Jools Oliver & Buddy Bear: Primrose Hill Pals

Jools Oliver & Buddy Bear: Primrose Hill Pals

Former model Jools Oliver – wife of English chef and media personality Jamie Oliver, 36 – was spotted enjoying a fun-filled afternoon at Primrose Hill with her 1-year-old son Buddy Bear on Tuesday (May 22) in London, England.

Jamie and the couple’s three eldest children Poppy Honey, 10, Daisy Boo, 9, and 3-year-old Petal Blossom were not with the mother-son duo as they enjoyed playing together at the park.

Jamie and Jools met back in 1993 and tied the knot in In July of 2000.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous9

    I don’t generally get into the arguments over how bad celebrity names are, but this has to be the worst collective group of children’s names ever. There’s not one that won’t prove to be an embarrassment over time. They’re children, not pets.

  • Anonymous

    It still makes me smile when I hear that name… Buddy Bear. It’s really grown on me to the point where it’s actually a cool name.

    • Anonymous9

      It is. For a dog.

    • Anonymous

      When I was growing up my neighbor’s dog name was buddy bear no kidding and I name my Chow chow Bear so I can’t read his name and not laugh that poor kid. I mean really what were the smoking when they pick those name must have been somthing really stong. Lol

  • really

    Wow! and someone said Moroccan is the worst name. wow!

  • Sam & freya’s Mum

    It is an awful name, don’t mind their girls’ names, not his however – but I personally feel that Bear Blu is worse! (Alicia Silverstone’s son, poor kid!).

  • Anonymous

    Moroccan IS the worst name.

    • Anonymous

      True. But at least you can get nicknames out of that name (Roc, Rocco). What can you do with Buddy except change it?

  • Anonymous02

    Hehe God i love those names – they’re all the same style & very original. I love Petal Blossom Rainbow. To Stinking CUTE!

  • Anonymous

    Poor child… What a stupid name :(

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