Una Healy Shares Photos Of Her Daughter

Una Healy Shares Photos Of Her Daughter

Look at all that hair!

Proud mama Una Healy, 30, couldn’t resist sharing the above picture of her nearly 7-week-old daughter Aoife Belle on her Twitter page last week. She also posted the below picture of her infant daughter sleeping peacefully in her seat while holding a very important item – her first passport!

“Someone got their first passport!” the singer tweeted today.

The Irish songstress welcomed her infant daughter with her rugby playing fiancé Ben Foden on March 13th

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  • Anonymous

    Anyone know how to pronouce her daughter’s name? She is a doll! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby that young with so much hair!

    • Elena

      It’s Ee-fa, a traditional Irish name.

      She is too adorable! :) There were pictures of her in Hello magazine and some others they posted, you can find them on her and Ben’s twitter.

  • edelo

    Ah, Aoife is adorable! I love that hair (and her name)!

  • Rebecca

    What a beautiful baby! I love her name!

    • amy

      same here me and my friend though it was something else so we came up with lots of different names as we did not no what her name said as we have learning problem things wrong with us but by the end of the day no 1 is perfect and cleaver coz i heard if u think that a bout r self then u r a jerk and i did agree with that when i heard it from some 1!!!!

  • Anonymous

    normally that much hair on a baby that young is common with Black babies or African decent babies. She is a cutie!

    • Anonymous

      Huh, what are you talking about? Babies of any race can have lots of hair. I’m white and had a ton of hair when I was born.

  • Anonymous

    i had more hair whe i was born than her, and i never lost it, it was black as can be, now i am blonde

  • Anonymous

    ok didnt mean to start anything just an observation,never ruled it out with other races too.

  • amy

    she did look like una when she was born but now she looks a lot like ben coz she has got bens face and hair and she has got una’s nose mouth and eyes.

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