatile designer is also mom to sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 9, Cruz, 7, with soccer star hubby David Beckham.

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  • Anonymous

    She’s really cute!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how women carry their babies like that- with their arm behind the back instead of under the butt. I tried it and after about 5 seconds my baby was slipping out.

    • Me and you

      I noticed that too. But it seems like lately, since she is getting so big (fat! in a cute way) she is carrying her with two hands; one around the waist and one under butt (see picture above); or she has her arm under her butt. I love this baby! She is so adorable and chunky! She has the fattest legs since Skyler Berman (Rachel Zoe’s son).

  • Anonymous

    Does this woman ever smile? I know there are paps everywhere so why should she smile just walking with her daughter BUT there were pictures of her at a hockey game and she’s got the same glum look on her face. Gee, is life that bad?

    • Iris

      There are lots of photo’s of her smiling, mostly when she is not aware there are paps around. If you look at a few interviews she has done on TV you see here smile, laugh and joke a lot. Just saying…

    • anonymous2

      Maybe if she took off those ridiculous shoes she’d feel better, but she she seems too insecure to do that!!

  • Anonymous

    Baby as a ~ fashion accessory
    ” does this woman ever smile”
    you would not smile either if you were straving

  • Anonymous

    She looks amazing. I bet she smiles at home with her family and that’s where it matters most.

    • carrie

      I seriously doubt that!!! She always looks uptight.

      • Anonymous

        Because she doesn’t smile for the cameras? Watching her on tv and reading her interviews leads me to believe she is much more fun in person. I think she’s quite funny. People give her such a hard time for no reason.

  • Anonymous

    She rarely smiles because she doesn’t like the look of her own smile (thinks it looks goofy). Why is this baby never in a pram?

    • Anonymous

      Why is this baby never in a pram?

      If I had to guess, it’s because HER FREAKING MOTHER LIKES TO HOLD HER!

      What a stupid question.

      • Mas

        TurkeyTroll night out?!

      • Jen

        Haha I had to agree with this! What, does a baby have to be in a pram all the time? What a weird question!

      • Louise

        I think it might also be a security issue. IDK, just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    OMG she too cute, i keep a tab on this family, because i love how VB dresses Harper, i find myself constantly shopping at Bonpoint & Chloe for my little lamb!
    can’t help it!

  • hmmmm

    oh shes just so cute!! her little cheeks are like my daughters theyre hiding marbles in there! toootooo cutesy

  • Jen

    She’s so sweet, and getting big! I think she resembles her Daddy a lot more now.
    As for VB, she has said in interviews that she does not like the way her smile looks, so she keeps to the same sour puckered pose in photos. I think it makes her look terribly offputting, too, but in private with no paps is where it matters most that she smiles, and I’m sure she does. She seems to spend lots of time with the baby, so I think that’s nice, too.

  • nicoleC

    she is just so cute !!
    look at her face!so chubby ~

  • Anonymous

    She’s too cute!

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