January Jones Totes Her Tot

January Jones Totes Her Tot

Mad Men star January Jones was seen toting her 7-month-old son Xander in Venice, Calif. on Sunday (April 29). The actress’ sister joined the mother-son duo for a bite to eat at Rose Café.

After lunch, the trio relaxed poolside with friends Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger in Topanga Canyon. Joshua splashed around with baby Xander as the Jones sisters dipped their feet in the water.

Maybe Diane and Joshua are preparing for impending parenthood?

I’m over marriage. No marriage for me,” Diane said last year. “But I definitely want to have kids. I have three goddaughters – I’m not sure why they trust me, because I have no experience with children – but I try. One of my goddaughters is in London and Josh and I love London. When we go, I take her to the park, the zoo and [the toy shop] Hamleys.”

January, who has remained mum on the identity of Xaner’s father, has opened up about being a new mom.

“I am enjoying [motherhood]. I adore it,” she said. “[Xander] is awesome.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin/AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh – he has two eyes and a nose – he must be Jason Sudeikis’ son!

    • Anonymous

      And why hasn’t she confirmed who his father is to me, anonymous internet poster? I have the right to know his parentage because… well… just because!

      {ps — thanks for mocking those that should be eternally mocked!}

      • Devyn

        So bizarre how people feel that they are entitled to know who fathered him and feel it is their absolute right to see Jennifer Garner’s son. I have to stop reading the comments and just enjoy the photos.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for getting it :)

    • Anonymous

      Yes but he also has two ears.. that means he could be Claudia shiffer’s husband kid. Hard to tell

  • Shirelle

    He kinda looks like Flynn Bloom he is to adorable!

  • Anonymous

    who is this baby’s daddy? Ashton Krutcher? He and Jan had a long time prior relationship to Him marrying Demi Moore

  • Anonymous

    I dont get how everyone thinks he’s JS’s son! He looks nothing like him (though I will admit the ears did make me wonder enough to compare pics one time). But in the face he looks exactly like Matthew Vaughan! I swear someday it’ll come out that MV is that kids father. Of course they’d want to hide it if a guy cheated on his supermodel wife then got an actress pregnant and the suddenly went awol. It is Hollywood, after all.

    • Anonymous

      You have way to much time on your hand to actually care that much about who fathered this child. Sad and pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      I looked at a whole bunch of photos of Matthew Vaughan. The baby has zero resemblance to him. However, he does look like Jason Sudeikis, right down to the pointy ears they both share.

      • Iris

        Agreed…he doesn’t look like Matthew at all! He is a cute little lad. But above all, it is up to January to decide if she wants the world to know who her son’s father is.

  • Marfle

    Has it ocurred to anyone that the baby also looks a lot like HER?

    • anna

      He does look a lot like his mother. It’s silly how obsessed people are with finding out who fathered him.

  • Anonymous

    Jason Sudeikis has the same pointed ears as Xander. Plus the baby looks the most like him. I think we’ve found the baby daddy!

    • Anonymous

      Now we just have to call January and tell her. You do it?

  • Anonymous

    I had to google pics of the potential baby daddies and I agree that he looks like Jason Sudelkis. The eye shape and ear shape is similar. Either way, she’s under no obligation to tell anyone ESPECIALLY not to satisfy the idiot internet trolls who spend their day posting nasty comments and judging.

  • Anonymous

    All of you talking about the pointy ears, the face, the eyes, pleeeeaaasse tell me you’re joking. Any baby can look like virtually any adult if that’s what you want to see. Get a life people.

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