Jessica Alba’s Secret To Happy Life: “Maintain A Family Schedule”

In her latest blog for iVillage, actress Jessica Alba writes about keeping the flame alive with husband Cash Warren. The mom-of-two daughters - Honor, 3, and Haven, 8 months - says that the recipe for success in the Alba-Warren household is thanks to "maintaining a family schedule." Read on...

"It’s hard to imagine what life is going to be like after your first baby, not to mention your second! Diapers are a certainty. Sleepless nights, coffee, and concealer (lots of it) are probably guaranteed too," Jess writes. "Having time to see a movie or enjoy a glass of wine by yourself -- let alone with your husband -- before your kids head off to college? I know -- it feels like an impossibility or a far-off dream. But I can assure you it’s not," she says.

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